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What is your best healthy eating plan for weight loss
Healthy eating plan / weight loss magic

Retirees must take control of their health.  Is water added to your diet the best healthy eating plan for weight loss magic?  You can make your own decision.  

Health costs are a real factor of concern in retirement.  

Weight gain for the retired generation is a serious matter because it affects your over all health and health care costs.  Health care costs keep rising.  Ask any retiree about the insurance monthly premiums we pay. Weight gain is one of the factors in rising health care costs.  

This weight thing has to be controlled.  It is not just matter of looking better.  It is a matter of being healthier in your retirement years.  Being healthy will help you be happier during retirement.  

Help your retirement funds last longer.

Being overweight has can drain your retirement funds quicker that expected.  This particular condition has  been linked to a number of chronic diseases.  Heart disease.   Dementia.   Alzheimer’s.   Cancer.  Overwhelming depression. 

Add this to the frightening news of diabetes.  The number of cases has been rising so rapidly.

Some in the medical world are calling this diabetes rise the biggest epidemic for your health that you are facing in modern times. How are you managing your risk factors?

Losing weight is not all that difficult. 

Losing weight and keeping it off?  Now that’s the hard part.  That is why this best healthy eating plan for weight loss is important for you.

Have you ever experienced the frustration of regaining the weight you worked so hard to lose?

The weight loss world is flooded with claims to lose weight quickly.   With no effort.  The unrealistic expectations created with these claims are damaging.

You are encouraged by “no fail” diets.  The detoxes.  The fruit and veggie juices.  Shakes of all sorts.  Then there are many different ways of fasting.   

Everywhere you will find  “special” exercise routines.

They all promise “unbelievably” quick results. 

They sometimes will work.  At least as long as you use them.

The issue with all these kinds of “quick results, no effort” ideas is that the new wears off. 

You stray from the eating plan.  Skip workouts.  You can’t maintain the new weight.  It is not a part of your routine.

The common sense route of filling up on water, 30 minutes before a meal. 

This can be done without calling attention to what you are doing.  You will not have people trying to encourage you to eat something you are avoiding.  You will be eating what you want.  Drinking a big glass of ice water before a meal eaten out will make you in control of your eating, as much as at home.

Drink 16 oz of water in 10 minutes. Can’t manage the full amount?  Start with 8 oz, are even 4 oz, just get started.  You will find that eating less will be automatic.  In spite of yourself.  I understand that you don’t think this will work for you.  How do you know?  Try it.

The way to consistently lose weight?  You have to develop new habits. Losing weight habits, not habits that help your gain.   Build a lifestyleA lifestyle that allows your new habits to stay.  

The successful way?  Make small changes.  Ones you can maintain.

The new change for the first week of your new healthy eating plan weight loss strategy?

Drink a glass of water.  In 10 minutes.   30 minutes before a meal.  You can do that.  

A study was done at the University of Birmingham.   Drinking 16 oz. of water 30 minutes before a meal might help you lose weight.  This was the theory they were checking out.

In their study, done with obese people, who drank the 16 oz of water before a meal 1 time day.  This group lost an average of 3 lb. over the next 12 weeks of the study. 

The ones who drank a glass of water before each of their 3 meals each day? This group lost 9 1/2 lb over the same 12 week period.

This is considered by health experts to be a reasonable weight loss.  Your body will adjust and allow this much to be lost, comfortably.

Your skin will react better to a slower weight loss.  The natural body toning will continue.  

Retirement weight gain

This study suggests that drinking water before meals is a way to help stop weight gain.

The gain that seems to come with retirement does not have to a part of retirement for you.

Taking control of your day.  Making yourself accountable.  This is a part of the reason this approach works.  You are out of control when you over eat.  

Planning your day to include water before meals will allow control of what you are eating.  You will not have that uncontrolled eating to deal with.  Your body can shed itself of the extra weight with sensible diet and exercise. 

Finding that you can control what you put into your body?  This is a big step for living a healthier life.  Good health is a step in a happier retirement life.Healthy eating plan / weight loss magic

Find yourself wanting a snack?  Drink 16 oz. of water in 10 minutes.  Set the timer on the stove for 30 minutes. Or set the alarm on your phone. When the 30 minutes are up, have your snack.  

Find that you lost control one time?  Stop.  Restart and follow the plan for the next meal.  This is a learning process.  You have to find what works for you.  Your new habits will develop and get stronger.  

You are retired. You have time to pay attention to things that help you have a happier retirement.

Do you need to make changes?

This is something a retired person can add to their normal routine. 

