Are You Old School? Top 10 Investments Advice

  1. Are You Old School?  Top 10 Investments Advice For You.

Are you Old School?  That top 10 investments advice that you are looking for? Is this in your retirement plan? Will it contain the importance of enjoying your life during these years?  

Retirement time is when you have to decide to make some changes or your top 10 investments advice for youold school ways will get you left behind. Now is when you have time to take a breath.  Realize what has actually happened in the world we now find ourselves in. 

Not only has the world continued to move. It is moving rapidly.  We are just finding out what technology is capable of.   We are somewhat, like the old Model T vehicles our parents were giving up for the newer vehicles that were rapidly appearing in every garage in the neighborhood.  

Remember I grew up on the farm and heard about Dad and his first farming years with a hand plow and mule to pull it.  He continued to marvel at the multi-row equipment that was being developed by the end of his farming days.  

Time marches on

Do you remember taking typing lessons in school?  High school mind you, not keyboard skills which are now learned in grade school.  Yes, the electric typewriter a marvel of an invention and you could have one of your own.  Oh, what an invention.  

That magic writer now sits by the older style that did nothing automatically, gathering dust.  

My source of measuring my progress

Yes, you either step up or give society another reason to let you get dusty on the shelf.  

My 4-year-old grandson (Grandchildren are the real miracle of this world) Anyway this walking bundle of knowledge was sharing some information about how a toy tow truck worked, and the hook was released to tow the car forward onto the tilting bed of the truck.  

I remarked that I thought it was done by hand.  Quickly I was assured that was the “Old school way.  Not how it was done now.”   Yes, change you must.

So have you made a decision about what you will spend your retirement doing?  

Anyone under 70 years old knows that retirement and being lazy and sitting on the porch rocking with a fly swatter in hand?  Man, that is old school.  You have to have “Plans” now. Go places, do things when retired. 

Use this time to finally get in shape.  As well, there is learning to cook clean.   And continue education.  There is time for rocking when you can not physically handle these things.  

Top 10 investments advice

This is to remind you that I am not a financial advisor.  I am more of a Happy Retirement Advisor.  Offering help for the other parts of your life.  Not everyone has good advice about everything.

#1 You should prepare financially  

There are many qualified plans to help with the finances involved in retirement planning.  It is important to prepare. Finding yourself retired and still needing to work is not always what is considered.  

If this is the reality for you get on with it.  Make a plan and know what you are working for. When you can really quit if that is the plan.

# 2 Make your retirement a happy one  

Do you have an idea of what you thought retirement is?  Do you have a plan to make it happen? Planning is a better way to get ready for retirement.  

Slip easily from one life to another.  You can make it happen with some planning.

Is your retirement life a happy one?

We are the generations that will live to be 100. We have time to make this top 10 investment advice include investing in yourself.  

You will need a plan.  On paper that you can see. Revamp along.  Revising is the way a successful investment plan is built.  It needs to be your plan.  One that is what you really want.  

Do you want to spend lot’s of time in being active? Do you want to start an online business? Will you need to train and learn?  Here is a sound base to start learning on.  Sharpening your skills.  

Remember you do not have to figure out how to reinvent the wheel.  You just need to put your own spin on it. However, you will need to learn how to do these things.  

Do you want to learn to garden?  To Travel?  To volunteer? Planning will get you farther and faster than just barreling on a whim.  Do you need to work during retirement?  Maybe you could move to a resort area and work there. You do not have to stay bogged down where you are.

# 3  Take time to plan  

Shaping your life to be happy in retirement requires good health.  Do you need to get a good check up and make sure you are as healthy as you Top 10 investments advice for retirementthought?  

Get it done and move on the more fun parts of retirement.  Don’t allow a situation that can be corrected to control your life during retirement. 

# 4  Do you have some bad habits?

Some lifestyle habits that need to be worked on for keeping the best health?  

How is your diet?  Your weight alright?  

Your overall health is good?  It is time to invest some time in thinking about this and getting your plan to improve what needs improving.

# 5  Exercise  

You need to get some exercise.  Walking is always recommended as the better one. However, your conditioning will decide that.  A health club membership could be a good investment of your retirement money and time. The importance of being mobile cannot be over emphasized.  

A health club membership could be a good investment of your retirement money and time. The importance of being mobile cannot be over emphasized.

Sometimes you may find yourself wanting to be a member of a health club that you really can not afford.  Maybe you could work part time for your membership fee.  This would put you on a healthy road to get in better shape. 

Maybe there needs to be a class offered by seniors for seniors.  Check it out. Think it through and have a plan when you speak to management.   Some churches promote these classes.  Check them out to see what is out there.  

Senior centers are also full of activities to encourage healthy lifestyles.

All too often we have seen examples of those who kept waiting for the “right time to follow their dreams. They sit and do nothing and soon they are gone from this earth.  Please do understand.  You can choose to remain “old Top 10 Investments advice for your happy retirementschool.”

There is a lot of scientific information today that proves that you just can not stop.  You can slow down.  However, you can not just stop. There are some activity levels you must work on.  Stay active.  

Then you need to keep your mind active as well.  The body and mind need action. Soon you will find that neither bodies or minds will work when they are idle. They will rust like that old typewriter on the shelf.

Your plan of action for the top 10 investments advice

So how are you spending your retirement?  Are you doing it “old school?”  Or have you embraced this time doing some of the things that you planned? 

Having a plan will start you in the direction you have wanted.  However, just having a plan will not make the whole thing happen.  You have to act on that plan.  

