Budget Your Interests For Your Retirement Living

Budget your interests for your retirement living?Budget Your Interests For Your Retirement Living

Do you budget your interests for your retirement living happiness?  Did you even know that interests were to be budgeted? 

As retirement living has been a living experiment in how to live life to the fullest, the need to budget your interests for retirement living has become apparent.

Like all phases of life, the passive approach opens the door for others to impose their choices of interests on you.  You must plan to be happy.

Having a spouse who insists that all your time be spent as he/she wants is a great example.  Having a working agreement to have some separate interests is a better route to happiness in retirement for couples.  This can happen with a budget.

Couples who enjoy golfing together can find themselves scheduling all their golf playing times with each other.  You should enjoy some golf times together.  There should also be some time budgeted for playing separately, with friends.

Budget Benefits

With no direction or plan, you can easily find yourself spending all the golfing time playing with groups who are not your choice.  The difference for most when they stay in control of their interests is being able to better choose just how many days a week you play with just one person. 

This bit of control of your decision budget makes the whole fun interest experience more enjoyable.

Playing cards is another example of staying in control of who you play with.  In a bridge club or poker club, you know that not every member is a favorite. but most are enjoyable partners.  A random game with a less desirable playing partner is surely a different situation from a constant experience. 

It is amazing how taking control of these situations can help in keeping your overall happiness going.  For others, there is volunteering, a most worthwhile interest that can quickly turn sour if you are continually paired with people you had rather not spend time with.

For many, this is the social outing of the week.  Making it even more important.

If you are passive about making choices, you will find yourself in social times that are less fun for you.  Make a budget about how much of your personal social times you are willing to spend with people whom you don’t enjoy spending time with.


Becoming interested in diverse fields is part of what keeps your mental balance through the years.  Allowing all your time and energy to be spent on just one interest is as limiting as being a scatterbrain. 

You need some variety to make your retirement living more fulfilling.  That is a proven.  However to find a happy middle ground to keep your retirement living going in a positive direction is important. 

Positive side

Budgeting how you spend these hours can improve the happiness you wake with each morning.   

Will you spend your golden years of retirement in activities that don’t contribute to your overall plan? Or will you budget your interests for your retirement living year? 

Do you have a plan for happiness?  Or did you retire to spend your days trying to keep your house as well as you did when you were a young superhero?  (a particular thorn under my retirement saddle)

Delayed decisions

Allowing yourself to get weighed down with possessions is another interest budget that needs addressing for me.  That with working a little longer after retirement time resulted in delaying some sorting and sharing possessions from the past.

Have you helped parents or other relatives as they downsize their homes for easier maintenance as energy amounts become smaller or for relocation?   You know the odd and end “treasures” wind up within your home. 

The reluctance that moved the item from your parents home is now, somehow transferred to your care and the ties that go with the transfer somehow find their way into your life. You will feel the same reluctance to part with said “treasure,” regardless of the practical nature of the item.

Parting with some of your physical possessions is a decision that can help in the hours spent keeping your home.  Do you need to declutter?

Sense of purpose

Having many interests can actually help extend your life and your sense of wellbeing. 

That undercurrent of your life that will keep you interested and go about your days with more pep and vigor.  You will enjoy your golden retirement years and live a good happy life.  One that is filled with interests that you have chosen to have in your life.Budget your interests for your retirement living

Not a life of drudgery and burden.  Budget how much of others load you will allow in your life that is not yours and not your load. 

Of course, we all want to help our fellow man, and should. However, make a decision for these times.

Make the choice.

Often others will dump their load on any willing shoulder.  Make sure this is a load you want to carry.  Decide to budget your interests in retirement living time.

Do people like having you refuse to carry their load?  Of course not, but once you have decided how much you are willing to do, stick to your guns.

You deserve to be happy as well.

Your health

Do you have health issues that need attention?  The weight you need to lose?  Blood pressure needs attention?  Increased stamina?   A better diet?  Less alcohol?   More exercise?

Get it done and get on with your living.

Get a life budget made

Know how you will spend the time you have for your retirement. 

Budget your interests so that you are not scattered everywhere, but living your life on purpose and with a goal.

Is being happy your goal?  Budget your money   Have you attended to how you will budget your money for your retirement living?  Then there is your time.

How will you spend your time during your retirement living?  Make some decisions now.  Know your limits. Enjoy your retirement living without being afraid you will outlive your assets. 

If you need to work during retirement, get this sorted.  Over 53.5% retirement-aged men were still working in a 2015 poll, up from 31.8% in 1995.  Women are following the same trend in even larger numbers.  With a delayed retirement it is even more important to make sure you budget how you will live.  

Life as a retiree has many levels of living.  Living a simple life or one as complex as you choose.  Just stay in control of your life and your happiness.  Plan to be happy.  Budget your interests for your retirement living.  Spend your time doing what you want to do. 

Living your life by your design.

You will love the freedom that a good life plan offers.  You wake in the mornings knowing that you are working towards your goals, not someone else’s.  Make your goal being happy.  It is important.

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