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Retired and loving it.  The main thing retirement has taught me about myself?  “You just have to make your own sunshine!”

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The idea of doing nothing in retirement? Not having something I wanted to do?  No, that wasn’t for me. 

When my journey in retirement allowed me to learn to connect online to others and continue learning about what works during retirement living the future was brighter. 

At last, I found a way to find some of the answers to questions I didn’t know I’d have about retirement living. I love earning money online.  Wealthy Affiliate’s program is retirement friendly.

Yes, living in a less populated area, bandwidth for WiFi is an issue, but working with it, not against it has helped.

Growing up in a small cotton-growing town southeast of Lubbock Texas, then retiring in the Texas Hill Country in a small town was like coming home.  The pace of life suits us, and we are happy with our retirement living choice.  One day we will even have better internet!

On this site, you will find some of the issues that have surprised me in retirement.  Hopefully, you were better prepared, but in case you weren’t, maybe some of these ideas Home pagewill answer questions and help make your retirement life wonderful as well.   

The longer I go the more I find I can make life better for myself.  How is that for a win-win situation? 

Making my own sunshine is so much more fun than waiting for it to happen.,

Have a chair and I’ll get the coffee going.   

Now, how are things going with you? 

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