Best Exercises For Your Brain? Education Is The Answer For Senior Adults


Best exercises for your brain?  Education is the answer for senior adults  

Learning something new is proving to be a time-tested most beneficial way to continue to provide the best exercises your brain needs during the retirement years. So the best exercises for your brain?  Education is the answer for senior adults.  This is a fun way to keep the brain exercised.

The exercise that your brain receives in the learning process keeps your brain active. 

  • Learn something new  best exercises for your brain? Education is the answer for senior adults
  • Take some classes
  • Exercise the brain and mind  
  • Get rid of the cobwebs

Having an unstructured life is not all that good for your brain.  

Do not allow your mind to stop growing.

Allowing your mind to stop learning is a sure way to open the door to many unwanted issues in your retirement years.

Is this what you have worked all these years for? Problems mentally and physically?  

I don’t think so.  

What can you do to make these years better?

Better for you and your loved ones? Why would you not take action to ensure the best shot at having retirement years that are rewarding and fulfilling? 

Let’s make a plan to have a better retirement life  

Is it time to enroll in a class?

How could you not want to take action to ensure the best shot at having those great golden years of retirement that you have been working for?  

Why settle for less than you know these years can be?  Keeping the mind active is important.

Now that you know that there are reasons to keep learning even if you are not pursuing a degree, what is your plan? 

Research is proving that learning should continue as long into your life as is possible. Daylight is burning. Do something.

The memories you often have of our school days usually had absolutely nothing to do with actual learning.  It was the social aspect of the memories.  That is what makes you smile fondly and have a good warm feeling.  Meeting others, learning together.   

Now that you are older, you still have a curious mind.

  • About how things happen
  • How does that work
  • Curious about your world   

So much to learn about.  you actually want to learn.  The social interaction is great, but learning is wonderful.

Just remembering getting on the bus with the kids from my part of the farming community brings a smile to my face.  Yes, I lived in the country.  Took the bus, did not take the car to school, even as a senior student.

The social aspect is reason enough to get a retired senior adult in the education mode. 

One known major contributor to depression is a lack of social life!  

When you retire, you go from being busy interacting with a group of people where you work, to not seeing many people at all.

Few, if any are calling,  waiting for, or wanting your opinion on anything.  No one is asking for any sort of social interaction through work conversation.  

There are no marketing plans to devise and implement.  No new areas to explore and expand your business in. 

You go from being super busy to super bored 

Now could be the time to learn some things that were not even taught when you were in school.  

Retired, not retarded.  

Is it time for you to consider the best exercises for your brain?  Education is the answer for senior adults.  Yes, for you!  Having a happy retirement becomes easier when you are keeping the mind active.

You have a lot of energy and talent to share with the world. You are not ready to be put out to pasture and just rock on the porch.  There are still things you want to try.  You have new interests  

Now is the time to explore a new interest 

You can learn about our world in a whole new way.  Learn how to use the resources that are now available for helping explain the mysteries of the world.

Taking a class in most anything has been proven to help your cognitive abilities- and who cannot use help there? The games online are fun, but not nearly as much fun as learning is.  Best exercises for your brain is fun as well.

Then, there is your memory  

Remembering what you have been over already, putting the dots together to make a picture. 

For me, it has been a challenge.

It is one I have enjoyed, and yes the memory is getting better.  Might not be like it was in my 20’s, but better than it was before beginning my online learning journey.

Your brain can be exercised and you can get back into the habit of asking it to retrieve information on demand. How many times have you been thinking of someone and trying to remember their name, and then zap, the name comes to you in the middle of the night?  Not when you wanted it to.best exercises for your brain? Education is the answer for senior adults

Brain stimulation is so beneficial!

You will soon see your ability to remember on demand growth.  

You will see an improvement in your communication with others.  

Your vocabulary improving.  We get lazy and tend to use the words that those around us use.  Being in a learning environment encourages self-discipline for our words.

As a senior adult, you may not have a lot in common with college-age students. 

However, you will find that being in their world for a while can be most stimulating.  

Conversations with the younger generation can make you aware of areas where your thinking may have gotten stuck.  They can help you open the doors to learning.   To new ways of thinking and working through ideas that you had not done before.

One certain advantage of being a Senior Adult is that we know sound thinking when we hear it.  We can make decisions for ourselves.  It is just interesting to have new ideas and views to consider.  

Best exercises for your brain can lead you to a more active retirement

This exposure to the generation now in college is sure to give you a better understanding of our leaders of tomorrow.  They often have a different way of looking at things.   They are getting themselves ready to be responsible citizens of our great country.

 Senior Resources. Com.   will take you to a resource to help you find free education opportunities!

You will find a state by state listing of what is available to you in your state.  Take time to browse the class listings. Think about what is available to you.  What is in your interest field.  Make yourself familiar with some of your choices.  

