Brain Exercises For Seniors What Else Did We Forget To Plan For


Brain Exercises for Seniors  What Else Did We Forget To Plan For?

Did you even know this needed to be a part of the of the planning? Financial planning, I thought that was it.  Brain exercises for seniors?  What else did we forget to plan for?   

Did you know you needed a plan for your brain?  There is more to retirement than first realized.  You do want to have the fun stuff.   

Taking care of yourself is how you get to have the fun stuff.

Planning your retirement days 

Planning has been a part of your life all your working years.  Have you been good at the long-range plan?  Like a plan for your life?  This is a skill that has had to be learned. Brain exercises for seniors! What else did we forget to plan for.

Did you think all this retirement stuff would just automatically take care of itself?  

Apparently, that is exactly what I thought. 


OK, so that day has finally come.  

You have taken care of all the paperwork.  Celebrated with a fun retirement dinner and party.  

It “that time”

The cake has been cut and eaten.  You are done.

No more time clocks.  

You are 66 years old. You have a genetic lifeline to live till you are in your mid 90’s.

That is 30 years.  So, now what?  What are you going to do with the rest of your life?  

How will you have fun during retirement

Do you plan to be a contributor to the betterment of mankind?  

Have you already signed up to volunteer?  

Do you know of a great worthwhile program somewhere?  These are important to good brain health. 

Finally joined a golf league.  

Now you are looking forward to some golf.

Or maybe you have shopped.  You have finally found the R V that is the absolute cat’s meow.  An R V that has so many bells and whistles.    

The road calls

You can’t wait to throw some vacation shirts in that closet.  

That closet in your new “home on the road.”  

You are ready to hit the road.  There will be some fun trips in your future.  

Maybe you are just happy with your homebody ways.  

You like to take a trip.  Just not stay gone. Traveling a great deal.  That is not for you.

There are all kinds of ideas about what is fun for retirement days.  

Some are helping with the grandchildren.   

Relocating to another area. 

Whatever your life holds,  make sure this is really what you want to do.  


Give it some thought.  Make sure this is really what you want to do with this next 30 years.  

Make a plan.  Write it down.  What will be fun to you in retirement?

This is important.   This is not to be taken lightly.  

Remember it is up to you to make these years the best they can be.  

Making a plan can help you be grounded.  brain exercises for seniors What else did we forget to plan for

Make a list of how you want to spend these years

  • Remember to add some fun stuff
  • Now make a list of ideas of how to make this happen   
  • Review the pros and cons of your ideas
  • List the why’s and why not’s
  • Allow the list to sit a day or two 

Make sure this is a good choice for you

Traveling might be fun for a while. You may really enjoy the time driving along the roads. Stopping at R V parks.

Stopping at R V parks.  

Driving about in that compact vehicle you hooked behind the motorhome.


Thinking about volunteering in your community?   

Do you want to be on a schedule? 

Do you want a project where you can just drop by?  Go when you want to? 

Services that depend on volunteers usually need a schedule. They must make sure the needs are met.

Think it through.  

Just takes a few minutes to list the pros and cons.  

Think about this worthwhile way to help your community.  

How it will work for you.  

Spend some time thinking about how you can best help.  

You do not want to feel tied down.  Nor do you want to disappoint those you are working with. (I’m just speaking from experience here) 

Just think about it when you sign up.  

Make your plan.  

You will have a more realistic idea of what you will be spending your volunteer time doing. 

Do you just like to stay home?  

Getting out during the working years became a chore.  

You are pretty much through with attending social events that are not fun for you.  

So now, how will you spend the retirement years?

Now you are finding  the importance of brain exercises for seniors.  What else did we forget to plan for?  

How will you add some brain exercise to your day? What is brain exercise?

What will be your plan

How will you make sure you are not setting yourself up for problems?  

The problems of isolation?  

Boredom?  Will you allow your brain to become non-functioning?.  

Find yourself not enjoying this retirement time?  

Remember, plan for fun as well.

Your Money  Did you plan your finances  

Here you are planning the next 30 years.  

