Attention: How Are You Living Your Retirement Life?

Attention: How are you living your retirement lifeAttention: How Are You Living Your Retirement Life?  

Are You living your retirement being happy? Now, once again, Attention, How are you living your retirement life?   Are you paying attention to what is going on in your daily life?  Have you been doing activities that bring you joy?  Make you happy? You should be.  


Studies show that humans are creatures of habit.  Often when you retire, a number of good habits retire along with you. For retirees, often personal grooming is the first good habit to bite the dust.  

It is easier to delay shaving till later in the day.  The same with salon appointments.  Soon a person who was particularly well groomed can turn sloppy and careless in a matter of months.  

It is a habit after a while to delay grooming till later in the day.

You have to be around your self.  After a day of doing sweaty stuff, you may have to have a 2nd shower.  You won’t wash away.  However, you will need to pay attention to dry skin and treat this properly.  Yes, retirement time means some things change. 


Have you put together your retirement wardrobe?  Remember, that word habit?  Just as you have a working wardrobe, you will need a retirement wardrobe.  

While some of the working items will make the shift to retirement with ease and grace, some will not.  Being professional in your appearance is a habit most were forced into.  

There is not a force forcing you to have a retirement wardrobe.  You can be smartly attired regardless to what you are doing now.

Great Truth

There is great truth in the saying that you act the part till you become it.  So you can act your way to a successful and happy retirement.  

Your daily habits will take you from a so-so retirement to a great one.  Give some thought to how you are presenting yourself on a daily basis.  

Do not become that poor ole’ sloppy guy sitting on a stool at the coffee shop who looks as though he slept in his clothes.  You will soon find that the people you encounter in your daily life will treat you just as you look.  Then, you will act like you are treated.  It is a fact of life. 

Then, you will act like you are treated.  It is a fact of life. 

A Plan  

Have you put together a time plan?  What will you spend your retirement time doing?  You planned your finances to be able to retire, so now what? 

No, there is no magic wand to make retirement time happy, and purposeful.

You have to do that for yourself.  Do you know how your days will be spent? If you do not take control of your retirement life on a daily basis, someone else or something else will.   

Will that something be bad habits? Too soon you will find the time passing. The weeks will turn into months and months into years.  That someone can be a well-meaning loved one who soon has you living the daily retirement life of their dreams, not yours.

If doing nothing is truly what you planned to spend your retirement time doing, congratulations.  Do nothing on purpose.  

Don’t let bad habits control your retirement time.  Make some good habits.

How to make good habits?  

You plan, of course.  In much the same way you planned projects when you were working.  You decide what your goal is.  Then you figure out which actions need to change to make this happen.  

Often when planning time, retirees tend to approach their retirement time with doing the most they can in the shortest time possible.  That is the way projects were planned in the working world.  

However, again studies have shown that when you are planning your personal life and working toward your personal goals, a slower approach is often better.  Changing a small thing here and there is more productive than swiping the slate clean and starting all over.  

One step at a time

If you have not had a chance to do some slower planning, here is a suggested guide that you may find of value for slowing down.   A simple plan

Figuring out what you want to change, and getting it done as pain-free as possible.  For most retirees who find themselves without a plan for their retirement days, taking the time to think it through is difficult.  

Changes happen  

As a retiree, you are especially venerable to a sudden change in your life. Often due to the time in life you find yourself, this change is because of the death of a spouse. 

A life of providing for your family does not offer the opportunity to think about yourself so much.  You have to learn to do that. You have the time to do that now.  While a little bit of self-indulgent time is good, too much can have bad results as well.  

Think  Plan

Again, a plan will help you know where you are and what you want from your life.  Remember that word Habits?  Once more, be reminded, your life can be filled with more of what you want and less of what you don’t.  

However, it is up to you.  What will you do? Choose to pay attention to your daily retirement life.  Make it a happy fulfilling time for yourself and the ones Attention how are you living your retirement life?you love.  





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