Adjusting To Retirement – One Of The Worlds Greatest Challenges!

Adjusting To Retirement – One of the world’s greatest challenges  

The Worlds Greatest Challenges in Life.  Adjusting to retirement. One of the worlds greatest challenges.  

A bit of my retirement journey.
Adjusting to retirement one of the worlds greatest challenges

Discovering who you are  

While you are adjusting to retirement one of the world’s greatest challenges is taking place.  You realize that you do not know who you have become. 

Who are you now?  That you have retired?  

Sure everyone needs some time to wind down.  

Enjoy doing a lot of what you want to.  Less of what you do not want to do. Now you have time to figure out what you do want to do.  

You have finally reached that time you have been hearing about.  


So, what is next for you?

What challenges would you like to take on now?  

Do you have some retirement life plans?  

Or are have you elected to play it by ear?  See how it goes for a while?  

Having plans that require immediate action.  Just going with the flow.  

Either way, the choice is yours.  

Just make sure you are not setting yourself up for some problems farther along the way.

Make sure your retirement plans have included activities.  Activities that make you feel like a contributing productive person.  

After spending so many years in the workforce.  Bringing in a paycheck.  To find yourself without the discipline of the work day.  This can be a surprising adjustment. 

Changes are happening.  

Are these changes making you question so much idle time?  If so, maybe some part-time employment could be considered.  

So, you did not retire rich.  You really do not have a very expensive lifestyle.  

There is a little money left over each month.  You can go some.  Do some fun things.  

You will find yourselves on trips that last a day or two too long.  Four days never seemed very long before retirement. 

You can hardly wait to get home.  

This is just your mind trying to adjust to your new status in life.  You are restless at times.  Other times so completely content.  

Humans are funny critters.  You reach your goal. Like retirement for instance.   A short while of enjoying your success.  It is time for something else.   

Shopping is fun for a while.  But you come home with your new purchases.  Have to make room for whatever it was.  You have enough furnishings, clothes, tools.  

Maybe you have downsized when you retired.   

Do you just spend each day going about?  With no plan or structure?

Is there nothing you really need to get done?  Are you really supposed to be content doing nothing?  

Cleaning house?   Doing laundry?  Taking care of the yard?  Yes, these things need doing.  After a while, you do get caught up.    

Is this how you wanted to live your life in retirement?  Where is the fun?

This adjustment to retirement can catch up with you.  Add this fact to the other issues.  

The ones you did not plan for.  You need activities.  Activities that will make you feel like you could make a difference.

Sure you will enjoy a day or so of visiting with your kids.  Doing things with the grandkids.  But they have lives of their own.

They are busy and in a different part of their lives from you.  There are so many events that your family get excited about.  

Having been there and done that in your life, many of these events are just tiring.  So you can’t depend on them for your entertainment. 

You need entertainment.  You do need to find something for yourself.

This business of finding out that you are not ready.  Not ready for a traditional sit and rock on the front porch kind of retirement. This can be a shock.

This is the goal in years gone by.  Not you!  

Adjustment time can open your eyes.

Are you like me?  A new year began.  Some new direction was needed.  Learning to make money online really began to grow in my mind.  

The creative side of online marketing.  Measurable steps of accomplishment.  

This a good way for me to get started with retirement in a different way.  There is an opportunity for me.  I can learn and earn as well.  Watching life slip away one opportunity at a time. Not allow the vultures of life to rest here.

I was trying to figure out who I was.  This seemed like a good way. To find out who I was becoming.  I do not want to sit around and watch life go by as the birds in a tree do.

Do you feel somewhat the same way?  

Wondering why you are restless? 

Wondering why it is not  OK to just enjoy the downtime you have earned?  

It was apparent that my mind needed something to do. 

I tried the online mind building exercises.  Did you do that too?  They were fun for a short while, but uninteresting after a while.  There were months I did not even go to the site.

This person I found when I was looking for myself?  Did not resemble what I thought I would find.  

Where was the mellow grandmother-like person?  The one who was happy knitting and crocheting?  Reading emails from family and loved ones? 

The one who had a roof over her head.  Enough money to stay warm and cool and dry, food in the pantry.  

What did you find during your adjustment to retirement?  

Someone you were expecting?  Or were you surprised as well?

What more did it take? 

Traveling was not my thing.  I love being at home.

Joining groups had never been something I enjoyed doing.  My attempts to be a joiner were short lived.  

That was not what I wanted in my life.  

Have you been searching for the magic mix of retirement?  New interests?  Have you wondered what was next for you?

Learning to like this person I found. 

Looking for myself was proving a challenge.  

I was bored.  Follow another dream that I had for myself?  Build an online business. Learn to make money online.  

Which led to finding and joining Wealthy Affiliate Open University.Adjusting to retirement-one of the worlds greatest challenges!

This person I waiting at the end of the search for myself? Nothing like I had expected.  

So the journey to settle into retirement?  Has been nothing like I imagined. 

Have you been looking for yourself in the midst of retirement? 

