Why Budget For Dental Care Costs For Your Retirement Living?

Why Budget For Dental Care Costs For Your Retirement?Will a budget for your dental care for your retirement living help with the happy?

Where are you with a budget for dental care costs for your retirement?  You know that a budget is nothing more than a plan.  A plan to help guide you through the pitfalls of retirement living?

Like many retirees, just getting to the retirement time in my life, was the goal.  Having lived most of my life with the too poor to plan or save mentality, budget making was seen as a dreaded and limited chore.

How could you budget when all the unexpected events kept happening?

We often found ourselves struggling to cover all the expenses.  Sure we went through the motions of planning a budget, making some attempts along.  However, as we failed to understand the absolute power of a budget, something always happened. 

So a budget for dental care costs was not in my vision of retirement.

There is power in a good plan

I didn’t know the power I was giving away by not planning.  I was allowing the credit cards to take away my buying power. 

Having to use a credit card to buy clothes, made me think that I could only have the very lowest priced items.  You know the story. 

Instead of buying what I really wanted, and loving wearing the garment time after time.  Not caring how often it was worn because it felt good and I loved it. 

I would have to replace items more often and would want new things more often. 

Instead of using my credit card to make the additions to my wardrobe that would really do what your clothing should, I chose a “quick fix” way of thinking I could purchase something of lesser quality and it “would do.” 

Had I taken the time to learn about a clothing budget, life would have been so much better.  Years went by before I realized this truth of life.  Budget is just another way of saying plan.  

So, too did the value of investing in myself take a while to sink in.  Has this part of the truths of life sunk in for you yet?  You are special and important.  Taking care of you is important to a happy life.

Back to retirement time

Time taught me to think about a budget and plan, especially of finances differently, but too many years had passed for this to make a real difference in my retirement preparation.  So, for me, what preparation happened was through concentrated effort very late in our work life.

I took my money power back

After realizing the power of a budget, I became almost a fanatic about the budget and planning.  I don’t want to waste the bit of safety net because of no plan.

Yes, life happens and there are things you can’t predict.  Those will be easier to weather if the other parts of your financial life are not in jeopardy.   

The retirement journey

So back to the story of this unprepared retired senior citizen’s journey through the retirement maze and adjustments that litter the paths. 

The rescue of knowing you can have Medicare insurance for the rest of your life is such a blessing when you have not always been so sure of this luxury. 

So shopping for supplemental insurance needs to happen with an informed agent.  Unfortunately, too many view this as an unaffordable expense.  They will shut down the process. Not really follow through with time to consider better planning at this time.

A budget for dental health care for your retirement living is important.  You need to consider it.

Budget for a dental care  plan

Have you really considered that Medicare does not pay for Dental care?  This is not covered at all.   This is such an age-related need. 

Often you have not paid attention to your dental health through the working years, and “gotten by” with neglecting this care. 

Well, just to share some insight, your dental needs will come rushing to the surface when you are in your late sixties and early seventies. 

When you give up and visit a dentist, you will get a remark like, “What do you expect at your age?”   

I don’t know about you, but I fully expected to die with all these teeth in my mouth where they have been forever.   OK, remember I said I didn’t plan. 

Like most, having good dental insurance from another life did not follow me all the way through life. Pull the tooth don’t save it.  You know the mindset. 

Well, here you have a senior citizen needing extensive dental care.  Dentists don’t even consider dentures without implants.  Those little anchors are sold individually!  There is not a senior discount.  Now what? You pay up front, of course.

Another shocker

The answer, of course, is to have good dental insurance to help with this expense.  Let me repeat, “help you with this expense.”

You are still going to be billed above insurance for some of this care.  You will need to pay even though you are on a fixed income.  So putting some money into an account to handle this expense is a wise move. 

Budget your income to be ready to have a bit of cash on hand to enable you to meet this expense. Having some savings will make any unexpected expense more bearable.

Here come the credit card blues

Unfortunately, many seniors find themselves without saving for this kind of unexpected expenses and resort to the credit card. 

That is what you did while working, and it got you through lack of funds situations.  Of course, it also kept you bound down with debt to repay and high interests rates on top of that.

How much wiser to continue working for a while after retirement time and save for those unexpected and much-needed expenses.  Is it time to consider a budget for your dental care in retirement?

