Budget Your Energy ForYour Retirement Living?

Budget your energy during your retirement living?budget your energy for your retirement living

Why is it important to budget your energy for your retirement living?  For one thing, you want to be happy during your retirement living years, don’t you?  By allowing one part of your life to use up all your retirement living energy you are setting the stage for an unbalanced life and opening the door for disappointment.

Just like spending your money on just one part of the budget will cause issues, so will spending your energy on just one part of retirement living.

First things first

One myth of retirement living that I would like to address first is this business of believing that retirement time lasts forever, there is time for everything.


Using all your energy for activities that don’t contribute to your happiness and satisfaction is the wrong way to spend the day.  Just as using all your energy to volunteer, unless this is what makes you happy. 

How is your spouse feeling about the way you use your energy? 

There has to be a balance for the rest of your life to work, just as there was when you were still working.  A sure route to having a long and lonely retirement is to use your stores of time and energy without consideration to the other parts of retirement.  Budget your energy for retirement living to help you be happier.

Remember the myth mentioned?  This is the myth:

“Just because there is time, there will be energy.”

That is the part of “the golden years of retirement” myth that is not true. 

You will find that you do have some energy.  But if the energy you have is spent on activities that are boring and not fun, your days will seem endless.

If they are spent doing what you love to do and is fun for you, the energy will renew itself.  You will feel that every morning is a blessing and that you are ready for the day and its’ endless opportunities.

Budget energy?

Just as there are items for the money budget that must be done, so there is an energy budget for your retirement. 

Yes, retirees must learn that a happy balance is important for the best flow of the retirement days and years. 

Do you know how?

PlanBudget your energy for your retirement living

How do you ensure that your retirement energy and time are making you happy?  By making a plan.

Having some sort of idea how you want to live and spend your days helps avoid living in boredom. 

Budgeting your retirement energy and time will enhance the whole retirement life.


Are you realistic with what you expect from your retirement living years?  This whole project is so worthy of the time and effort to plan. A happy retirement will happen easier with some sort of positive contribution and guidance from you.

A Plan is an easy way to take control.  

If you don’t step up and take over the reins of your retirement energy budget, someone else will do it for you.  That someone else may have your best interests at heart, and they may not. 

Often a retired grandparent is driven by all the “want to help” feelings you had when your children were young, and find yourself pressed into service for continual grandchild care. 

Of course, you want to help.  Naturally, you want to offer some assistance.  However, when you are talking about being bored, nothing to do for retirement, it is easier for that temporary assistance to become permanent. 


A place in the permanent child care for that grandchild is a wonderful blessing if this is what you want to do.  A burden if it isn’t what you want to do. 

Your child who needs the help will think they are contributing to a happier retirement for you by giving you something to do.


Helping and becoming responsible are 2 different things.

How to work through these times in your retirement?  Have a plan. 

Yes, you can be a temporary solution, but tomorrow, there needs to be a fix to the reason they called on you.  You have things to do, things you have planned and arranged your life for. They are important to you.

This is not being selfish, this is keeping your priorities straight. 

When you compromise your ideas, dreams, and wishes for things that aren’t a wise use of your time and energy, you will find yourself tired and not excited.  Not ready to be a good grandparent, spouse, or parent. 

Being tired will make you less excited about social opportunities with your friends and family. 

Happy retirement

This isn’t what happy retirement is supposed to be. 

Plan to make sure this isn’t what happens to you. By making a plan you are able to make better choices about how you spend your retirement time and energy.  It is your life. Well-meaning loved ones may not really understand what makes you happy.

Take control and know how that the time will be spent.  Control how your energy will be used.   

Ask yourselfHow will you budget your energy for your retirement living?

How will you spend yours? Will it be in ways you want and that makes you happy? 

Or will this time be spent in ways that aren’t fun and don’t bring you “the golden retirement you may have wished for?

Are you ready

You can start by taking one small time segment at a time.  Almost like planning a special event. 

This is a special event.  How many years have you worked to get here? 

You have earned retirement and you deserve it.  A good way to start is with planning your day, tomorrow.  How would you like to have the day start?

Get started

The next days start is often determined by the time you go to bed tonight.  When you are still working, you are accustomed to the occasional late night with work time coming early the next morning. 

However, just as you maintained good sleep and work habits during the career years, good health requires some attention.  Attention to regular sleep hours, good diet, and exercise.

A lifetime of living without regular sleep hours will make a regular time to start the day difficult to maintain.  Without a getting up time, how can you know how to take charge of your day? 

How can you guarantee yourself the time for a quiet cup of coffee first thing in the morning?  Or whatever else you thought would make the day get a good start?

What is important to you

Then you move on to the other aspects of your life. 

The choice is yours, you can live an undisciplined life through your retirement living years if you choose.  Make this your choice by doing a bit of planning and having an active part in controlling your energy budget during your retirement living.

Plan to sleep irregular hours, and not exercise or eat properly.  Fish excessively, or shop too many hours.  Play too hard so that you do not feel any energy the next day.

Do this on purpose, if this is how you had planned to live your retirement years.

Make sure you live the life you have chosen. To be happy in retirement live the time as you have chosen to do within the means you have to live in.  You deserve that.  Be aware that no one cares about your retirement as you do.  It is up to you. 

A surprise bonus

When you take time to plan, you may find that just small things here and there in the day will be the only corrections to make to be really happy. 

Often when you write down on paper that incomplete thought about how you want to spend retirement you realize that it is an unrealistic idea.

Dream or nightmare?

You won’t be the first who has an about face about how unhappy you are in retirement.  It is OK to take a moment and see the dream that had no form come to the daylight.   

When listed on paper, this dream may not be what you want at all. You do not know till you write it down and look at it.

Or you realize how close you are to realizing the maturity of this dream. 

These factors strongly influence how happy you will see yourself. 

A Plan can also help you realize that the life you have chosen during retirement living is not leading you where you want to be.  You can make adjustments to correct this and put you on the path to a happier way to live.  Nearer those “golden retirement years” than you thought.


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