Apply Online For Social Security Benefits?

Apply Online For Social Security Benefits?

Will you apply online for Social Security Benefits? Can you apply online?  

Yes, you can.  But should you? The research this author found supported the definite no to this question.

No. You definitely should not.  

Do not even think about making these decisions through an online application.  Apply online for Social Security Benefits. How to apply online for Social Security Benefits

This is important.  

This will affect you for the rest of your life.  

Make this application in person at the Social Security Administration office.  

Will this assure you of getting the absolute best benefits package for you? 

A package that is tailor-made just for you?  Well, maybe.  Or maybe not.  

Do not think this can be completed in your lunch hour.  

Would you make an important decision regarding your savings for the future using a drive through with an online site? 

I should think not.  

Here is a little exercise that chilled me to the bone when I realized how important this part is:  

Now suppose that you make an incorrect application.  

That results in only a $10 a month error on your monthly retirement check.

 That would be $120 a year.  

Say you live to be 85.  That is $6,000 total mistake.  

Now “what if” the error is $50 or $100 a month.  

While we are doing numbers, how about this little fact:  

If your Social Security Benefit check is calculated to be $1500 a month!

(the national average sized check for those already receiving their benefits) You receive $18,000 a year.  

If you only live 10 years after you retire that is $180,000.  

Now do I have your attention?  

What if you live to be 86 years old.  

That means the amount you receive from Social Security is $360,000.

The representative with whom you are working, may not be as well trained as he/she needs to be.  Warning.

  • The employee may want to help you with getting this “tailor-made benefits package.”  
  • Sometimes this employee just may not know all the ins and outs of the rules and regulations. 
  • He/she may identify more with the widow/widower benefits package.  
  • They may be having a bad day themselves. 
  • There are too many variables.  For even the sincerest representative.  
  • Do not totally depend on their knowledge and expertise.
  • You must do some of the work yourself.  
  • Make sure the Social Security Benefit is the one you have been earning all your working life.  
  • You do not want to goof this up.

Being informed with some knowledge with this task is too important.  

Technology has opened the information highway through the internet.  Use it. 

You must take some responsibility for yourself during this process. 

If you feel totally unprepared, hire some help.  Do not rely on your brother-in-law.

Unless you know that he is informed in how to apply.  

We are talking about your most important resource.  Your lifetime benefits.

Your retirement benefits from The Social Security Administration.  

Will you trust that you will know how to answer the questions correctly?   

Apply online for your Social Security Benefits? 

Heed this warning and DO NOT DO THIS.  

This is far too important to your future for your financial planning to not speak face to face with a representative. 

This alone does not assure that you will receive your best benefit.  

You must go armed with the questions to ask about.   

You will need some knowledge of the terminology that is used, and how it pertains to you.

So unfair.  

The helpful employees who walked you through the whole process did so with the best of intentions. 

Does not mean they were accurate?  Does not mean they gave you true information?  They gave you information that was to the best of their knowledge,

They did not know  

In my particular case, the total does not amount to very much.  

The mistake was only a few dollars a month.

However, for those who have more at stake, you had best be aware.   

To explain the difference in today’s world and when I applied for this benefit~~

We will need to take a trip back in time. You know, before computers had made their way into our lives.  Or, at least, into my life.   

Sure I had worked with them for quite some time by retirement time.  

Yes, I could and did email.  

We also enjoyed playing solitaire.  Loaded Hoyle Casino games on the computer. 

We were not “googling,”  Getting information dumped in our laps.  

How fast this google thing has made a place in our lives.

Like I said, this requires a trip way back in time.   For me, a computer was a tool for work.  

Another thing to add to the equation:  

I was raised to think that the government was:do not apply online for your social security benefits. Plan for getting ready for the application

  • all-powerful
  • always right
  • concerned about its citizens  

A fun state of mind, however, misguided it was.

The employees in the Social Security Administration’s office were all  waiting to “take care of me.”  

Interested in making sure my best interests were taken care of.  

I do not understand where this all-powerful allegiance to the “government” came from.  

It is just one of those constants in my thinking and my life.  

Passed down from my parents.  

Before knowing how to access the information on the internet.

I went into the office and placed my application.  

I assumed that the employee who registered my request was completely informed.  

That my results were 100% accurate.  WRONG. 

We now have a ton of information sites

  • They are out there searching the files.  
  • Searching the Social Security Administration’s vast amount of guidelines, rules, and regulations for information  
  • Then to report it to you. After having waded through this information, able to help you understand what is happening.  
  • How you might be able to protect your best interest.
  • These active googlers and bloggers are making sure that you are benefiting from this knowledge.  They share.
  • After they read and digest this information, which is written in the legalese language of government documents.  
  • Bloggers and editors write and share this information in language that you understand.  
  • They can help you figure out how to make this information work for you. 

You can get the information.  Check it out.  This technology highway, the internet can guide you to helpful information.  

To improve your chances of ending up with what you are entitled too,  when you submit your Social Security Benefits application. 

Do not apply online for your Social Security benefits.

I am only trying to bring this to your attention.  

I cannot give a standard “one size fits all” statement here.  

Neither can anyone else.  

Make sure your Social Security Benefit is tailor-made for you.  

You will be wearing this a very long time.

Another word that is a bit of a turn off for me is “entitled” 


  • I have worked and saved for this monthly check  
  • This was a forced savings program.  
  • I am entitled to use this at the agreed on time.  
  • Playing by the rules all those years with the weekly withholdings. 

 So, how to apply for your Social Security Benefits? 