What have you found?  Is this what you expected to find?  Are you happy with what is going on?

This person I found has jumped with both feet into the internet marketing course.  Loved every minute.  

The challenge of building a site requires discipline.

An eagerness to get started every morning.  Make a dent in the to-do list. 

No more boring days

There is ever new research required.

New information to get on the site.

Writing and compiling new ideas require some time.

Time to think about these new ideas and do research.     

Adjusting to retirement- one of the world’s greatest challenges results?

Enrolling with Wealthy Affiliate.   An open university as my base to learn from. 

The free membership level allowed me to check the program out.  See how they do things.  How the education and training are presented.  

I had already decided that to learn what I needed to would require some investment in myself.  

I had been paying $65 for a sewing lesson.   Then there was the $10 to get in the hall to be able to pay $40 to $115 for a 4-hour class to learn a beading technique.   

So it was a matter of finding the right platform to learn with.  Not if I was ready to begin a program.  

Having a successful retirement is important to me.  

Feeling good about my efforts is as well.  Then add learning to do something new.  

The support from experienced marketers 

This is not available anywhere else.

Things that are working for them.  As well as the things that did not are shared.

The network of like-minded people who are so supportive.  

So much to learn and so much to do.  

Are you as eager for your day?

Will you be excited to have something you love doing? 

Being busy in the building and learning process.  

This is how I want to spend my retirement.

Building income producing sites.  

Now this is exciting

In your challenge of searching for yourself.  What are your results?

Are you happy with the person you find? 

Or is there something missing for you?  Do you see yourself like the old me?  Not quite as excited about your day as you want to be?  Not engaged in a mind growing adventure.  One that can have such positive results for your income?

Check out the place I started this journey.  

See if this can change some things for you.  

Meeting people from different countries.   All different ages.  Interested in many different things.  Yet still have time to help me.  Help me with my marketing world. Answering questions and making suggestions.  

Do you have a support system to help you in this tricky world of retirement?  

I know what I’ll be excited about tomorrow.   What will excite you? 

I can work a few hours.

Or I can work a few minutes.  I am my own boss.  I can work any time that works out for me.  Adjusting to retirement life is getting easier.

The education and training is an open base that can be accessed when the time is right for you.  

No schedule except the one you make.  

The journey is a fun one.  

Is it one for you?  

If this idea is not right for you, how about some free online college education?  This will give you something else to be interested in.  A place to develop new ideas to carry you through this new time in your life.

Or maybe some volunteer work in your community. 

Retirement should be a wonderful time in your life.  Make the fun happen.

Don’t miss out.

The future is waiting.  What will you do to reap the rewards of a happy retirement.

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4 thoughts on “Adjusting To Retirement – One Of The Worlds Greatest Challenges!

  1. To back off and look at the change that has come in their lives is not always the first course of action. Deciding to take control and make your retirement time a good time pays off in so many ways. Finding an interest makes life so much better!

    Thank you for reading, and for leaving a comment


  2. Jeff,

    Thank you for your comment to my thoughts on retirement and life thereafter!

    Seems that my own experience is that we just need something we love doing in retirement.

    Makes the sun shine brighter! Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is well suited for retirees, as the self paced education program allows one to proceed at their own pace, not one set by a classroom schedule!!

    Your observation of a good fit for someone who is older and more ready to settle in and learn the program is also accurate. Young people have such a big wide world to be a part of, and have usually not found their place in it yet. It is rare that a younger person understands the commitment for success!


  3. HI Sami,
    In fact here in the U.S. I feel that we as a society do an awful job in the fact that once a person reaches a certain age he/she is no longer considered good at or useful at performing his/her job.

    Then to add injury to insult the system does little to nothing about helping newly retired people adjust to a different way of life.

    Some of the questions that you posed indeed are thoughts that would go through the mind of a person who no longer has something tangible, (like that job he/she had for 40+ years) to look forward to doing every day. Add to the fact as you stated that because of the cost of living, our corrupt healthcare system, etc., many retired people do not have enough money to last the rest of their lives – which could be a good 20 years.

    You could only visit some many vacation spots during retirement, lack of money making it impossible. Truly not enough communities provide a lot of good activities where retired people can interact together to ward off loneliness. Plus such activities would keep their minds intellectually engaged as opposed to sitting in front of a tv all day watching game shows or re-runs of 45 year old episodes of Bonanza.

    I also note that you did mention Wealthy Affiliate as a legit way for people over 62 – 65 years old to build a level of supplemental income, plus keep them engaged running an online business. I always have thought since joining WA that having an online business was more suitable to our senior citizens, (of which at age 58 I am one) as opposed to college age students who have many other things, such as academic work which must take precedence over running a business.

    That was a very thought provoking article, Sami!


  4. Really great post!
    In this article you summed up many of the experiences and feelings that people who are retired or lost their jobs experience everyday.
    I think it’s very important that everyone no matter what age you are constantly keep learning and challenging themselves it’s so important for peoples mental and physical well-being!

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