We all know that money alone will not make you happy.

New research is finding that how you spend your time is almost as important to happiness.

Some financial resources will make decisions easier.

Decisions you must make to ensure a better retirement time. 

Is your home paid for?  

Have any credit card debt?  Other personal debt?  

This can help make your retirement years more secure.   Make the retirement years more fun. Brain exercises for seniors! what else did we for get to plan for?

A person or couple can live on social security. 

It will make you have to struggle to meet those monthly expenses.

Your rent.  

The utilities.  

Even maintaining a vehicle can be a challenge.    

Just to repeat, it can be done.  Just do not look for a lot of freedom for the next 30 or so years.   

Again, get out the pen and paper

Write the numbers down.  

Look the finances in the eye.  

See where you are.

Seldom do money issues go away when you ignore them  

Figure out where you are.  List the expenses.  

The money you will have coming in each month.  

Get Real with this part of the decision.  

Now, if you see that your expenses can’t be managed on social security income? What are your choices?  

Your decisions can be made from fact at this point.  

Maybe selling the home.  Downsizing is the best option.

Sometimes even relocating.  Moving to a part of the world where it is less expensive to live.  

This could be what you need to do.  

Make that decision from facts, not fear

Fear is not a good guide for making wise decisions.  It’s not fun to be afraid when you are retired.  

Most retired individuals I have visited with about finances has said:  

  • Once the facts are written out on a piece of paper  
  • You know what needs to be done  
  • You feel a sense of relief, even if the picture is not good

At that point, you can start the important part of a good retirement life.  

Your  plan

Why wait till you are retired?  While you are working, get started.  

Get yourself ready for a better retirement time.    

Another reason to plan your everyday life for retirement?  You will need to make adjustments.  

Everyone thinks they are doing the best they can.  

This is when you just think about how you are spending. If you think you do not have enough money for a budget?  

You sure do need a spending plan.  Make sure you are spending on the important part of living.  

Not on things that are not important.

Health  How are you planning to maintain your health?

How will you be healthy?  

These can be the fun years of your life.  You can make these years in your life the best. 

Pay attention to your diet.  

Eating your fruits and vegetables.

Paying attention that you are not overdoing the fats and sugars.  Nutrition is important.  

You need to have good healthy habits in retirement.   

The results of a healthy body and mind are important.

When thinking about brain exercises for seniors what else did we forget to plan for?  

Having a great retirement will depend on how good your health is.  However, you can have a good fun retirement life even with limited health considerations.

Drinking enough water

What is there about getting older that makes people quit drinking water?  Are you just unaware of how much your body need to be hydrated?  

No, there is information out there.  

You know.  Do you forget?  

Are you just out of the habit of drinking water?  This is too important to neglect.  It is something positive you can do!      

Walking is one of the better exercises 

Walking can keep someone moving who has back problems.  

Those who have had knee or hip replacements.

Heart problems.  High blood pressure.  

Most any physical complaint will allow walking.  

Exercising your body is important for staying healthy through the retirement years.

Make sure you get some form of physical exercise. Playing golf is alright, it will keep you moving.  

A daily exercise is part of a good healthy aging plan.    

Sleep also plays an important part in a good retirement life.

As important as diet?  Yes, sleep.    

It is impotent to improve the quality of your sleep.  

This can do wonders for your energy levels in retirement.

All too often you allow yourself to develop bad habits.  Like staying up too late. 

You will then find it difficult to sleep soundly for a long enough time to feel rested. 

We are all guilty of not taking the basics of our health seriously.  

Then, wonder why we are dragging through the days.  

All because you are not eating properly.  You are not exercising enough.  Not sleeping well. 

You expect your body to perform well.  When you won’t even drink enough water through the day?  

Wake up folks.  These are easy fixes.  

Regardless of the financial situation, being healthy will make these years better.

If you are not feeling well, make a plan  

What are you going to do about it?  Do you need a Dr.s’ appointment?  Or is there something you can do?

What do you need to change?