This is something you can do forever.  You are not taking anything away.  You continue to eat what you normally do.  Just drink the water first.  

You are not being asked to give up anything.  You are adding something to your normal routine.  There is something about not feeling deprived when you “add” to your intake, even if it is only water. 

 Medical research also reports that when weight is lost slowly there is a better health benefit.  Do you want better health to help your retirement funds last longer?

What will you do?

Will you take advantage of a new suggestion and help your new habits support keeping the weight off?

Again your body can grow accustomed to the adjusted weight. This must happen, to maintain a permanent weight loss.  You have some time to get used to filling up on less food.  It is OK to still have food on your plate when you get full.

There is a need for an empty plate for you to be satisfied.   Learning that it is O K to not eat all the food on your plate is a skill as well. 

The one hard part pf this plan?  Remembering to drink the water. 

How do you remember? 

You have to plan. 

The plan for me?  Have 3 16 oz bottles in the fridge.  This will be written on my daily life plan reminder.as well.

If this does not work. If I still forget more than one time a day?  There will be 3 post-it sheets on the refrigerator.  One will be removed with each 16 oz. of water consumed in about 10 minutes 30 minutes before meals.

You will need to give yourself a chance to get into new habits.  Most permanent changes happen slowly. You will have to remind yourself of this new commitment.  This is not a fad diet.  This is a plan for life.  

For the first week drink the water in 10 minutes to get that full feeling.  Eat your normal way.  Pay attention to what you are eating.  How it tastes.  Lay your fork down between bites.  You can do this.  

Continue with your normal activities.  Do not feel that you have to add to your exercise routine this week.  This is not a race to see how much you can change in the shortest amount of time. 

Losing weight over the year can have a significant benefit for you. 

Have you always had a negative attitude about losing weight?  You know you should lose weight, but you haven’t convinced your inner self?  You started off great but soon lost interest?

The idea that such a simple thing can make such a difference is mind boggling.  

Successful weight loss and maintaining that loss.

This will not happen overnight.  You will forget on occasion.  However, with a plan, you can adjust. And get going again. 

Just as walking 6 days a week has become a habit.  My feet automatically go the full round, even when my mind is thinking that it is O K to have a shorter walk today.  That is the power of a habit.

Drinking the 16 oz. of water in 10 minutes will become a habit as well.  You can learn a new healthy habit.  

Drink more water. Healthy eating plan/ weight loss

Drinking the 16 oz. of water before meals will prove helpful.  Drinking water allows your body to rid itself of toxins. 

You will be feeling sharper and more mentally alert.  This really does happen!  You do find you have more energy.

Water is a calorie-free beverage.  Drinking water keeps the calorie-laden beverages out of your system.  

How long since you were really hungry? 

If you are like most retirees, you just do not have long enough between meals to get hungry.  It is too easy to walk through the kitchen and graze.   

My retirement journey has taught me is that boredom is an emotion too.  Did you know that boredom is an emotion? 

So through the years, have you associated “emotional” eating with the emotions of sadness?  Anxious feeling?  Fear?  Sometimes the facts do not become obvious for a long time.  This one thing, boredom accounts for most retirees overeating.

Are you an advocate for using planning to make your life happier?  

This “planning” tool has been a life-long crutch.  You can usually tell how things are going for yourself by how much attention you are paying to your life plan.  Is your happiness during retirement worth planning?

So, to make sure you are able to continue adding extra water to your daily routines, you must plan your days a bit more than you normally do.  You can do this for a month.  It will be worth taking some time for.

You can start next month two or more pounds lighter.   Or if the present trend continues, two or more pounds heavier. Decide which way you want your weight to go.  

You must follow the new routine long enough for it to become a habit. 

You did not gain the weight in 2 days.  It was a slower process. 

So losing weight will be a longer process.  It is important to find the way or plan that works for you. 

How do you do that?  You make a plan. 

My plan was to find a weight loss plan to be healthier. 

Will the extra water do it for you?  In a month you will know if you follow the plan. 

Get your spiral out and plan your way to a slimmer and healthier you. 

Remember to use a pencil as there may be some erasing and tweaking in your plan.  

The idea is to plan for a day that has you consuming the 16 oz. water before meals at least 2  or 3 meals a day.  I will admit that I let life get in my way.  I have had to revamp my plan.  The post-it notes helped.  

Remembering to lay the fork or spoon down between bites is hard as well. That is being mindful of what you are eating.Best healthy eating plan / weight loss.

If you find boredom is taking a toll on your eating habits, check this out for my new interest.  The one that keeps me from being bored.  

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