After Retirement Jobs Training That Can Be Fun

After Retirement Jobs: Training That Can Be FunAfter Retiretirement Jobs Training That Can Be Fun

Have you wondered how to find after retirement jobs training that could be fun?  Here is one suggestion that I ran across just yesterday in my email box.  While the enrollment time will expire before you a chance to enroll, I just wanted to make you aware of the fact that there is education available.  It is online that could make retirement a lot more fun for you.  Take a peek now

What are you doing to make your retirement more fun?  For sure, if you are going to work through some of your retirement time, it needs to be fun. 

Let’s Think About Your Job Search

You need to look forward to the learning time and your working in retirement. Life is definitely too short to be unhappy with what you are doing.  Especially the retirement phase of your life.

I don’t have a real or practical idea of how to use the education suggested in the link above, at this time.  It just caught my eye as being a fun read and a way to broaden my horizons. Make me have more to visit about with a son-in-law who loves beer, it’s history and the brewing process. 

As an important member of our family, he deserves a compadre from time to time.  While this doesn’t address the obvious age difference, having some knowledge would enable me to understand more about what he is talking about when he discusses the science end of brewing.

Would a free class make a difference for you

I do know that the first step of knowing what to do with the education you receive happens as your build skills. 

So if I took the class, a new business site about beer would definitely take shape.  As I have recently enrolled in another learning program that takes my extra time right now, I can only add this to my bucket list of fun activities for someday.

However, the present activities have a beginning and end commitment dates, after which there will be more time for more fun stuff,

As many in my generation, I married young and started a family soon thereafter.  It seemed a natural sequence to us.


One day many years later, I found myself retirement aged and bored.

My knowledge of what was offered in a college education was zero.  However, I am sure that the fun courses didn’t include learning to be a brewmaster.  With technology and experience, the world of education, like all the world has changed.

I’m certainly not a scholar, nor experienced in everything one can learn to do.

I do have the internet and the listings are astounding.

My Purpose

I am a retired senior citizen who was border lining a case of depression because I didn’t have a purpose.  It soon seemed that the only reason I retired was to clean house, as that was all that happened.

The desire that I had for fun activities became boredom when that was all that happened all day. Clean house all morning, crochet all afternoon?  No, not hardly. Traveling and visiting the places I wanted to go?  Well, that didn’t take long either.

The projects that were cluttering my file of hobbies were many.  Fun to read and think about.  Just not to do all day.  So I traded online knitting lesson sites for learning how to make money from home online.

Yes, I had a lot to learn.  My learning program ( click the link to see my choice) has a lot to teach.  What a match. This learning program assumes you are starting from scratch and teaches step by step. With the ability to view and review as often as it takes to be comfortable in what you are doing.

So the spring is back in my step.  The excitement to get up and get busy every morning, get some regular routines established.  Sound familiar?

Does your retirement time need a reboot?

What is happening during your retirement that makes your days more worthwhile?  More fun?  What are you building for the days you can’t get out and play golf?  When you no longer enjoy gardening, at least not all of it. 

The natural stamina you have will start to lessen.  You will need something to hold your interest. Learning new things is a good stimulant for your mind.  In fact, research shows that learning new things is the best mental exercise one can have.

Did you retire to become the cranky old lady who complains all the time?  Or did you want to be the one who wears red or purple shoes, every day? 

Don’t want to be the gripey old man in the group?  Rather be the interesting mature guy with so many interests the day always ends before he is ready? 

Make a Plan Take control

Whatever you love to do, figure out a way to do at least some of it.  This is such a wonderful time to be retired.  A wonderful time to learn and really get to know yourself.  Sure, you may not like all you find out about yourself, but it is a fun thing to do.

Do you need to make some changes in how you are living your days?  What about laughing more?  Wearing red more?  Spending more time with your loved ones?  Your friends? 

For some homespun suggestions for making your retirement living more like what you had in mind for yourself click here for a simple plan to get you started on a life, you really want to live.  An easy one tiny step at a time.

There are many exciting things to do in retirement time, don’t miss out on what is good for you. Listed below you will find some ideas that have some merit, whether you want to make money from home online or travel, or whatever your dream retirement might contain.

Here is a list of reading materials to get your mind started thinking.  Maybe there is a suggestion here that will help get you started.  It’s your retirement.  Do it!





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