Baby Boomer Not Retiring Is She Too Old To Start An Online Business?

 Baby Boomer Not Retiring Is She Too Old To Start An Online Business?

As a Baby Boomer Not retiring because she can not afford to, is my Mom too old to start a business online?  She is nearly old enough to retire.  I do not know if I should encourage her or not.Baby Boomers not retiring

Thank you, Sara, (Question from the online chat line)

Are you wondering the same thing about your parent?  Or maybe this is about you?

Are you curious about this new online way of doing things?  

No this is not actually Sara, but I bet she looked similar at some point.


You have heard about and read about this thing of “making money online?”  

I took this question to a young (early-30’s) very successful online entrepreneur.  Very successful.   And this question keeps popping up on the live chat line.   So I know it is important to some people out there.  The way he answered is pretty plain and to the point.   

He said that “if that someone can hunt and peck on the keyboard.  Make sentences.  Share what he has learned with others, then yes he can.”  

However, there may be a bit of a learning curve.

He also wanted to be sure and share these simple suggestions to consider if this is something you are interested in.

Realize that there may be a learning curve.

Know that it is not hard work, but it is work.

Choose an honest plan.  Not a gimmick that promises lots of money with little effort from you.

Plan to work and learn.

When you are starting any kind of business, you will need seed money.

Now for some basic information

Yes, you could flounder around out there with all the “free lessons.” that are flying around.  You could probably find everything you need to know to build a site through free trial and error.  

The real issue is to decide what you need to learn.

There are many free sites to let you set up blogs, open a store.  They will work ok but there will always be something else that you need to learn.  Something else you will need to buy.

Then, when the one who designed the free program you are using, moves on to other ideas, finds new interests.  After all, you are not paying them for anything, why should they stay? 

They are interested in making money also.

So this person, as anyone opening a new business needs to be able to survive.  To put food on the table.  A roof over their heads regardless of the success or failure of the online business, at least for a while. 

Knowing that you do not have a means of support except this business being a giant-sized success is too much pressure. 

You can’t learn with this kind of pressure.  You will be better off with a job.  This is a fact whether you are young or more mature.

An overlooked fact for so many

This online stuff is not as quick as some of those fake online guys would have you believe.  You know the ones with the pictures of fancy homes, the sleek cars. 

To reach that kind of success requires a bit of time and lots of work.  This is not hard work, but it is work.  And that work must be done. 

According to my young friend, this is the one misleading idea too many people come to this arena with. Folks, it just is not true.  This is a scam artist at his finest. 

However, my young friend is an example of being successful.  

Mature BeginnerBaby boomer not retiring

He told me that for the “Mature” beginner, you just need to get started.  (A very nice way of defining the difference in age.)

 Anyhow, back to this mature beginner, knowledge is usually the stumbling block. (Also true for anyone, any age, who is just starting their online business. )

You could have all the computer skills necessary, and not have a good path to follow.  You need a plan, to have an online business in your home.

A good Path

You still will find there are errors to work through. 

So start this business with the sure knowledge that you need some help.  Then he pointed out, “Why not suggest that they start where we trained?  Where you did.” 

e trained?  Where you did.” 

Cut through the wasted time and misinformation that is available online.

My Friends’ journey

This made sense to me.  He explained that he had just graduated from college and realized he did not have a job.  After 4 years of hard work and study. 

So he applied for a grant to attend graduate school.  He was accepted and continued to study. 

However, the fact remained that he would be another 2 years, and still not assured a job at completion. 

To him, even as young as he was this was frightening. 

So, he began to wonder what he could do to supplement his meager grant.  He decided to “try this online entrepreneurship” thing.

His decision

After talking with some who were having real success in online marketing. He decided to take their advice and enrolled in an online course that was designed to help him build a business. 

The main reason he chose this training program was the recommendation of friends who were already successful with their online businesses.  They were already living the life he wanted to live. 

He met them in a workshop one of the professors had put together to help students.  Ones like himself who were not really sure what they wanted to do with themselves after their college years were over.

After college

The group had professionals from several different fields of interest.  What attracted him to this group was the sincerity he felt in their advice and ideas. 

