3 Ways To Improve Your Retirement Years In This Technology Age

 3 Ways to improve your retirement years in this technology age 

Actually, you could probably use at least 30 ways.  Especially if you are as far behind the curve as many retirees are.   3 ways to improve your retirement years in this technology age is a place to start.  3 ways to improve your retirement years in this technology age

The decision to focus on 3 items was made because of prior results with long lists. Seems that when help is presented in smaller bites it is easier to use. 

The technology age is such a wonderful time to be in.   Just like this generation is fortunate to be in the “new definition of old” movement.  

Our parents were “old” when they were your age. Unfortunately too many considered themselves old.  Tests have been completed documenting the way aging slows down when you are too busy to notice it.  

That is always a sure way to make you old, is to think you are old.  

My mom was only 24 when I was born.  As the first of 3 children,  I was probably treated as though I was older than the other 2.  

I think that Mom and Dad both let me into their thinking a bit more.   

There was a different mindset for them  

They allowed a great deal of tradition to govern their lives.  And lived as they thought parents should.  They were great examples for their family.

The challenges Mom issued to me was when she reached her late80’s 

By then computers were in most every household, in one way or another.

Her challenge was “to not allow yourself to get old without knowing how to work with computers.”  She had been trying to work her way through a phone system of questions and answers.  All she needed was to get some sort of medical appointment set up.  

She was in tears of frustration from spending 2 hours on the project.   She was only to the question where another prerecorded message instructed her to press 1.  

That was if you will need a lab appointment before you can come to this appointment.  Press 2 was what she needed to do.  No lab work for this appointment.  However, she could not get the #2 to be accepted.  At that point, it went down hill.  Rapidly.

In an effort to streamline services and keep costs in check this kind of thing becomes more common.  This is used for services that we need.   As well as ones that will make our lives in retirement more comfortable. 

Do not expect to see a decline in recorded messages   

Years of computers being used in our workplaces and seeing the awesome things they do.  Most of us have had to take a step or two further along the path. The path of more knowledge of computer use.   

This is possible when you get involved and actively seek knowledge.  When we learn how to use what is there. Taking responsibility for our own lives in retirement make these years better. 

3 ways to improve your retirement time in this technology age

This an effort to help you see the importance of continuing to learn.  The 3 ways to improve your retirement years in these technology days, the simple one that we are talking about here.

You know that computers, in some form, are here to stay.  

The other thing we know?  That as soon as we learn to master one area, another has been born.  Right on top of what we learned.  And we are now out of date.  

However, at that point, you have a basic knowledge to build on.  You can progress if you allow yourselves to do so.  

The update may change some things, but your basic skill is still there and works.  To make your understanding even better of what is going on.  You must take responsibility for improving your technical skills for retirement.

How fortunate you are.  There are so many opportunities to learn.  Grow your computer knowledge.  Appreciate the additional benefit of technology to help you as you grow older.  There are so many advantages to you with this knowledge.  

You must help yourself be able to use technology.  3 ways to improve your retirement years in this technology age is a basic start.  Let’s get started with them.3 ways to improve your retirement years in this technology age ]


As the most simple of communication skills you can learn, this is the one that helps you stay in touch with the family. 

Your kid’s text as easily as they breathe. 

Texting has a language of its’ own.  My knowledge is in the developing stage. Most of my answered texts are one-word answers.  Sometimes they require more, and that can mean taking a deep breath and figuring out how I want to answer. 

The first challenge is that my thoughts are usually not one-word replies.  You have to think about it to come up with a one or few word response.  

Hey, you are retired.  Now you have time to learn a new skill.  

You can learn this skill

Do you want to be able to be in touch with family and friends.  Having a text to let you know in Walmart that your oil has been changed.   Your vehicle is ready.   Or the prescription filled.   Ready for pick up.  This is better for me than to have my name on the loudspeaker.   

The public announcement may go unheard if you are not in a part of the store where the audio is good.  Sometimes the message is not clear.  So this works well for me.

We can get a text that the kids made it home safe.

This is good when they start home late after they have been for a visit.

You can be in line to receive the new pictures snapped at an event they are busy with.  What a fun way to be a part of what is going on.   I love to receive a picture from an event.   Even though it is one I am interested in only because they are.  

Another reason that I enjoy texting is the fact that I can text when I want   Even if it is right after I wake up and know they are still asleep.  They answer at a time that works for them when our schedules are not the same.

Being included when they share a picture is often a better way for me than actually having to be there for some things.  Picture of the fish a friend caught.  The trophy deer that another friend’s son came home with.  A race won.  A new dress.  

You have time now

There are so many ways you will enjoy this skill, and it is so easy.  Sit down with the cell phone and learn how.  

You may not use this form of communication while on the move as the kids all do. May have to stand or sit still and get your glasses to be able to do this, but you can do it.  

It is O K to just use it differently.  

3 ways to improve your retirement years in this technology age is a suggestion of how you can use skills you may have.

If you have a relative or friend who may not be very technology-knowledgeable.  Take a few minutes and help them learn.  Help them learn how to do this simple task.  

It will not only enable them to be able to use texting.  It will give them a feeling of confidence for learning another technical skill.  You will help them build that all important first step.