Some of those classes may be available online, and at any time.  

Education is a  wide open area to use to make your retirement years more beneficial for you  

We all need to become interested in using our brains.  The exercise that education provides makes this an easy thing to consider.   Why not figure out where learning something new fits in your retirement life plan?

Do not allow your brain to slow down.  Remember, the best exercises for your brain?  Education is the answer for senior adults.

Check out the opportunities that are available to you.  How to make them work for you.  Attend a class or two. Learning something new can help you ease into retirement.  You could have worse hobbies.  This is the best exercise for your brain.

Even if you have a fee to pay, remember the Life Time Education Exemption for your tax return.  

Education will make you look at your opportunities in a different way  

For me, education comes in layers.   You are not even aware that opening the mind can open the door to a desire to learn more.  You did not even know about the new field of interest, how could you have been interested.  

Reviewing the information at Senior Resources.com will let you have a better understanding of what is available for you.

I reviewed the listings for Texas, my state, and Alaska because it was the first on the list.  

I was surprised that both listed a free tuition for those over 65.   With some reduced fee levels for younger senior adults.  The is a wide variety of courses offered and made me want to sign up on the spot.

If you are not wanting a degree.  Just wanting to use your brain and learn about our world, this could be a great way for you to have a schedule of sorts, and still, have free time in retirement.  

If you are wanting a degree, there is help for you as well.  Make an appointment.  Go in and see what kind of guidance there is for using these resources at this time in your life.

Normally, I would be looking at online classes only.  Not as aware of the benefits of continuing to learn.  Knowing that it was fun for me as I love learning new things.

Best exercises for your brain?  Education is the answer for senior adults!

Had I been in possession of that fact I would not have limited myself to online in setting the guidelines.  It will be so much fun to research all the opportunities to learn.  

I just knew what I wanted to do, and what better way to learn than to really do some research.  There is always the fact of how much I love to learn.

However as the layers of training are revealing,  there are so many opportunities to continue your education as you get older.  

The statistics are not good for those of you who retire.   Don’t let yourself retire completely from the world going on around you.    

Don’t let your next visit to the Dr. be the most exciting thing on your agenda.  There will be enough of those at best.

Would you enjoy some years of having different things on your mind?  Some different interests?  Learning and growing your mind?   Meeting other like-minded people who are also interested in having a better retirement life?.

The world continues to be a most interesting place.  I chose to study online and have learned to build websites, as online marketing was my interest.  I do this through Wealthy Affiliate Open University. 

  • Online
  • Do not to have to leave home
  • Love going to the online classroom when I want to
  • I was ready to study, read, and follow the lesson plan
  • Did learn how to build and grow my business  

This form of interacting in the business world is so complex. It is constantly growing and changing.   There are continually new classes being added to enable us to compete and stay on top of the market trends. 

The new strategies to make yourself a better marketer grow every week, as do the challenges in the market.

Having a stream of income appealed to me! 

I have some ideas of things I want to do that were not planned for in our retirement planning. 

If you have read any other blogs by me, you will know that we did not do a very good job of planning for retirement.Can you see your future? best exercises for your brain? Education is the answer for senior adults

Therefore, I feel most fortunate to have found a way to learn, exercise the brain, and still provide additional income while staying here at home.

However as the layers of training are revealing,  there are so many opportunities to continue your education as we get older.  

The federal government sees this as a legitimate way to get our health care costs to come down in the future. 

Education can result in a better life for all of us  

I had rather spend some time learning about things of interest than being sick.    The statistics are not good for those of us who retire, and retire completely from the world going on around us!   

Take positive steps today to assure the interesting retirement you have earned!  The happy retirement you know is waiting for you.

The new strategies to make myself a better marketer grow every week, as do the challenges to the market during the retirement years!  

The days are so interesting now.  Each one greeted with anticipation.  What will be learned today?  Will there be those connections to make more of the information useful?   

Are you going to make your retirement years the best years of your life?  

How are you going to start exercising your brain?  What are you planning to learn to improve your life?  

Will you learn to build a business online as so many of us have done?  

Will you meet my international network of friends and get help from people who have been making money online for years? What a privilege to work with this kind of backup.   

I could be sitting mindlessly in front of a TV, or shopping for more things I do not need.  That is so uninteresting to me.  No time for those things, I have new things to learn.  The best exercises for your brain going on.  Continually learning.

You as a senior adult owe it to yourself to make your life fun.   Interesting.  Challenging. Fulfilling.  

Sami signature best exercises for theyour brain? Education is the answer for senior adultsGet Started on your education today.  Exercise that brain.  The best exercises for your brain has pointed this out to you along with the importance of keeping the brain working.

How will you use this information?








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