The Secret Of The Best Work From Home For Retirees

The secret of the best work from jobs for retirees

Have your found your retirement time as you had planned?  Oh, so you planned?  Congratulations.  I did not, I am sad to say.  Had there been plans, I might already know about the secret of the best work from home for retirees.

secret of the best work from home for retirees
The secret of work from home for retirees! Do what you love!

As always, these articles that you are reading here are the result of my journey. You know, the journey of retirement. Through this retirement time in my life.  Actual experiences. Do you have your story going yet?  Why not?

I had realized early on that  I did not have the retirement mindset.  

 I do not miss commuting to a workplace job.   Even as a manager, you still have a “boss.”  You are working for their dreams and goals.  You have to make your goals  within these limitations.  It is part of the trade-off for not owning the business. You have worked for others, so you know the deal.

 I do not have a retirement mentality either.  No retirement mindset.  No retirement mentality.   

After the challenges of getting settled in our new retirement location.  Then adjusting to the passing of my parents.  

We were then blessed with the addition of a grandchild.  After the dust settled, I realized I was bored.  

I still had this unresolved idea of wanting an online business.

We have friends who live to travel, and I am so glad for those who like to do this and can do it.  I enjoy a trip. I do like to go, please do not misunderstand.  Some of us just get done with it quicker than others do.  Time for a lazy morning at home.  The travel bug never lasts very long for me.

There is no place like home, for me.  

I really had not found my comfort zone.  Not with the activities other retired friends and family seem to be enjoying.  So much time spent learning to do things that were not that interesting or fun.

 Actually, that is not true, it was just short lived.  How many afghans does one need in the mild climate of the hill country of Texas?  Then it was time to move on to the next new thing.  Has your retirement time been like this at all?  

I really wanted that online business.

Mr. B and I talked about this and finally I made the decision to enroll in the Wealthy Affiliate University program to learn what I needed to do. ( by adding up how much had been spent in the search for a fun hobby for me, we both decided that paying the tuition for a year for me in this program would save us some money.  Do you know how many dollars one can invest in beads to make jewelry?)

Then I learned the mechanics of the online business, level by level.  You know the business of not knowing what you did not know till you began to learn.  This is so true for me.  This stuff is not hard.   It is far too interesting to be hard. 

One aspect of the whole thing that has been a real surprise?  

The self-discovery that has been experienced.

The first site was started. A niche is chosen. 

However, I found that I had only begun to identify the idea needed to make working fun for me.  There was more to me than had been realized.  

When you start a business out of passion and love for the project you approach it differently.  

This is the  secret to the best work from home for retirees plan.  Being able to work at something you love.


“Misplaced” is a good way to identify this stage of life for many of you.

You have not really assigned yourselves to the rocking chair on the front porch yet.   However, you are dealing with limited energy resources and technical abilities as well.

You are still finding out about yourselves.

You are identifying interests and strength that you did not know you had at the start of this retirement time in your lives.

Before I knew it, the planning mentality was in full gear.  Maybe I did not know for sure where I wanted this business building to take me.  Learn to work from home was important.  So was earning residual income.

I did know how to figure it out.

I needed to re-identify the goal. Make a plan. have you misplaced your dreams best work from home

First, I had to figure out what I wanted.

On this particular question,  I started working with writing down what I did not like.  Thinking about how things were going for me right now.  This made me know how to plan for what I did want.

So the goal was to eliminate the things about my life I did not like.  Then it was time to compare the plan I had made to change my life.  

The one for learning how to identify how to go about learning.  

There are steps to becoming an online blogger and marketer.  These have been found and identified.  There was a plan to execute this education strategy. 

So much progress had been made.  My path was much clearer.  

I could now identify some things in my life I did not want.  There was now a target for a goal to improve to the things I did want.

Thanks to the first plan, I was able to move forward. 

However, with the first plan, I was strictly goal oriented.  

I was plowing ahead for what I wanted to add to my life. I wanted to add a successful online business.

Not identified, were some things to get out of my life.    

Progress was being made toward the online business goal. 

It became evident that I needed to consider getting some things out of my daily life 

There were some things that were not helping towards the goal.  

With all the focus on the goal, I had not considered reviewing the situation right now. 

An example of something that was not working was my workspace.  

Last summer while on a roll of reorganizing some things in our home, the home office area was dismantled.  We were both retired!  No longer working from home, the decision was made to move the desk out.  We could have a proper guest bedroom.

