Be Happy During Retirement

Be Happy During Retirement 

Will you be Happy During Retirement?   A good place to start is with a plan.   

Do you have a plan in place to make this happen? 

Save for RetirementHow you can be happy during retirement. Working in retirement. Job in retirement

The first step is to save for retirement.  This is agreed by planners and those already retired as well.  

Saving is very important.  Being retired with no money saved? This is sure to cause problems.

This site does not offer savings or financial advice.  This important factor in retirement is the retiree’s responsibility.

What I can share is a positive knowledge that planning helps with the process.  

Having witnessed the success of traditional savings plans for friends along the way.  

Saving is tried and true.  

A way to secure that more comfortable foundation for retirement.  

So now lets talks about how you can be happy during retirement.  

I would like to suggest that you get started with this personal decision.  

Make your retirement years so much more enjoyable.  Consult a reputable adviser and get your savings going.  

Work During Retirement

If you have not saved for retirement, you will probably be working for some of your retirement time. 

This is just the way it is.  Wrap your mind around working in retirement.  You will have more control  over your retired life.

You could work longer.  

Retire when you are older than the accepted age of 67 if you can.  

You might take a job with less responsibility.  Be able to slow down some.  

This, will of course also have less pay, usually.  To be happy in retirement you must plan.


Maybe you can have less salary, and still be OK if you are receiving social security.  And retirement benefits as well. 

Know your options.  Plan how you can make these options work for you.  Look at your personal situation.  

Will working one more year will allow you to pay off personal debt?  This may be an option for you.  

Pay off personal debt.  Don’t make decisions that you will regret for the rest of your life.  

Plan, even if you are doing the planning yourself.  

  • Write down the facts and figures.  
  • How much are the monthly bills?  
  • What personal debt do you have? 
  • Do you know how much your social security check will be at retirement?  
  • If you work longer, how quick can you get out of debt?  
  • Plan.    

Is now the time to lay the groundwork for the job you want after retirement?

Some of you will work in retirement because you want to.  You enjoy what you do.  

You chose to stay actively employed a while longer. The choices for retirement are not as defined as the once were.  

There are so many ways to earn money in retirement. Options other than working full time for someone else.  

Business owner?  Could this be how you can be happy during retirement?

People who are their own bosses rarely retire at 65.

They work as long as they remain healthy.   Some retirees are using this time in their lives to start a 2nd or 3rd career.  

Stopping work, for earning an income.  This is the definition of retirement.i

Not working is not the only way to spend these years of your life.  

Want to learn how to build your own business online?  

Here is a link to more information about the platform I work with. 


Some of you, when you retire, don’t use your time so well. 

You find that the discipline of work helped you accomplish more.  You miss this feeling of accomplishment.  Mainly you miss earning a paycheck.

Work through the budget figures and numbers for yourself.  Is this what you expected?

What would make your retirement be more what you had in mind for your “golden years?”

One thing for sure, few people just drift through these years, and have a happy retirement.  

You have to make it happen, for yourself.  

Make it happen, Plan!How can you be happy during retirement. Plan

Is your goal having a happy retirement?

This short list, to the right, How to plan, is a good place to get started.

Remember, you have to make it happen.

What many people are finding out?  

Saving for retirement isn’t all we need to do.  

We also need to plan some retirement time activities.  It is to easy to just drift along in retirement.  Thinking, I can do this tomorrow.  

Just to be honest, you can wait till tomorrow on every and anything.  

However, you will find the days not as rewarding as you had hoped for.  Surely not as much fun as you had wanted retirement to be.   

Take charge

When are you taking that long hoped for cruise?  

  • Get it booked.  
  • Write it on the calendar.   
  • What needs to be done before you can leave?  
  • How about the mail?  
  • Watering the garden?    
  • Plan.  
  • Make a list. 
  • Enjoy being gone.  Knowing you have taken care of what you need to.   

Do you need a job for retirement?  Plan.

If you plan to work, get some of the steps in place.   

  • Write down how you will spend your paycheck while you are working in retirement.   
  • Will you start your social security, as soon as you are eligible?
  • Or will you wait as long as you can?  
  • Can you make extra payments to take care of any personal debt?  
  • Write it down.  

Put the plan so you can see it.  To be reminded of why you are working still.  

You will have those mornings you will need the reminder.

If you plan to travel, where will you go first?  How long will you stay gone?