Knowing where to start is important in the overall scheme of things.  That is where the plan starts to gain importance.  

Too many of the retired generations of people just kind drifted the direction that their parents did.  In young adulthood,  life is too often lived too fast to really stop and think about lessons along the way.  Many of us did not take advantage of the educational opportunities along the way.   

Survival is the most important outcome   

This lifestyle approach becomes a habit, and you do not give yourself the options of making things go differently.  

A better plan for retirement?  For most people, just taking the time to make a plan is new. You plan vacations.  What you will do each day.   Where you will go.  Why not plan retirement?  Maybe not as close a schedule as you would for a vacation but get an idea of what you can do to make yourself feel that you are living your retirement your way.  

Do you have vague dreams to redo some part of your home?  Make a plan.  

Do you want to learn to play the guitar?  Make a plan.  Getting the wheels set in motion is sometimes difficult for some people.  I am not saying that it is not O K to sit on the porch and rock, but make sure you are doing it because that is really your choice.  That you are intentionally not doing anything.

When you know what you want, you can proceed with confidence

Do you want to get the have to chores of everyday life handled by noon?  

Then sit on the porch all afternoon?  Make a plan.  You will not enjoy down time sitting on the porch if it means living with unfinished chores.  Going to the grocery store?    

If your main goal is never to do anything again?  You will need to make a plan.  To be successful at doing nothing, you need a plan. Life is funny that way.  You can live as you want, but it will be in squalor and poverty if you do not have some life plan going.  

You need time to do nothing during retirement, but too much do nothing time will result in your body losing that ability to do anything even the occasional fun stuff.  

# 6  Mental Exercise

Where ever you are in your retirement life, if you are unhappy with the way any part is progressing, you can change it.  

Write down your goal or whatever you want to change.  List the steps to get there.  Break those changes down into small steps.  Make them manageable.

Research also proves that small changes are better than large sweeping ones. Do you need to exercise your mind by learning something new?  A new word game, if you have chosen to spend more time in activities?  

There are many ways to give your mind some stimulation that is needed.  The time favored crossword puzzles are always good, as is Sudoku.  Many other choices are available online for you to choose from.

Retirement is like any other stage of life’s game.  You will have a better one if you plan.  A plan can be adjusted and revamp as needed.  

Allow yourself that you will get retirement times best features.  Living the best life you can with what resources you brought to retirement with you.  

# 7  Be social 

Keep yourself socially active.  Being around people from time to time is important.  When you have spent your life working around people, having a chance to spend more time alone can be a relief.  However, this can be carried to the extreme.  

Your mental state can suffer when you spend too much time alone.  Your social skills become rusty.  No one wants to become the grumpy old neighbor on the corner.  Stay active in your social circle.  

8  Your Family is very important Top 10 investments advice 

As you enter retirement, taking time for family is a solid building block to a sound retirement.  This does not mean spend your day’s babysitting those wonderful grandchildren. They need to have time with you and you with them.   They were doing fine before you retired, they will be fine now unless this is what you retired for.  

If helping with grandchildren is what you want to do great.  However, do it because you really want to and set some guideline for you and your children.

The same rules should guide you for helping other members of your family.  Do not find yourself mired in the day to day care of a family member who seems to have no other options.  You can help, but not assume complete care and responsibility unless this is your choice.  

Think it through.  Have a plan.  Have the plan written down so that you can consult it from time to time.  

# 9  Remind yourself to be flexible  

Plans should be written down for a reason.  You have the ability to change directions when you need to.  Your plan shows how you got to where you are. You can see what needs changing.

Have you chosen to join a golf club?  Pay dues every month because you always wanted to have time to play enough golf to polish your game up?  Find out that is not for you?  You can resign and move on to another interest.  

To make this move easily, or with as little hassle as possible, have a plan. There are too many things you may love to stay bound to a something you find you are no longer excited about.

This same thing happens when people volunteer. They get more and more responsibility and realize one day this is not the joy they had dreamed of.

That happens often.  It is then time to move on.  Make your exit plan.  Have things covered, and move on.  Go back to 1 morning a week service, not 6 days a week.  You will enjoy it more.  That is what retirement is for, being happy.  

# 10  Think positive  

So you find you can not travel as far or as often as you had hoped to?  Figure out how to use what you can do and enjoy.  

Often the plans of travel and excitement are not as you had hoped, adjust get going with what you can afford.  

It is OK to have a trip to a local event or even for a day at the local library to be your fun activity for the month.  If these activities come with a price tag you can afford, so much the better.

Discovering the nearest local library is still a joy of an adventure.  In our smaller towns, the library is often close to the downtown area and a stroll through the local shops is a welcome diversion.  

Then when there is an opportunity to visit a larger library in a larger town, that really is a treat. Affordable and will take just long enough that you can enjoy without being overwhelmed.  

Then you have the local museum.  

Think positively about your future

You do not have to be weighed down with lost retirement time.  You have a positive attitude about making the best of any situation.  Make a plan.

How will you live your retirement time?  Wishing you were having fun?  Or actually living your retirement with purpose?  Making your retirement years count in the life you design.  

Check here for some ideas about planning your days even when you think you have no clue how.  I do not want to live life in a plan that was not what I wanted.   I want to have a great retirement time. 

My fun may not be like yours.  However, I get to enjoy time each day on something that is important to me.  Do you get to do this?  All it took was a few adjustments once I took the time to plan.  

Will you take the time to look at the big picture?  Your life?top 10 investments advice


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