Being so focused on the goal I had not considered what was actually going on.  I was so excited about learning how to do something new.  Something that had long been a dream.  

I was working with a laptop/ Sitting in a nice comfy chair.  In front of the window, that was so much fun to  look out of from time to time.

It was fun to be that caught up in learning and putting the education in practice.   

Just did not realize I needed to eliminate some things to make it all work better! 

Talk about  being locked in overachiever mode. 

The reminder of the “experiment guide” as it applied to the success of my plan was a life saver.

Perfection in the pursuit of a goal is a killer.   It will kill the good things it has too, to achieve whatever you are trying to do.  That is the power of the mind in action.

Achieving the desired result is important.  But so is a healthy balance in what you are doing.  How you are living your daily life.

The reevaluation of my workstation made me realize 

The back ache that was on the list of what I needed out of my life?  Could be from the comfy soft chair.  

Where is common sense when one needs it? 

The mind is a curse or blessing, according to the direction it is getting from you.  

Being so caught up in my goal of learning how to build a business online.

Learning how to work from home.   Sitting for hours all hunkered over the laptop.  This was not what this old retired age body could handle.  

I do not have to have the bulkier desk.  A nice scaled table that folds, rescued from the sun porch. Gives me a smaller piece of furniture that will expand for holding more items when needed.  Now that works nicely.  It is a bit tall, and makes me sit up better in the office chair rescued from the storeroom.

I now have my plan for the next few weeks.  

It is in skeleton form.  They tend to fill themselves out fairly quickly when you get this far along.  There are some other things to get worked out of the way.  

What do you have going on in your life that you would like to eliminate?  

Do you have a piece of scrap paper and a pencil?

Write down something you would like to get our of your life.  

Mr. B hates sitting down and paying bills.  He grumbles and complains and moans.  

I am putting together a plan to get that all on automation.  I do not know if he will consider the switch or not, but if this was left to me, that is what would happen.   Maybe he really just likes to fuss about it.  

Maybe make it all to a credit card, so that I would look at it every month. One check as opposed to several a month?   Otherwise, I might not take the time to review the monthly bills we have.  

As I think this plan through, I am liking it better all the time. 

As a retired couple, we need to pay better attention to the total expenses we have. This total for utilities and living expenses might be a better way than the one we use now.   I do not know how he will feel about it. Will have the idea ready to submit for his consideration.    make money while you sleep work from home best work from home

Plans take on a spirit and life all their own.  

it is important to review where you are headed and the intended result (goal) so that you can be sure you are really in control.

Where are you in your plan?  Is your retirement time as good as you wanted it to be?  Are you tired of golf being the only fun thing you do?  Do you feel a bit “misplaced”?  

Want to add another interest or hobby?   Is it time to buy that boat?  That motorcycle?   That nice new camera you saw in the mall?  Sign up for a photography course?  Make a plan.  Make it happen.  You are in control of your retirement life.  It is up to you to make it the best it can be.

The words of Warren Buffett seem like  a good guideline to me.  If anyone knows about making money it is this man.

The secret of work from home for retirees can help

Check out the training platform I used.  

See if you can get nearer your goals by working on an online business for yourself and your family.   Do you have an interest you are passionate about?  Do your need a reason to research and study and share with others this interest?  This is how online business is born.

How would an additional stream or two of income affect your retirement bank account?  Get the plan in motion for making this happen.  

That is step one.  Make your retirement  more fun and more interesting.  Make you excited to get up in the morning and get started with your day.  This is indeed the secret to the best work from home for retirees.

Would it be fun to have the skill to teach your grandson?  Your daughter?  A better way to ensure their financial independence?   You know the story,  About giving someone a fish, or teaching them to fish?  Change the word fish for money.  

Helping someone to become independent.  Talk about the ultimate feel good.  I can see a networked business where my family members all contribute and help build a stronger site. 

 Only time will tell the end result.  I intend to enjoy my retirement years to the best of my ability.  

I would love to help you learn to plan, and enjoy the benefit of a life lived your way.  Leave a comment and I will forward my How to Plan 101 to you.  Also, remember to check out the link to your online business above. The secret of the best work from home for retireesYou too can find the Secret of The Best Work From Home For Retirees.  Realize the ideas you have in your mind for your future. How you can grow your wealth while learning more about yourself every day.


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