Are you shutting up the house and buying an R V?  Driving off into the sunset? 

  • How long will you be gone? 
  • Who will check on your house during your absence?

You simply must plan.  Making decisions hap-hazarded in retirement won’t assure you a happy retirement.

Do you plan to play golf? 


  • Where? 
  • Pay when you play?  
  • Would it be better to pay by the month?  
  • How will this affect your budget?
  • Do you plan to buy a new golf cart? 
  • Is your spouse joining you? 
  • What days will you play together? 
  • When will you play with friends? 
  • Know that you have access to tee times on Tuesdays and Thursdays? 
  • Do you plan to play every day, until you no longer have the strength? 

Wonderful. Many happy golfing days.

Just have a plan.  Your spouse is probably looking forward to having time with you on the golf course.  

That spouse may not be ready to play as often as you would like.  

Know what will be going on if your plan don’t work out as you hoped.  Have  alternative activities.

Want to be happy during retirement?

Here are some suggestions of things to consider as you work out the  plan for your retirement.

The plan that assures you control of the days. 

  • You should have saved some money for retirement.  If you did not, do you have your retirement time jpb lined up?
  • Are you going to have some free time?  If you have free time, will you have money to spend on entertainment from time to time?  How is that part of the budget?  

Having enough money to live comfortably during retirement is important.  

This can help assure that depression will not follow you into retirement. 

Social life after retirement.

Retirement usually means a change in who you are socially active with.  

Getting out and making new friends to socialize with is important.  You may think you’re not socially “needy.”  

Most of you do better with a strong social contact base. The activities that go with being around other people are good for you.

  • We need to work to maintain contacts that work for you after retirement.  They are important in your adjustment time. Here is where you can plan to make your life more socially satisfying.
  • You can become more active in your church.  There are volunteer activities that need your help.  Sign up for a class.  Learn something that you are interested in.
  • Check the library, the local branches of college. Finding groups of people who are interested in some of the same things  you are.  
  • Even the home improvement workshops at the local big box stores offer  opportunity.  You can learn how to do things that need doing at your house.   As well as meet others who are also learning.

Have family close, but not too close.  

It is important to have family near when there are emergencies.   Or just to have a family meal together on occasion.  You can live too close.

They have their lives.  You have yours.  If you lived with your kids next door through the years?  You’ve probably made the necessary adjustments to such close contact.  

If you are considering relocating to be nearer the family, consider how close you want “close” family.  There is a happy medium.  Next door may not be that good.  Just think it through.  

Hobbies and fun times

Have some hobbies to give yourself something to do during these retirement times. 

You are going to want to have some down time, at home.  If you don’t have a hobby now, PLAN, and develop one.  

One to enjoy the days you can’t get out because the weather is bad.  Or just because you are ready for a change of pace in activities.

Make sure you are controlling your time.  That you haven’t allowed a good friend or a member of your family to push activities on you that aren’t that much fun for you. 

Not having a plan makes this more likely.  You will find yourself doing things “for fun” that may not be that much fun for you.  Be happy during retirement.   Be in control of some of your  time and activities.

How can you be happy during retirement time?  Plan

Deciding how to spend your time.  What you are going to do.  These are things that you can control better in retirement if you have a plan.

  1. Get yourself a spiral notebook, even a pocket sized one.
  2. Review your day, consider how much you enjoyed the day.  Write it down.
  3. What activities would you have liked to eliminate?  Write it down.
  4. You will have forgotten tomorrow.

Write down some things you would have preferred spending your time doing.  

You now have some material to work with.  

In the mornings while you are having coffee, look at your notes.

Notes of what you did not appreciate in the past day or so.

  1. What had you rather do? 
  2. When do you need to do to get started?
  3. Make a plan for adding the preferred activity to your day. 
  4. How do you need to make it happen? 
  5. Think about what you can do right now to make your days go more as you would like?

The simple act of planning empowers you to be able to enjoy your retirement more. 

Will every minute be paradise?  Probably not.  

But you should have some hours that are fun.  Planned by you.

Some spouses will take over planning every minute of the day.  Especially since you are retired and available.

If you allow it to happen.  

Your retirement time is yours.  Take control of this time in your life. be happy during retirement 

You will not regret having discovered How You Can Have A Happy Retirement.

We have to take control.  Plan.  

What will you do today to change the direction of your retirement?







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