The world is so technology driven.  In a few short years, you will see this way of communicating is more important than it is now.  To get comfortable with the practice of texting?  You will need to make the time to learn this skill. 

Learn to use Facebook 3 ways to improve your retirement years in this technology age

I know, this sounds like what the kids do.  They do spend time with Facebook. However, it will not be your grandkids so much, as the older kids.  Your children.

You may not have such an extended family as I have, but you do have old acquaintances that will share some of their recent activities.  With some time spent, you can easily set up your page.   

There are many “remember when” pages for people

  • Some who taught or went to a particular school  
  • Who worked at the same company  
  • Usually some hve spent some time in the same community in the past.

You can learn how to find out about this at the public library.

It is surprising who is out there, and how much fun it is to touch base with someone from the past.  

If you are uneasy about the whole process, get a neighbor, or a member of the family or get into a class at your library.  There are teachers everywhere.  

Are you reading this on a computer at the library?  This will give you another reason to get out of your house and visit the library.  Spend a bit of time visiting old friends online.  

There are so many benefits to using a computer in your public library to gain your skills.  

The people who work there will know the schedule of classes being taught.  They will help you know when the skill you are interested in is scheduled.  How to get the most information for what you need.  

If there is not a class scheduled soon, they will be able to help you find an online resource.  You will be able to be able to work on learning how to make this a fun activity for you.  

So what if it takes you a bit longer to learn and set up a page.  You are retired. You have the freedom to schedule some time to learn new skills.  This is just another of the 3 ways to improve your retirement years in this technology age.


Emailing is a skill that is important for communications in this age of technology.  One of the good things about email is that there is a chance to edit out something that sounds different from how you were thinking it would as you wrote it.  You can proofread.3 ways to improve your retirement years in this technology age

Emailing works for your hunt and peck method of typing. Years of working on the computer in data entry have given me some touch typing skills.  But also some really bad habits. You can work around all of this and be able to communicate anyhow.  

I love being able to visit with my physician online.  

I simply leave a note with my concerns.  And hear back that maybe this particular issue is to be expected, or that I need an appointment.  In our health group, the Dr.’s scheduler will call you to remind you that you need to get in and help with getting an appointment set up.  This will mean more as years go by and it is harder to get to the Dr.

An unexpected bonus for me, that has worked well for my family is a daily group email letter, that includes my kids and grandkids.

I simply set up the group, from my contact list, write one “family” note that goes to the family.  The grandkids get excused until they graduate from high school.  Then if they are ready, they get added.  The blessing is the quick comments that are exchanged among the members.  Not as good as face to face visits, but better than not hearing.

Some days there may be only 1 or 2 replies, some days there will be 12 to 20.  Each one of us reads and writes our response if they choose to respond, at a time that is convenient for them.  The siblings hear more often of the daily life of their brother and sisters.  

We are in touch almost daily

They live and travel in cities that have so much travel congestion.   A phone call is not always convenient for them when the time is right is for me.  With their busy schedules, it is better that they can read and respond as it works out for them time-wise.  Calling just to visit causes me to stop and think. Being responsible for a distracted driver accident is not a thought that makes me feel good.  

The adult grandkids even get in with a quick note on occasion.  They can read and write between their classes, on lunch break or whatever works for them. How often do you get a message from your grandchildren? We may not hear often, but when we do we appreciate it.  

Now there is a reason to check email anytime through the day when there is an opportunity.  Or once a day if you are using a computer at the library. Also, this is a good way to stay in touch with old friends.  3 ways to improve your retirement years in this technology age is a good way to start.  

Give it a try

3 ways to improve your retirement years in this technology age is a good way to start.  An easy beginner starting place for the latest bloomers and all the slow starters.

There is also a mailing group for my brother and sister.  We sometimes go too long without seeing each other. As we are getting older this is a good way to have a 3 sided conversation.  

You will find yourself  getting more comfortable with chatting online, as we do other things. Sometimes I find holding a cell phone and loading the washing machine has unpleasant consequences.  Definitely, a skill that needs practice.

So you have left your computer days behind at the office  

The computer you have at home is outdated.  You have no internet.

The public library is a perfect way to polish your skills. 

How quickly those skills will come back to you.  Just start working with them again.

You think you never want to have your own computer again?  O K.  

Just do not cheat yourself out of the mental stimulation.   As well as the knowledge that surfing the web, using Google to find information.   Or just communicating with friends and family can give you. 

In retirement, it is especially important to continue learning.  You need to keep those brain cells moving.

For retirees, it is important to continue to learn new things.

For those retired individuals who are snickering at the basic computer learning and skills discussed here.  Find someone who is less comfortable doing these 3 things.  Pick 1 of the skills and help that person become proficient in this skill.  

Just a basic building step is all most of us need to get busy learning how “all this stuff” works.  

You are curious.  

You are retired, not retarded.  

Get busy.  Make the technology side of your world more comfortable for you. Your life will be easier through these years.  Why should you be cheated?  

How will you use the suggestions in 3 ways to improve your retirement years in this technology age?  Here is a place to start.  Show me where!

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