A Budget For Your Eye Health Care For Your Retirement Living

Do you have A Budget For Your Eye Health Care For Your Retirement Living?

Does having a Budget for your eye health care for your retirement living even make sense to you?  Before we proceed to the compiling a budget stage, let’s consider why is eyeBudget for your eye health care for your retirement living health care important? 

Even though your vision is a part of the body that is definitely age-related, Medicare doesn’t cover your eyeglasses.  You will need more eye health care, however, Medicare coverage doesn’t include eyeglasses for better vision to help retired senior citizens enjoy this stage of their life.

Just a word of warning, do not plan for Medicare to take care of these expenses. Won’t happen.  Not 100%.  Even though you have planned, and have vision insurance, be sure an allow some extra for these co-pay expenses.

Medicare does cover some eye care that is actually a treatable disease, and not just the normal vision decline of your vision. 

How will you handle the visual health care portion of your life?  Do you have a plan for how to pay for the needed help?  Do you know how to plan?

“Making a life” plan suggestions can be found here. This is not an insurance plan, but an actual guide to planning a better life for yourself. (click here for yours)  Don’t expect someone else to plan for you.  Live your own plan.  Know how you will pay for vision health care expenses.

Be prepared

Hospital stays have a way of wreaking havoc on even the most cautious of care routines one might have.  So does the associated travel. 

While having insurance is very important, it is also expensive.  It is important to make these decisions about how much you can afford to pay for insurance with some knowledge.  Know what kind of help you can expect with expenses for vision.

Eye health care

You have probably had some eye health care by the time you reach retirement age.  Most retirees have, just due to the age of life when retirement takes place.  Some of the normal conditions that develop in a retired seniors life can be surprising. 

Are you aware of some of them?

Time marches onbudget for your eye care health care for your retirement

Normal aging processes catch up with you in your 40’s.  So too, do eye health problems.  The normal aging process produces presbyopia.  Your natural aging process happens with the thickening of some of the moving parts of the eye/seeing process. 

This change along with the loss of elasticity of the moving parts within the eye socket, also a natural aging process, allow this to happen.  Changing of these parts of your eye due to aging causes the loss of the ability to focus and read smaller print and distinguish smaller objects. 

Usually met by an attempt to hold the print farther from the eye to focus, this stage is also a natural part of aging. 

Reality check

However, this temporary fix of holding the print farther away, or your first pair of reading glasses usually short lived.

Slight adjustments of your vision are often the first sign of aging that can’t be explained away.   The first time you may have to face the fact that you are getting older.

Awareness time

Often people explain this realization away with the comment “I remember when my dad had to get reading glasses.” 

Usually, you reach for a quick fix and don’t really get involved with eye health care until time to get actual glasses.  Your reading glasses serve the purpose for a while. 

No need to see an eye Doctor.  They sell perfectly good reading glasses several places you know, and they aren’t expensive.  You can afford these forever.

Years go by

So off you go on your journey to retirement age, with life uncomplicated by eye Doctors. 

Of course, there are those who do have visual problems that make you consult the Doctor along the way.  You probably are alerted to the need to prepare for this expense on through to and into retirement. You have been dealing with this expense for care. 

Your retirement plans probably have what is needed, and you are planning for this expense after retirement.  However, most of you are relatively healthy and haven’t been made aware of vision problems.

There is a surgery that can help with the first stages of your eyes aging.  Your Doctor is the best source for information concerning these procedures.  If wearing glasses or contacts is not an option for you, it could be a surgical procedure is in order. 

Are glasses are in your future

Generally, most people are happy with the results a good prescription can offer.  Here again, your Doctor is the best source for help and guidance.  Within all fields of study, in the healthcare world, there is continual discovery and advancement.  Just ask questions and make your decisions based on the information.

If light sensitivity goes along with changes in your vision, there is also the lens that adjusts as the light source does.  So many options exist along the way to getting the sight back up to what you need.

Conditions that develop

There are several conditions that can develop, and are age-related in your vision.  You need to be aware, and seek help with treatment should you develop one of these. 

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes is a common one condition.  While a there are several causes, if not corrected in a few days by the use of a moisture drops, you should seek a Doctors care. 

This can develop into a condition that will cause the much faster decline in vision.  While often dry eyes develop as a result of allergies. (at least here in the Texas Hill Country)

There are other conditions that cause dry eyes to develop.  Some medications will cause this to happen.  Whichever cause brings this condition for you, some medical help may be needed.  The drops are a temporary fix unless their use is suggested by your Doctor. 

Like other over-the-counter medications have their place in our overall health care, so do the moisturizing eye drops.  However, they can mask other symptoms that need actual medical intervention. 


Glaucoma and definitely will need a Doctor to diagnose and treat.  A progressive condition that will need the watchful care of a professional, to alert to additional issues. 

In most cases, you will receive help from Medicare in paying for care with this condition.  Travel expenses and copay amounts will need to be planned for.

Vitreous Detachment 

This is commonly known as “floaters” in the eyes.  Most people as they near 60 become familiar with this condition.  As this is considered a natural thing, there is not much that can be done to relieve this condition. 

When these “floaters” have bright flashes of light that accompany them, your eye doctor needs to know.  This can indicate a condition where the retina is detaching and you will need medical help for sure.

Color awareness

Another condition that develops is a lessened awareness of color separation. 

Considered a natural development, there is little treatment.  Sometimes different kinds of glasses help along the way. 

Sometimes specialized glasses can be prescribed for young people who are having trouble reading and recognizing colors.  For a senior citizen, this is a definite condition that can be diagnosed, and treated, although with limited success. 

Diabetic Retinopathy

A condition that develops, usually over time with diabetic patients.  With some help, the progress can often be slowed.

A consultation with your eye doctor is a usually a part of basic diabetic care.  As diabetes is such a multi-system condition. Most diabetic patients who develop this condition will also have other problems.  Problems associated with the body being unable to withstand problems that will diabetes bring.


Getting the correct help with your vision happens with awareness. 

Making yourself aware and preparing to be able to pay for this part of your health care will enhance the quality of life you can expect to have as you live your retirement life.  There are some things that are not fun in retirement living. 

Visual treatment not considered crucial for your health is a decision you want to make, not have someone else make for you.

Eye health care

Your eye health care needs some attention from you to assure that your retirement living is done with the best vision you can have.  Today, I’d like to share a link to a posting that gives me a reason to want to be able to see forever. To read about people like this. See a reason.

This guy writes about off the wall stuff, and I don’t always understand where he is coming from.  I just like to read about people and Sean Of The South is about people. Being able to read and enjoy my life as much on my terms as possible is what I am about.

With the ability to plan and have more control of your retirement living, you also have more control of the quality switch.  Will your longer life after retirement be one of your choice and plan?

Have you decided on your mission for your life yet?  You can have some control of your life and a direction to live, with a plan.  What’s yours? This plan or guide to help improve any portion of your life that needs improving is available for free.  Click here for your guide.

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