12 Reasons Why Drinking Water Is Important

12 Reasons Why Drinking Water Is Important

This article is just the tip of the information available. 12 Reasons, why drinking water is important, we are just starting this journey.  This has been an interesting study with some surprisingwhy drinking water is importantrevelations all in one. 

I am not abandoning the study, there will be new information soon. However, there are a couple more ideas to share as well.

The first time I reported to you?   That was about what I was finding out about water’s importance to being healthy.  

Surprise # 1

As I was reviewing the information that wound up in the Get Surprise Benefits Drinking Water While Aging.  Everything I was reading was stating the water connection. 

As I fully intend to “age” not get old, this is important.  

Surprise # 2

This self-assigned task of figuring out how to be happy in retirement and How To Age Well has been an interesting study. One that led a different path for me.

This water information caught my attention as I was reviewing the aging well stuff.  That is what my attention is on.  Getting and staying healthy.  Having fun in my retirement years.  

I am not a “health guru.

Surprise # 3

Then for Do You have Healthy Life Style As A Senior?    I realized plain ole drinking water is very important.  

Surprise # 4

This water thing was emphasized as I looked at senior driver safety.  I obviously was not searching for the importance of drinking enough water with this subject.  I did not have to.

After having the symptoms pointed out.  I recognized these symptoms too well.  Yes,  this is important.  Check out Safe Driving Seniors With Dangerous Habits. 

I thought that most of the danger of senior citizen driving was because their responses and skills get rusty?

So many of these facts hit home for me.  Were you, like me unaware of the dangers?  I remembered about the time I was still commuting to the larger city I was working in that was nearly a 3-hour drive one way.

Naturally, I stayed all week, back home on Fridays evenings.  Who would not be tired and achy from a week of being really busy and working? Sleeping in hotels.  I often thought it alright to take a Tylenol or two with my last sip of water for the drive home.

Then made this little drive with no more water.  Of course, I did not want to need a stop for the bathroom.  That would make the trip home a few minutes longer.  So no more water.

Now I had the fuzzy mind of a Tylenol, plus the fuzzy mind of being drinking water is importantdehydrated!  

Yes, that is driving impaired.  Did not even realize it.  Have you been guilty of this?  I knew there were times I felt disoriented.Just thought it was normal.  

Surprise # 5

My personal story with the results of drinking more water started with Water Arthritis, Healthy Aging.

At this point in the water results,  I accepted the truth of the importance of water, I had not actively made any changes before.   Yes, the evidence was piling up.  

Surprise #6

The Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure gives some more insight to water and its’ importance. This is something that must change.  

Surprise # 7

Help with energy levels was the next item that was on my list for what I needed for myself.

Do you have a 4-year old grandson?  I am sorry everyone is not so blessed. Need I say anything else?

More reading and research and the result, Need More Energy as the next step in this discovery.  

Surprise # 8

By now I was having some of these benefits and results myself.  The research in  Reduce Inflammation by drinking enough water was receiving some validation in my life.  Some of these conditions just got better.  Almost without me realizing it.

I was trying for enough water to loose weight.

However, that has not happened.  I am happy to say that I have added another 32 oz. to the amount I am able to drink most days.  So most days I am drinking 96 oz of plain water.

The goal for weight loss has been stated somewhere as drinking 1/2 oz. water for every pound you weigh can be helpful.  At least for those who need to be a healthier lower weight.

For even faster loss you should consume 1 oz. of water for every lb. you weigh.

People, that is a lot of water.   I had to work at it a bit to get down 2 qt. or 64 oz. a day.  So I am pleased to be at the 3 qt. or 96 oz. a day.drinking water is important

Think that staying will stay at this level during the next month will be the goal.  Then add another 1/2 pt. for a few days, increasing as I am able to do so.  Just feeling too much better to stop now.  Surprise # 9

Surprise # 9

The Importance Of Drinking Enough Water As You Age For Your Digestion was not far behind.   These little discomforts you do not mention.  Everyone expects to have the as we age.

How sad is that?  You do not have to allow the discomfort of these minor issues as your new aging norm. It does not have to be.  Why Drinking Enough Water Is Important for your digestion was a natural progress.

This journey is making a believer of me.  Drinking enough water is making a difference in my daily life.  Then I thought it was important to start gathering this information so you could have these benefits as well.  

Surprise # 10

This resulted in Are Benefits of Drinking More Water Worth the Effort?    I am sure you will find this is true if you will give it a try.  

Surprise # 11

Had to include some of the information about Can Water Help Lower High Cholesterol?  Here I feel sure my own results will prove this out for me.

Surprise # 12

The last article in this series, Why Water Helps Manage Diabetes.  These are all disorders of the internal system

These parts of your body all have their own responsibilities.  If these different organs are not getting the water they need to function correctly?  There are bound to be some negative results.

Especially by the digestive system.  Constipation?  Indigestion?

With all this, I feel sure my own results will prove this out for me.

Especially by the time, one reaches retirement age.  

A challenge

So, I would like to challenge you to make a difference for yourself.  You will have a happier retirement life if you are healthier.  

Will you be aware of how much water you drink every day?  Is it enough?Why drinking water is importantCheck out this suggestion list of ideas to help you drink more every day.




Goes without Saying

Important medical disclaimer.

I am not a Doctor, Lawyer, or Investment advisor.

I am simply a fellow traveler on this road through retirement.

Here,  I share what I have found through actual practice or through a stumbling effort to improve myself. 

Your results, should you adopt one of my suggestions will probably be 100 times better as you are probably a much stronger person than I am. 

This retirement stuff is hard!  Retirement would be a challenge even if it did not involve the aging process.

We have to work together to make the best of it!  Lifetime habits, good and bad, accompany us on this journey we are on. We sometimes are not aware of how we hinder ourselves. My intent is to call attention to what I have found along the way that either teaches, warns, helps, or hinders me.  

I hope you can learn, laugh, think about, and pick up a suggestion that will make things better for you.  Sharing is how we do it.  Do you have a suggestion that you can share?  Please leave your comment.


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