Are You Afraid Of Retirement?


Are You afraid of retirement  Are you afraid of retirement time?

Are you secretly worrying and fretting about what the future may hold for you?  Don’t ignore this question of are you afraid of retirement?  Wondering what you will do now?

He is a very kind looking person, this gray-haired man sitting alone at a table as we enter the Burger Barn.  

Even though there was another empty table, we looked at each other and decided to see if we could join him.  We had ordered our food to take to the park and have a quick picnic with.  

He has not received his lunch yet, the table is still bare.   Of course, he stands up and replied to my grandson’s request to join him as politely as I thought he would.  

Few can resist a cute kid, and when they say “sir,” well, you know the rest.  

A casual conversation revealed that he was on the way through town to visit a friend on down the highway, west of here. As we chatted about the nice weather and the pretty wildflowers blooming at this time of year, my grandson shared with him about the fun we were going to have at the park eating our lunch.  

He remained polite while answering the stranger’s inquiry about the many wonders of the park along the river.  

So the stranger’s next statement caught me by surprise, “having your grandson to visit is a great way to retire.”  He knew he had reached the age when he needed to retire because he was tired of his job.  

Time for a change

He was not looking forward to retirement.  He downright dreaded the whole concept and tried not to think about it at all.  The end result was that he was at the point in his life to retire, and had no plans to look forward too.  

Then he shared the fear of not having work to go to every day.  No longer having work to fill his time with as there was nothing he really wanted to do.  

He talked about how he kept avoiding even thinking about it.  

I have read about people who just wake up one day, and they are retired. How can this happen in this day and time of computers, so much help online? He was hoping this visit to his old friend would help enlighten him on how to get over this very real fear he had.  

He admitted that by purposely avoiding thinking about retirement, he had come to this time so unprepared.   There is a lot of mental adjustment to make.  Hopefully, his friend is better prepared with information about successful retirement than he was.  

I just suggested that he do some searching online for a life purpose.   Quickly I scribbled my website’s URL on the napkin and got up as his lunch was delivered to the table.  

Lunch is ready

Our name was called about that time.  We picked up the order, told the stranger thank you for letting us wait at his table, and with my grandson holding the door, we left the building.  

However, through the fun time, in the park on our picnic,  the sadness of this strangers fear lingered in the back of my mind.  

Is this common?  Do people really dread this time in their life?  This is such a beautiful time.

Time for a rewrite 

You can rewrite your life now.  Did you rewrite your life at retirement time?  I did!  It is so much more fun now.  

I thought I would just be happy doing nothing.  Well, that did not work out at all.  

I did not know that I would still want to feel like I had a purpose for my days. I did not know that boredom could happen so quickly.  

Sure, some of you will need some time to rest, get a new mindset, but you will.  You are programmed to be busy and active and doing things.  

We may have different dreams and ideas of what an ideal retirement is, but does fear cause you to not look forward to this time you have earned?  

There are 2 fearsAre you afraid of retirement

Which fear are you allowing to manage your life?  

The fear that makes you stop, plan, and move forward?  

Or are you allowing the fear that makes you freeze in place?  Not take any action.  Make you miserable?  

Don’t let fear rob you of your retirement.  You can have the best life you can make happen for yourself.  Or you can sit in fear of tomorrow.  

The choice is yours  

Get out that sheet of paper and a pencil and get your plan going.  

You did not save for retirement?  Well, sounds like you will need to get a job for retirement if you have not saved and prepared for this time.  

You may have to relocate to where you can make what funds you will have stretch farther.  

You may not have a life of leisure and ease, but you can find out, as you make a real and accurate assessment of your finances.  

Make your retirement successful

This is a journey you can make.  You can have a successful retirement. Finding a way to live and enjoy your retirement can be done.  

You have to step up and make the choice to do it.  If you are a single person, you may need to discuss your fears and plans with a grown son or daughter.  

A brother or sister might make a good sounding board as you are considering your plan for the next phase of your life.  Many clergymen are trained to help, or at least know who might be able to help you.  

For couples, it is important to make these plans together.  You need to be on the same page for retirement to have two of you happy with the plan and enjoying your retirement.  

Your spouse will not appreciate having your plan not consider their ideas and dreams of retirement as well.  You both can work together to make this a great time for yourselves.  

Make a plan

Don’t let fear of what is happening next keep you from planning to make the most of this time.  

Time has a way of ignoring all the stop signs you may try to throw up along the way.  The fact is that time continues it’s steady march forward.  

Take control and make this work for you.  Approach your life with a plan for a successful retirement life.  

Just as your days while still working needed planning to be successful, your retirement days do as well.  

Fear is not your friend  

Face the future armed with a plan.  Know the direction you want your days to take.  

You can have more control that you realize.  

Don’t be like the stranger that we encountered on our way.  You can plan picnics at the park and fun with friends and family.  Your days can be fun, not something to be afraid of.

This link will carry you to a plain guide for planning.  You can begin to take action and ensure that you are having the best retirement possible for yourself.  

You do not have to be afraid.

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