  • In person  
  • At the Social Security Administration Office
  • Prepared with some information

Check out this link

KLRU, public T V has  some information to help you with your application preparation: 

“Boston University economist Larry Kotlikoff has spent every week:  

For over three years.  

Answering questions about what is likely your largest financial asset.  

Your Social Security benefits. 

His Social Security columns have prompted  many of you to write in  

A feature “Ask Larry”  airs every Monday.

Find a complete list of his columns here.  And keep sending in your Social Security questions 

This was all surprising information to me.  I had been reading some notices online.  

About the deadline for additional benefits. 

As usual, I had asked myself, will I qualify for some of these “about to expire” benefits? 

Still thinking, actually and truly believing that the government had my best interest at heart.  

I decided that this stuff the writers were talking about was to sell membership to their sites.

The government wouldn’t have employees who did not know, would they?

The writers who were blogging had a good argument.  Yes, it was true.  You had to buy their newsletters  You had to buy their newsletters or enroll in something to get the “real” information.

They are earning a living online.  Presenting news and information to make your life better.  

Yes, they should be paid if the information is accurate.  Something I can use.  Make things better for me.

I am considering subscribing to one of the newsletters. 

However, I want to do that, after I do my own continued research.   See how accurate what they are telling me is.  

It is just easier to read when the legalese is translated into terms I understand.

This won’t be the only time that Social Security is under threat.  

We will need to be aware of what our elected officials are doing with this important part of our future.  

So a good blogger with more expertise in understanding the language.   One who is not an alarmist will be who I consider paying for the newsletter.  

My Social Security Benefit is my retirement savings.  

Paid for with the withholding taxes from many years of hard work.  

It has been earned.  You must do all you can to protect it.

I really did not appreciate the value Social Security holds for me.  

Nor do I appreciate the games politicians are playing with my future.  

I still tended to think of my Social Security check in the monthly amount.  

The first time I did multiply this amount by 12 months in a year.   Then for the number of years we live.  Oh, my word.  (Remember to deduct for Medicare Payments before thinking you are done. Pay attention to this “Medicare” and how it will be affected in the future.)

This is a lot of money.  If you had this sum sitting in your bank, waiting to be spent on your monthly expenses, every month.  How protective would that make you feel?   

This retirement account is exactly what we have.  

You can no longer allow others to make every decision.  You must take hold and do what you can.

This monthly income allows you some feeling of security.  

With the savings to supplement the total, you can remain reasonably self-supporting and independent for a while longer. 

With the recent changes in Medicare, how it will be increasing, to make up for freezing increases in an election year.  

You must be as careful as possible if you want to remain independent.  

Don’t want your kids to have to support you in the future? 

Know what your Social Security Benefit rights are.   How to correctly apply. 

Do not apply for Social Security Benefits online! 

Be prepared to stand up for yourself.  

Does the Social Security Administration correct its errors?  Not usually.  

When replying to the request for correction, you can expect some headstrong run-a-around.  

This is from the people you pay to take care of you and your financial future.

Now, how do you sign up for your Social Security Benefit?  

How can you help the representative who will help you apply for your benefits? 

You go there in person.

 Apply online for Social Security Benefits?  NO  

 You now know better. 

Read some of the information that you have available. 

Check with the AARP groups in your area. 

The online information sources as well. 

The resource from Free Public Radio is another good place to search for answers. 

I tried reading the Social Security Administrations publication for clarification on some of these questions.

While I could wade through the information, I could not remember it. 

So there was a great deal of note taking!  Then there was searching for the information in an easy to read format.  

Everyday conversational language made some of the facts easier to remember.   

Give yourself some time for this.  Again, it is too important to be at the mercy of lack of knowledge from the employee who will help you determine your benefits. 

Again, it is too important to be at the mercy of lack of knowledge.  

Keep asking questions.  There are others who can give you the answers you need.  

There is more than one employee working for the social security administration.

Plan this visit.  

Get a spiral or journal, and gather your information.  

It may take more than one visit.   This is important.  This is your future.  

Know what you need to ask. 

Help your Social Security representative help you get your proper payouts!

I will be working with the information I have to see if I can claim the corrected amount.

If and when a route is found to pursue this, will be letting you know.  

Then, if you are in a similar situation, you can take action.  

It may not be very much, but over the years, can add up. 

The social security administration does not want to spend the manpower needed to research and correct.  To correctly award the recipients their settlement.  

It will be hard but will be interesting to see where this takes me.


Remember, you need a spiral and pen to take notes. 

You can begin to google the situation and start getting the information you need. 

Here are some things to watch for.  This information is to help you plan when you file for your benefits.  Take notes.

Born in:          Age eligible for full benefit:Your dreams maybe closer than you think Will you apply online for your social security benefits?

1943-1954 66 years
1955 66 years, 2 months
1956 66 years, 4 months
1957 66 years, 6 months
1958 66 years, 8 months
1959 66 years, 10 months
1960 or later 67 years


  age       % of total

62 75%
63 80%
64 86.7%
65 93.3%
66 100%
67 108%
68 116%
69 124%
70 132%

Know how delaying retirement will affect your Medicare costs  

Do your math.  Know the totals.

Know if you or your spouse need to file and suspend.  If you have this option.  It can add to your monthly income. 

Read the information offered on MotleyFool.com – Well written and easy to understand.


The information is not presented to sell a newspaper or report.  They do take donations to support Public TV – Radio.

Don’t go through this process without having some ideas of what your income should be. 

Check to see if you qualify for extra status.  Do your homework.

Your Social Security Benefit is too important to not be prepared  

Do not live your retirement years bound in a Social Security Benefit that is not what you deserveapply online for social security benefits not a good idea

What you have earned.

Make sure that it is tailored to you!



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