  • Write it down
  • Give this some thought 
  • Get yourself on a good path
  • Do not accept less From yourself, or For yourself
  • You can do better  
  • You surely do not want to feel bad for 30 years        


The importance of companionship is often overlooked for your retirement years.  You need to be around other people.  

The importance of having the emotional and practical support is not always realized. 

This is an adjustment time.  Those who try to brave it through without some emotional support?  They are coming up on the short end of the stick.

Usually, this support is provided in marriage.  

Those of us with good relationships need to be mindful of supporting those relationships.   Be an active partner in the give and take as you are adjusting to the retirement years.

It is easy to become the “wounded” spouse.  You may not realize that retirement happens to both of you. Regardless if you both have retired or not.

If you are a single senior adult, a friendship relationship can offer a great deal of the same support.  

Your brother’s friendship.  A longtime friend.  Someone you like and respect can be a good friend during this readjustment time.

It is OK to admit that sometimes you need the opinion of someone else.  

Or just someone to listen while you work through your adjustment.  

Most who are single develop a network of friends.  You should be comfortable talking about personal things. 

Don’t push friends or family away and try to do this all aloneBrain exercises for seniors. What else did we forget to plan for

The decisions that you need to make.  About how you are going to spend your time.  

Your plan should include time for these relationships. 

People who have more social interaction seem to be able to ward off  memory and mind deterioration longer.   

Remember, this article is to make you aware of the danger of not exercising the brain.  Social contact is good for our brains. 

Writing down a plan helps with decisions.  For a single person, this is so important.  

You will be surprised at how in-control you feel with a plan on paper. Remember it is paper, not stone.

You can make changes as it becomes apparent they are needed.  

Come on, this challenge I am giving you to “make a plan.”  

Well?  Have you started it yet?

Or has your memory disappeared already?    


We all know the havoc that stress brings on our bodies.  

Are you aware of the dangers of too much stress on your brain?  

This is serious stuff  

The National Institute of Health studies found that stress has been strongly linked to dementia.

They also found that having a sense of purpose was one of the positive factors.  Positive for those who were not experiencing this mental decline.   

Find something  that you are interested in.  

Get involved with something you enjoy.  

These are actions you can take during retirement to help yourself.  

You can have a longer and better retirement life. Be involved with your family.

 Your community.  Your church.

Research has proven that an interest in something, is self-propelling.   Helps in keeping one’s focus away from themselves.  

This is one of the best ways to reduce stress  

Have interests that do not have you at the center.

Your Brain    

What do you plan to learn to keep your brain exercised?

One of the best brain exercises a senior adult can do is to learn something.  

Now you know what is important. Plan to have a fun retirement.  

Brain exercises for seniors what else did we forget to plan for?  

The guidelines for good brain health?  They are the same as for good general health.  

You can do it.

A quick review of my Brain Exercise.

My exercise of choice is learning to build a business online.  

I have chosen to use Wealthy Affiliate as my learning platform. Tell me about this opportunity

This has given me such a sense of purpose. Each time a new skill is mastered, I feel good about myself.   

This is an ongoing study.

The market changes.  

Google likes to shake things up.  Something new all along the way.

I have found a skill set that I could acquire. This has enabled me to build a business for a modest investment.

Learn to make money online 

For me, the decision was made based on what excited me.  

Now I find that it is one of the  best brain exercises I could have chosen.  

Talk about a double pay off.Brain exercises for seniors. What else did we forget to plan for

There are the social interactions of the networked community online.  

Those who are interested in building their business.

Growing their streams of income. 

This is a project that is ongoing.  

Something to do.  I am not bored. 

I am excited and eager to get started on whatever project is next. Moving on with what I have planned for my business.  

My brain is having a real work out.  

My memory is growing stronger through the use it receives.  

All in the daily attention to my business.  A stream brain exercises for seniors. What else did we forget to plan forof income is an additional blessing. 

How are you planning to spend your next life? You are the one in control

Don’t be bored, and disappointed with this time  in your life.

Grab your pencil and paper, make a plan. Have a good retirement life. Check it out here.

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