Baby Boomers Not Retiring


Baby Boomers Not Retiring?

Are you one of the baby boomers not retiring?  Are you involved in the Baby boomer crisis? 

Many who are, are working through this time in their lives, or at least working longer.  You may be working out of necessity.   Or are you planning to work for  a while after retirement because you are just not into the retirement mindset?  

You do not yet see yourselves out of the workforce?  What advice have you paid attention to?Baby boomers not retiring?

Successful people know that you need to invest in your mindset, whatever you plan.

Did you just drift through life?  If you did you may find yourself sitting next to this guy in the picture.  

Did not prepare financially or mentally for retirement? If this was you, there usually is no choice.   You must continue working.  Doing something that makes some money for your retirement budget.

The mindset plays such an important part of the whole retirement picture.  You must do some kind of planning to make the change into retirement successful. 

Adjusting to retirement can be a bit of a bumpy ride if you have not made that mindset change.  

Being happy during retirement is  what you all want when you get to the retirement stage. 

However, it just does not happen without some planning on your part. 

Many of you who have saved for the retirement time in your life are surprised.   You may find that you are not having as much fun as anticipated during retirement. 

Did you think that just not having to go to work will automatically produce the retirement bliss you thought would be yours?  

This bliss is sometimes there in your life at the start of retirement.  However as weeks slip into months and on into years, the bliss soon goes away.  The lack of direction in retirement begins to allow the time to drag by and be heavy on your hands. 

The absence of a work schedule can soon leave retirees and their spouses with an empty feeling.  Wondering how to fill the time in a way that seems to be rewarding. 

Allowing the retiree some time is usually a good thing, but most need to be on a schedule of sorts.  

You need to see projects start and finish.

You miss the feeling of doing something constructive.  Feeling rewarded at the end of the day with a paycheck. This is one reason you see baby boomers not retiring.

Each year there are many millions of dollars spent on different kinds of plans and programs to help people feel productive. Make lives happier.  More complete.  

All too often these plans and programs do not produce the results buyers are seeking when they purchase them.  

They feel their lives are just going nowhere. 

The lack of success is usually not the fault of the plan or program purchased. 

It is in the mindset of the purchaser. 

If you are not of the mindset to have a great retirement, the finished product of a successful and happy retirement will be hard to achieve. 

So  to review a few things to help you get this mindset going in the right direction: 

How is your operating system? 

Do you have a large number of bad habits that are like viruses in your daily life? 

Do you expect to feel good and ready to have fun when you are not eating a healthy diet? 

When not sleeping enough?  When not getting enough exercise? 

Even the latest software would not make a faulty old operating system produce a fun smooth experience. 

Your mindset  tune-up makes the most of the resources   

How to make this retirement time be fun for you?

You will need to decide what you want from retirement. 

All too often retirement is the first time you have really been in charge of your life.  Or at least have the chance to be in charge. 

Think about it.  Your goals as you started your working career were different from what they are now.

You could not make choices on what you wanted to do back then.   Your decisions  had to go with what was best for the career path you had chosen. 

Now that is not true.  Now you can make choices based on other things.  

No, you may not know what you really want to do. 

Do you need to work?  If so make sure that you are working with a plan. 

A plan to pay off debt so that you can then retire.  Downsize and live on what income you have.  

There is a magic in having some sort of plan.  A plan to make sure there are parts of your life you can control. 

You may not be in full control immediately, but you can work toward this goal. 

Planning  not a part of your day?  Give it a try.  This is a proven method that works to make your life better.

Changing your mindset will make your life easier.  Many go through life as their own worst enemy.   Do not be a retiree who refuses to look at some positive action to make things better, just because you do not identify with the process!

Allow yourself to make positive changes in your life.  Please take a proven idea or concept and make the parts of your life that can be changed, better.  

Changing even just a small part of your day.  

Making it more positive can be the stepping stone for a better retirement life for yourself.  This link will help you find articles to answer some questions you may have. You are not too old to learn something new.  To get a happier retirement life started for yourself.

Your days can be productive.  You can be happy.  Your life can be full of purpose. 

A plan to make sure there are parts of your life you can control.  You may not be in full control immediately, but you can work toward this goal. Even if you are one of the baby boomers not retiring.Baby boomers not retiring?


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