Budget Your Time During Your Retirement Living

Budget Your Time During Your Retirement Living

Do you know why you should budget your time during your retirement living?  You are not alone if you did not realize this was necessary, to make sure you have a happy retirement. Budget Your Time During Retirement Living 

This time of retirement living will not last forever you know.  So why not make the most you can out of the time? 

How?  By giving attention to what you are spending your retirement living hours on or doing? 

First things first

The most important planning you can do for retirement through your working years is to budget your money to allow for saving.  Without a doubt, this is the one thing you must pay attention to.

Being happy in retirement time takes on a whole new meaning if you don’t have enough money to take care of yourself and spouse if you are fortunate enough to have one.

To go into retirement without the money to take care of yourself will ensure that your retirement living time will be less than hoped for.  Not the golden years you have dreamed of.

There are many choices for you for helping find a personal financial manager and guide.  You will not find financial guides in this article.  What you will find are suggestions for making your living time better after retirement, once there is a comfort zone of a roof over your head and food on the table.  

The days after retirement time

After retirement, you must then budget your time.  No, this time does not last forever.  Just as moving forward with a working budget works better than just buying what you need as you need it. 

Not knowing if that last splurge of a night out at an extra fancy restaurant affected your overall budget for the year is like flying in the dark.  You need to have an amount that is allocated to each month and manage from there. 

If your finances allow for those special dinners along, that is wonderful, especially if this is something that makes you happy.  Just know that you are not endangering your future with the cost.  This is a basic money management skill. 

Your timeBudget your time during your retirement living

Do you want to spend much of your valuable retirement time budget doing things that are not what you want to do and do not make you happy?

This is not the path to a happy retirement.  Not the way to those golden years of retirement.

As you have discovered, there are many parts of retirement living that are wonderful.  Just what you wanted this time to be when you were working those hours and saving your money for this time.

Not a guaranteed time

However, even when you have done the saving and lived to retirement time, you are not guaranteed to be as happy or as satisfied during this time as you had hoped for.

Spending any of your retirement time being unhappy is a waste that can not be reclaimed.  Just like reclaiming the cost of an expensive meal out when an emergency arrives. 

Yes, your time budget is just as important.

It is up to you

Make sure you are happy with how you are living your days.  Do not let those hours of wasted time add into a big void that should have been your happy retirement time, that happy retirement time that you had looked forward to. 

Think about it, there are 24 hours in a day.  To remain healthy and able to enjoy your retirement living, you will need at least 6 hours of sleep every night.  Most will need more.  So 7 x 6 = 42 hours of this 168 hour week.

Then there are 4 weeks in a month.  24 X 7.  That is only 168 hours a week. Not so many, huh?  After the sleep deduction, what about the time out for taking care of yourself?  Exercising?  Preparing healthy meals? Grooming? Next, there is time to clean and maintain your living space. 

Are you getting the idea?  Are you going to spend all your retirement living time doing things that do not make you happy? 



Then there are only 4 weeks in a month.  Only 672 hours in a month.  Now this totals to only 175,200 hours for an average retirement life of 20 years.  Do you see what happens when you let part of this precious time get away from you? 

What happened to that endless time of retirement 

You need to think of this time allowance just as you would your social security check. 

Remember the shock when you thought about the totals involved with that “little ole check?” 

Just as a reminder to you, this information looked at as a whole is a bit different than when you look at a monthly check.  Using the amount of $1500 a month, which is what most people collect minus a bit or add a bit more.  At $1500 a month, $1500 X 12 = $18,000! 

If you only live 20 years, $18,000 x 20 = $360,000.00! 

You are trusting the United States government to look after this for you and see that you get your check for the next 20 years regularly.  So far, things have been going well.  Now, do you see the necessity of staying aware of developments concerning your social security funds? 

PlanBudget your time during your retirement living

Planning enables you to get the most of your financial budget. 

Equally planning will enable you to get more from your retirement living time budget. 

How will you spend your time budget?  Your allotted time to not have to work if you are able to retire? 

What about that time you physically can’t work? 

Yes, plan those times that are important to you.  Will you exchange 6 hours of your life playing golf with someone you do not want to spend time with?  Would you enjoy more, a round of golf with another person? 

Don’t allow someone to bully you into spending your precious retirement living budget in a way that does not make you happy.  Don’t be the one in the bunch who is miserable and does not want to be there. 

Decide that you are not obligated to go if this does not make you happy.  These little decisions have huge repercussions for your time. 

You know how much an impulse purchase can have on a budget when not considered and thought through.  If the 6 hours of golf with even someone you like does not make you feel good or makes you depressed, don’t go.


You are the gatekeeper for the hours of your time.  Will you let anything that crosses your path be the cause for wasteful time?  Why not make a time budget? 

Give yourself the gift of control of your retirement living time?  This is your time, you deserve to be happy.  Here you won’t find a tight time schedule comfortable.  A loose flexible schedule that fits you is worth taking the time to plan.  Will you do this for yourself now?  Maybe the suggested ways to plan given in this article will help get you started.





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