Baby Boomers Retirement Lessons

Baby Boomers Retirement Lessons Baby Boomers retirement lessons

Life’s Lessons Just Keep Following You Around.  Should not come as much of a surprise that this baby boomers retirement lessons are among them.  

But, ya know there is really no end to the surprises that happen.  Why should this be different?

This Baby Boomers surprise?  

It is the power of living a life of intention  

One of the most absurd situations you encounter is learning during retirement.  Did you come into this wonderful time in your life aware that there were some life lessons you had not learned? 

I thought this part was done.  I thought suddenly I would have all the answers.  Guess what, that is not how it is, at least for me. 

After talking to others in this time of their lives, I am not alone.  So there are a few questions that I still have.

What am I hoping will happen with airing these parts of what is going on with me?  I guess if nothing else a chuckle or two.

What is the deal here?

One of the sayings we have heard forever is the one about the crazy people.  You know the one that says “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”    

This one ranks right up there with the statement about “the dog chasing his tail.” 

This is one of my life’s oddities.  Why would a reasonable adult female continue doing something that did not work?  Continued to cause discomfort and discouragement? 

A biggie in my life is losing weight. 

Why do I find myself retired, taking medication to help with blood pressure? When I can stop taking the medication by losing 30 lbs.?  

This is getting close to 3 years now.  Irritates me every evening as a part of the night time ritual there is that pill to take.  Had I lost 10 lbs a year, I could consider stopping.  

What will it take to get rid of this prescription?  Right now it is costing me  $0.47 a month.   So right now the cost is not a motivator.  What will happen if I start thinking about using the power of intent? 

The intent is clear 

Get rid of the need for a medication in my daily life.  

What will I need to change?

So, what is the one thing to get me started in the right direction? 

I like my little routine- ( crazy lady stuff kicking in here.  Don’t change anything, but expect something different.) 

Then there is the reluctance to get out for the walk.  Yes, I go through times when walking is so easy. 

However, the first weather change, the lists of excuses flowing through my mind would stop a whole team of Norman Vincent Peal Positive thinking graduates in their tracks.

Creatures of habit

What happened here?  (More crazy lady stuff)  You know, I am comfortable here.  I do not want to change anything.  I am retired you know. 

Then we have the eating habits.  The big servings of food I have allowed to be the norm when putting food on my plate. Those serving sizes that were for only the things I loved, and then not often.  I know better but they do taste good. 

None of these things seem awful when pulled apart and considered by themselves.  However when you start summarizing what is going on, OH My Goodness.  Really?  

What needs to change?

So how hard will it be to change these things? 

Probably not all on one day. 

Remember I am the crazy lady and have some bad thinking to move out of the way. baby boomers retirement lessons involve changes to routine

Being a reasonably intelligent retired adult senior citizen?  I know this cannot continue to be.   This trend will lead to places I do not want to go.  How to get where I want to be?  A slight adjustment to eating habits, exercise

How to get where I want to be?  A slight adjustment to eating habits. As well as exercise habits.  

But first, there are the thought patterns. 

Yes, this means changing a few things  

How to get it done?  One thing I have read a lot about is the power of the mind.  I am convinced that is the secret for improvement in my life.  You may have all those pieces already.  I have read, even studied.  


What have I not done?  Apply.  

Kind of like the steps learned about building my online business.  I learned how but was slow to put the steps into practice.  Nothing got built, till I applied what I had learned. 

Oh, sure, maybe superficially I have changed a little.  But not internalized these ideas. Put them in practice.  

The last day or so I have had several invitations from internet marketers come across my desk that caught my interest. 

As a part of a formula to improve my life, there was a series of questions that made me stop and think.  This particular vein of thought was about the “Power Of Intention.”  

So here we go a bit deeper

The suggestion was to make a list of 5 things you had done successfully in your life on purpose with a plan.  Then the 2nd was to list 5 things that worked out well, that just seemed to kind of happen. 

I could not help but see the advantage of the by plan accomplishments.  The “Just happened” events that worked out well were things that in retrospect happened in spite of me.  

Yes, there are unseen powers at work here.  I had accepted the responsibility and without a plan, had proceeded to see the task through to the best of the ability I had at the time. 

See these things through to completion. 

In retrospect, a bit of planning would have made the results phenomenal. 

The ones that were planned and completed were not done without some corrections along the way.  I also realized the plans were not as well laid as they may have been.  

Changing the plan is O K.  You just work with what you know at the time.  As you know more, you make the needed adjustment to the plan.

The conclusion?  Life can happen, or you can take control and make life better.  

The thought that comes to mind to describe the path I have used to improve my life?  

A lot like a chicken scratching around the yard.

Going for whatever is on the surface.  Not digging deeper where the real worms live.  Make the pecking around payoff so much better.  

Get the fatter worms that provide the food the chicken is searching for. Learning real how to use the help that is available.

I am not wanting to just settle for not being bored now. 

I have learned enough that I have seen how I can take some steps

Come up with a plan to make some difference in my health.  Get those pills out of my life.  I know what must be done.  Now to do it.  

So we have the health part headed in the right direction.  

What about the boredom I was finding in retirement.

This was another problem for me with retirement.  I did not want to be bored during retirement. My Baby Boomer retirement plans did not mention being bored.

That has been a great thing to have changed, for me personally.  This is one of the things I took control of and made happen in my life.  

It took a plan, and it took time.  

But I proved I could do it. 

Yes, I am on to something here.  I can make a plan to continue my new interests for not being bored during retirement.  And still, have room to make changes to my health’s benefit. 

I can make a plan to make some changes that will make losing weight a reality, not just a possibility. 

There is a strong base to prove that there is definitely some truth about living with intention. 

So the idea of the fact that I intended to not be bored.  Yes, I had to get out of my comfort zone.

Seeing the plan through

I had to subscribe to a program to have access to what I needed to know to have an online business.  I realized this was simply an investment in “Me” and got busy. Things began to come together.  Here is where I started.

I had to get a better internet provider.  Oh No, another monthly fee.  However, so worth it.  I am worth it.

Continued learning

Doing something just because I want to.  Not because I have too.  Such a journey into self-discovery.  

Now another part of retirement to think about, plan for and set into action.  I will have to get out of my comfort zone to start this weight loss thing. 

I will have to make a plan. 

Then there will need to be some review.  Mostly I will need to stay on track.  Keep the online business moving forward as well. 

The benefit?  From better health to more energy from both activities. 

Now that I have been made aware of the issue, plus now that I have a resolve.

I just lack a plan. 

That will be next.  I have the world in my hands when I plan and work the plan.  Even those baby boomer retirement lessons can be learned.  

What is your next project? Baby boomer retirement Lessons

Since I became aware of the steps you can take through intention, I will move forward. 

The plan may take some adjustment, but I can to that.  I now realize there is something going on worth paying attention to.

New focus

Have you disregarded the idea of having goals as being beneficial during retirement?  This was something youI thought was just for career people?  

As a retired Baby Boomer you do not need to have goals?  Make plans.  This is not something for you to pay attention to?  You made “retirement  plans.” 

Now I know the area between a plan and a goal is not all that much. 

I have realized both are needed.  Both lead to a happier life than just one alone.

Continuing to grow my awareness

What will your next “awareness” moment be? 

When will you realize that you can live life with more intent?  Those little habits that are so distracting to a full life while retired?  What can be done to get them out of your life?

How can you move these things out of your life?  Will you start scratching below the surface?  Find the real gems that life has for you as a retired baby boomer?   Retirement lessons to still learn?baby boomer retirement lessons signature

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