The way they all respected each other.  Being supportive and sharing ideas. And they were all well dressed, even in the “dressed down” atmosphere of a neighborhood pub.  

This is where they talked more about their lives. He knew he needed to follow the advice they gave him about the training and education. 

He decided to take a part-time job at a quick stop gas station. It was just a couple of blocks from his student housing he had managed to snag. 

He could work 2 part time shifts a week.  Make enough money for the tuition for this online training.  He would still have time to finish his formal education and the online classes as well.

Earn and learn

What the “older guys” shared with him was the fact that he could learn, and build his business at the same time. 

He realized he could make money faster if he was putting to use what he was learning.  Plus, he could know right away if he was following the training correctly.

If he had a question about how to do something, he had people to ask who were in the training as well.

Practicing what you learn

So, long story short.  He read, studied, and learned. Immediately put into action the training.  By following the plan from the training. 

As he put in his time learning how to do all the parts, and how to bring the ideas to maturity.  He was getting the site built.  Learning.

Next, there is learning to write. write, and write, and write some more.

Online, the language used is the written word.  This is how you exchange ideas.  This is how you reach your readers.

Starting the process

He was doing a simple plan of selling online, mainly from Amazon.  Articles written several years ago are still bringing in sales today. It is like maturing a brick and mortar store. 

Establishing himself.  Getting acquainted in the neighborhood.  Figuring out what people were interested in. 

He is continuing to grow his business.  Finding new areas of interest that he shares with his readers.  

The new stuff he shares with his original site that remains the backbone of his business.  He now works reasonable hours and makes his life dream of traveling come true.  

So, too old?Baby Boomer not retiring

Now, back to the original idea that opened this article. Am I too old?  Will this business work for you?

The reason I decided to register for this training at Wealthy Affiliate Open University.  I will admit, it is because my path crossed his one day. 

He had already done what I was interested in doing.  I thought he had good advice.  He gently reminded me that I was getting a later start than he did.

There would be some time to spend learning and building.  He reassured me about the fact that I was a bit limited in my computer skills.  That was something I could improve.  I could learn what I needed to do, how to do it.

There are skilled marketers who can and will help you with questions.

Then there are the scams  

He warned to not take short cuts.  Those make money quick plans disguise too many of the holes they have in them. 

Please know he is right.  The pretty fancy offers still come to my computer email box.  They promise instant returns on money invested. 

My success continues to build slowly, but it does build.  I am slower than I would like to be.  I do not know what you want your extra income for, but I want to do some remodeling for our home, without a loan.  


Now, for how much this education and training costs:

The monthly cost is for access to the online education.

Here the training and education doors are open and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

You get the right to create your site and host it there as well, actually you can have up to 25 sites.  That is like 25 stores.  

Then, you will have access to a network of professional marketers who are working on their businesses. We use the networked access to exchange questions and ideas.

This is an international education platform and hosting site.

This means there is someone working somewhere in the world all the time.  If I can’t solve a problem or answer a question, there are all these experts to help.  

So Much Education

You will be astounded at the amount of video and written training that is here.  You can have the first week for free, so if you are interested, please register when you know you are going to have some time to read and explore. 

Then If you choose, you enroll with a $21 a month fee for the next month.  Then the fee reverts to the $49 a month.  I chose the annual payment option of $299 a year. 

That is a very limited fee to learn.  As well, I also knew the learning curve was fairly steep for me.  It would take at least a year, probably two. 

Have I regretted this move? 

Not for a minute. 

Am I enjoying learning and earning, you best believe it. 

I agree with my young friend, for the ones of who start later in life, we do have some catch-up. 

However, it is done at my pace and when I choose.  Deadlines are self-imposed. 

I decide when I am ready to move to the next step.    

Technology is a bully if you allow it.  

The one thing I have found is I allow the technology to bluff me. 

I do not have to understand how those things work, just accept that they do.  So, this was a stumbling block I kept dropping in my own path.


Again, if you need an income immediately, please do not use your credit card for this. 

You should get a part time job to pay for your education.  If things are really tight finically for you,  how will you pay this credit card debt?  