If this isn’t an option for you, what about a part-time job during retirement?  Would this enable you to better meet these expenses? 

Fortunately, we are living longer in our generations, so you will have longer to appreciate whatever dental procedures you are working and paying for.

The blessings of longer life expectancy

You will also have longer to need some supplemental funds for longer periods of retirement.  So think about your options for this expense in retirement.  When you first retire is a good time to think about getting this supplemental income going. 

It does take time for an income to build.  If an online business is in your retirement dream, get started. 

Working or having your own business, whatever way you dream of retirement takes you.  It usually takes a while to mature.  Don’t waste your time. 

You have the adjustment time to live through anyhow, so this could be your ticket to settling in for a happy retirement.  Check out this link to how I learned to work online.

Make some practical moves

It makes more sense to take better care of your dental health.  You shouldn’t have your parents attitude toward your dental needs.  They didn’t know about all the modern techniques that help you transition into the modern dental approach.   

They just decided to dispense with the whole thing and have dentures.  We now know that is the last resort.

Common Dental Care Struggles Associated with Aging

Aging doesn’t simply affect the total numbers of your age. Here are some more highlights to make you think through this often neglected part of your health and retirement living plan.

As you get older, since your immune system can weaken, you’re more likely to have dental issues. There are several common conditions that are associated with aging.

Having a dry mouth is common in older people.  This is usually because of medications that they have to take. This condition is called xerostomia.

To treat it, you can keep your mouth moist by keeping water on hand to drink frequently.

Chew gum, too – because that stimulates saliva production and keeps your mouth from becoming dry.

Watch out for decongestants because these can worsen dry mouth as well as cause it.

Your sense of taste

Another thing older people usually have to deal with dental wise is losing their sense of taste. You might notice you start having to use more sugar or salt to actually taste the flavors in your food.

Both of these are relatively minor issues, and often go unnoticed. However, these same “minor conditions”  can lead to bigger and more complex health problems.

Then serious develops

More serious conditions with dental care are also common as you get older.

Root decay can happen because your gums change as you age. They can shrink back to expose the roots of the teeth. This allows cavities to form on the roots of the teeth.

One of the causes of gum shrinkage is dry mouth. This is why it’s important to keep the mouth moist.  Become aware of your personal dental health as you age. 

The list goes on

Oral thrush is a condition that’s common to older retired senior citizens and can lead to inflammation if not treated. Unfortunately, gum disease is common as you grow older, leading to tooth loss.

Many people need dentures when they’re older because of dental problems they’ve experienced.

Wearing dentures can also be a problem because it can cause the gum to become inflamed from an infection.  Yes, even with the new-fangled implanted posts to more firmly anchor your dentures. 

Good overall health is important

Developing oral cancer is also something that is associated with aging.

When an older person gets any type of dental issue, it can lead to having trouble eating what they should be eating.  This coupled with the added desire of more sugar and salt added to their diet can cause real issues. 

I am already seeing this in our own home routines as we age.  The cookie jar contents hold more interest than they did just a few years ago.

When an older person doesn’t eat a healthy diet, this can make their bodies more susceptible to illness and disease.  Paying attention is one positive action that should take place in your life. 

Then remember the money issue

Besides these common problems with dental issues in people as they grow older, there are other issues that can be a deterrent. As a retiree has entered the retirement stage of life, income levels can drop drastically.

When an older person lives on a fixed income, it can make it difficult for them to be able to afford dental care. With the cost of dental care rising, they may have trouble finding a dental insurance plan that they feel they can afford on their reduced income.

One other consideration for the aging retiree

Besides the cost, if the older person struggles to get around, they may have difficulty getting themselves to the dentist. They might not be able to physically visit the dentist and might not have the transportation means to get there. 

Are you giving this Budget Your Dental Care the attention it needs?

Although true, the statement that awareness won’t make up for decades of neglect, start now.  Pay Attention.

A bit of prevention with a good dentist is the best line of defense with you practicing good dental health along with the good healthy living habits.  The combination will make aging with your dental health intact more affordable, and more manageable.

Can you live without teeth?  Yes, you can.  Will you like it and thrive during retirement without teeth? 

Not as the first choice of retirement living. 

Do you have a budget for your dental care in your retirement living?  Give this some serious consideration and plan for a Happier Retirement time.












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