Best Free Blog Site for Senior Adults and Retirees!

Best Free Blog Site For Senior Adults and Retirees!  

So it seems I have not done a very good job of answering questions about blogging.   For that, I apologize. Are you curious about what all the fuss is about with blogging?  What is the best free blog site for senior adults and retirees?

When we reach retirement age, we are a little less inclined to jump on any bandwagon that comes by.  That I understand.   We approach with a bit more caution.  However, do you wonder what is over the hill?  Around the corner?  Over on the other side of the fence?  I did. best free blog site for senior adults and retirees.


The whole thing about internet communication can be overwhelming.  This is especially true when you are a not so tech savvy.    You tend to be reluctant to step out and pursue a new interest, even though you know you are curious.   

Not only are you tired of pushing, and grateful to be retired, but you realize that time is passing you by.

Having been in the workforce so many years, you are not sure we want another “job,” even though we secretly think we could do it.

This is, without a doubt, a wise hesitation.  

It is hard to build an online business.  The work is not physical so much, but mental for sure. 

It is not actually hard in the “digging ditches” measure of hard work.  However, it is time-consuming and requires effort.   If you join a group to learn how to do all this you will have to pay to learn.  You have to invest in yourself.

This is your hard earned savings we are talking about here.  I know, I felt the same way. 

You might not be considered as smart at the others.  You may not have their tech skills, but you bring a lifetime time of smart to the table. In a world of Kardashians, be a Lucy ! Best free blog website for senior adults and retirees can show you how!

Here is a hint for getting past being timid.  

Think about a person you know who is successful.  

I had always admired Lucy from the Lucy and Ricky show of past years.  She did things,knowing she might not be good with.  

When I sat down to study I imagined myself pushing forward in my efforts.  Being successful.  Getting the task ahead of me done.  I still use this to remind myself that I can some new task.

I still use this to remind myself that I can some new task.  My hero was taken from a story I had read a good while ago.

It is a very similar to having a “lucky hat.” .

Yes, I am like you. At one time, I was a beginner.  

Then I discovered Wealthy Affiliate Open University.

You don’t want to be scammed, or end up with a mailbox of “get rich schemes” you did not ask for.   

First, I need to remind you that there are tons of sites out there that will help you build a site, and learn to blog for “kind of free.’

The problem being, you do not get all the information you need to continue blogging.  Where to host, all the details that you do not know, that you need to know.

I  learned the process step by step.  A little bit at a time.  Sometimes I had to look up what was being discussed, to begin to understand what the topic. There was just so much I did not know.   If I had not started with a complete program that takes you for A to Z, I would not have made progress as fast as I did.  

Finding the best free blog site for senior adults and retirees.

However, I learned a little the first time.  The 2nd time I learned  a little more! There is still a celebration  for each basic that I learn to build on.  It is not an instant thing.

I did know, I wanted a bit more golden in my “golden years of retirement.”  I wanted an online business.

For me, there were no switches.  It is more like everything had a dimmer switch.  Learn a little, execute a tiny bit, learn a little, execute a bit. 

Finally, the terms made sense, not to be mistaken for always understanding how to correctly use them.  There was light at the end of the tunnel.  

That is when I realized that Wealthy Affiliate offered the best free blog sites for senior adults and retirees.

I can only describe writing my first blog as being akin to a situation I was in work wise in the late 90’s.

Having made a move to a resort area to manage some rental properties we had, we realized that we were going to have to work to support part of our habits.

The rental income was not consistent enough to do it all.  So we went to work at a casino. (remember this is a resort area, not many jobs for people nearing retirement age

I found a job in security on the surveillance side.  One of the job requirements was to relay information on 2-way radios  across the casino! 

It was only employee communications’, but even though I was already older than a majority of the employees, it was still was very intimidating to relay on that microphone.  We only used it to let the employees on the floor know what we needed their help with. 

I was able to delay speaking on that thing for 18 days.  So silly, I know, but so human.  I chose  to  learn how to handle and manipulate the cameras and left the talking to my coworkers.

My first blog was much farther along than only 18 days.  However as I learned to write, ask questions andBest free blog website for senior adults and retirees can help make your days more golden communicate, in general, it has become easier and is 2nd nature now. 

This is all part of my plan to make my golden years of retirement more golden.  Can this make a difference in your retired years?

All this information is shared in hopes of making you realize that you can do it too-  The blogging part of a site online is the easiest. 

You do not need to worry about the business end if all you want to do  is communicate with your friends and family, and do not want to put your information on facebook.    

You can blog your heart away, from now on and it will not cost a penny.  Everything you need in one spot.  Free forever.  What a bargain.  Please hang on we are getting there.  

However if you want to learn to blog to see “if this online stuff” is for you, this is the best free blog site for senior adults and retirees to start.   Wealthy Affiliate Open University      Put away the credit card, you won’t need it  

As soon as you sign up, complete your bio information so I will know you are here.  I have a report to send you that will help you get started.Sami signature best free blog website for senior adults and retirees



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