Other Questions 

Is this a scam?  I had ordered a guide some years ago.  When I downloaded the guide, guess what?   

When I downloaded the guide, guess what?  I found that I did not know how to work the plan.  It was not easy for me.  

I did not know what the words meant.  I did not know where to look up what I needed to know

There was no “teaching.”  So how would I know if it was a good idea or not?

You would need to work the plan to find success. 

It was not just sitting and wishing.  You had to do things. 

The problem?  I did not know how to do what I needed to do to follow the program.

I probably got exactly what I paid for!

It was an incomplete program. 

So, it sat unused in that folder on a computer, waiting for me to buy the $99 training video to teach me to use the lower priced one I had.  

I am a cheap investor.  I did not pay very much.  Which is a good thing, as I did not get very much! 

So, I felt I was scammed. 

However, I now realize I scammed myself because I did not check them out to see if I was being sold a complete product.  I know full well, you get what you pay for.  

This was the real thing

So when I had a week to check Wealthy Affiliate Open Education out for Free?  Wow.  

Then a reduced fee for the 1st month. 

At this point, I realized that this was real. 

The education is here:

  • The free site. 
  • No paying for hosting elsewhere. 
  • Superior back up and support. 
  • New tools being added all the time to make the process better. 
  • Help is here. 
  • It is here whenever I need it. 

Having everything in one place is an advantage for me to be able to access and research a particular question or problem I encounter along the way.

Yes, I am a fan of this study and training program.

If you are still reading this, you have beyond a casual interest.  Check this out to be able to sign in for your free week.  See what you think for yourself.

Then go to the Google search and type in Wealthy Affiliate.com.  See what others are saying.  This is not a scam.

A true make money from home online business can be done.

Ok, this is everything I can think of, Sara.  I hope your question has been answered.  If your Mom uses this link to join, I will be right there to help her as well. 

I will get a notice when she joins.  She can contact me.  The same is true for you if you use my link to join. 

Younger people usually are able to make it through the education and training so much faster.  They are in the habit of learning, and more accepting of the mystery of technology, the speed and efficiency.  

Videos are such a great way to learn.  Does she use YouTube to check out how to fix a drain?  How to do a craft?  How to use that new tool properly?

She can learn how to do this. 

The other question everyone asks is how much can you make? 

Once the principals are learned, you can rinse and repeat.  When you have one store (site) up and running, you can do another, until you have “enough”. 

For some this “enough” is reached quickly, for others it takes longer.  Most experienced marketers advise getting comfortable with the process. 

Get the first one going, earning, and then evaluate if you want to construct another, if so get going.  If not continue to develop your site and earning more through the one you have. 

There are many ways to earn money online.  Once you have access to skills, rub elbows with the different opportunities that are there. 

So to tell you the dollar amount possible, and how soon?  You are the driving factor behind the earning potential.

Whatever the amount to live your dream is possible. 

What are your dreams? 

Do you think I am interested in a business that has an earning cap?  I do not think you are either.  This can be as small, or as big as you can make it. 

Allowing the limits of my ability to override the assurances to achieve.  I did not see a way I could earn enough money for very much. 

I wanted to believe, wanted to dream big, so I kept hanging on.  Slowly realized I can do it.  Not by my skill, baby boomer not retiringbut by my dreams.  The skills come to make the dreams come true.





Goes without Saying

Important medical disclaimer.

I am not a Doctor, Lawyer, or Investment advisor.

I am simply a fellow traveler on this road through retirement.

Here,  I share what I have found through actual practice or through a stumbling effort to improve myself. 

Your results, should you adopt one of my suggestions will probably be 100 times better as you are probably a much stronger person than I am. 

This retirement stuff is hard!  Retirement would be a challenge even if it did not involve the aging process.

We have to work together to make the best of it!  Lifetime habits, good and bad, accompany us on this journey we are on. We sometimes are not aware of how we hinder ourselves. My intent is to call attention to what I have found along the way that either teaches, warns, helps, or hinders me.  

I hope you can learn, laugh, think about, and pick up a suggestion that will make things better for you.  Sharing is how we do it.  Do you have a suggestion that you can share?  Please leave your comment.





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