Build Stamina By Running! Is It The Best Way For Senior Adults?


Build stamina by running  

Build stamina by running, is it the best way for senior adults?

How is your stamina since you retired?  Have lots of energy?  So build stamina by running.  Is it the best way for senior adults?

 Always ready to take on another chore?  Getting all the chore list completed?  Not having leftover chore list when the energy is used up?  Even worse having some good day left at the end of your energy supply.  

Let’s look at this. build stamina by running . Is it the best way for senior adults?

This is just another part of retirement I forgot to prepare for.

 The regulating of my energy supply?  Should not be a major part of the retirement time, but I found that it was.

I had my routine that allowed survival stuff, doing what had to be done.   But here I was, sadly short of being excited about helping in the yard, or the garden.

The plan I had been using was O K, not great but O K

At least, until I decided to take the challenge and enroll in The Wealthy Affiliate Open University platform.  Then I found that this opportunity that I had searched for required that I study and learn.  The lessons were well done, but still had to be read and studied and the homework completed.  

Then I found that this opportunity that I had searched for required that I study and learn.  The lessons were well done, but still had to be read and studied and the homework completed.  

I learned how to make money online from home 

Yes, I learned to build sites, and add content.   Get a marketing plan going.  But it did not happen by itself.  I had to work at it, and this is where my issues developed.  

You could not sit with a laptop in your lap and learn.  You have to read.  And think.  Watch videos.  And listen to lectures.  

You can not sleep close to the computer.  And just “transfer” the education to your brain at night.  

So this is when my problem began.  I was just making it through the days.  Getting the chore list done most days, but not having energy left over for fun stuff.  I was just ready to crash by noon. If you are this kind of tired, you can not learn.  You can not work on an online marketing plan.  build stamina by running? is it the best way for senior adults? Are you ready to take some positive steps to improve your life and increase the energy and stamina? 

You can not sit down and learn if the chores are not done.

The trash emptied.  The dusting is done occasionally. Meals prepared. Someone has to shop for groceries. Prepare meals.  This does not happen by itself.  

At least at my house, it did not. My husband, Mr. B and I both contribute.  We both have our share of chores and responsibilities to do.  

Learning how to do things online takes energy.   Maybe not a lot, but it will take some.  If your energy stores are low, these chores may take all the energy your have.

Seems to be one way           

Some online research also brought some not so exciting results. There did not seem to be a magic pill, nor exotic excelsior to make this situation any better.   Build stamina by running. Is it the best way for senior adults?A healthy diet and exercise are the one way to a healthy retirement

Sure there were some products advertised to produce great results with no changes in my habits.  

Take these products and you would find yourself feeling as you had when you were a teenager.

You would have so much energy.   And it all happens while you sleep. For some reason, I still do not believe that is true.   

None of these were recommended for “senior adults” anyhow. They all carry the disclaimer to check with my Dr. before starting and diet and exercise plan. 

I can see the roll of the eyes now if I had an appointment and asked for an opinion of the products offered.  My Dr. has been telling me for some time now that the extra weight I carry is a problem.  Mentioning diet overhaul and walking daily.

The solid, reputable information sources all seemed to go with the idea that you needed to have a balanced diet, and exercise.   How can that be?  That is the same ole stuff I have heard all my life.  (Yes, that is a long time, I have been blessed)  

Build Stamina By Running?  Is it the best way for senior adults?  

You would think in this day and time with all the advances in technology and medical science, these age-old methods would have bit the dust.  After another session of several wasted hours trying to find a magic formula I admitted defeat in the search for magic.  

I decided my time was better spent developing a plan to be able to enjoy the new thing I wanted to add to my life.

This learning to make money online from home, and building a business online, residual income- all that is wonderful.  You still need the energy to move forward with what you are learning.

This learning to make money online is not “just going to happen.” So, being a “long time pencil pusher, “I went to work with the pen and pad.  

I know that the first plan is not always the best.  Leaving myself some time for revisions of the original ideas was important.   I had to figure out a way to motivate myself to improve my life.     

In the meantime

I continued to search for suggestions and ideas for adding some of the exercises I needed for stamina, and energy.    

It is natural to fee let down at retirement time.  Especially if you are not stepping into another endeavor that keeps you excited and involved.  

Build stamina by running?  Is it the best way for senior adults?  There had to be another way.Build stamina by running. Is it the best way for senior adults? Building endurance and energy improves retirement years. Having the energy to complete tasks you take on will enhance your feelings of wellbeing

The mind is the first thing to go when one retires.  With the body falling in step.   Following close behind.  

Following close behind.  

You do not realize during the process what is happening, as you are adjusting to  retirement.  

You did earn this time to relax.  

To sleep late, have no routine.

Yes, you earned it.  However, it soon grows old for some of us.  

Had I been aware how important having something to work with. Something that you love is, for retirement time. Maybe I would have put the wheels in motion sooner.  It is easier to keep things in motion than to start from a standstill stop.  However, building anything takes energy.  Even something as 

Walking is the number one exercise for Senior Adults.

Well, that is all water under the bridge, so to start from where I am, I best get moving.  The walking is something that has always been a part of my life.  There was just this period of time when it just did not happen.

This is one fact of life that still amazes me.  How easy to lose bad habits.  How difficult to form new good ones. When I finally gave up and got started, I was surprised how quickly the whole thing began to fall in place.  

Build stamina by running?  Is it the best way for senior adults? Thankfully, research proves that my walking is a good stamina builder as well.

It did not happen overnight, but the energy returned, the stamina increased.  Seemed that the days got more productive.  I figured out how to make the changes that needed to happen. There was some time spent working with the master plan, and a number of revisions.    

My days are so much more fun.  

There is energy for some creative thinking for all the parts that go with online marketing beyond the education. Is retirement as much fun as you thought it would be? build stamina by running? Is it the best way for senior adults?


I am going to do some research for finding a piece of exercise equipment.  One that will produce the cardio exercise benefits that walking does.  

When the weather is not as comfortable, having an alternative would be good.  

There are several kinds of exercise equipment on the on the market nowadays.  So just as building a business, this building energy is a continual work in progress.

Good health that will allow you to have a more enjoyable retired phase of your life.  This deserves  your attention.  Start your retirement years off right! Develop a walking habit.

We watched our folks get old

Science was not drowning us in statistics.  The ones we see and hear about how changing a few things could give so much benefit.  

We did not know that not exercising would have such disastrous results.  

We have learned, and I have seen the difference in my life.   

Now it is time to move on to find out what else I did not know.  And did not prepare for in the retirement years.  Build stamina by running?  Is it the best way for senior adults?  Well, it may be for you, but not for me.

Here are some surprising benefits when you start walking just 30 minutes a day 

You do not have to start with 30 minutes.  You can start with walking 5 minutes away from your front door.  5 minutes back.  At least 5 days a week. Just Start.

Next week, add 5 minutes more from to your walk away from your front door. That is a 20 minute total and did not even hurt.  

You will find that building your endurance in small increments produces great results.  You are not in a race today, you are building a better body for the rest of your life.  

Walking benefits:

  • Boosted endorphins levels 
  • Help reduce glaucoma risk
  • Limits sickness
  • Improves heart health
  • Works arm and shoulder muscleswalking will provide great benefits! Build stamina by running? Is it the best way for senior adults
  • Engages abdominal muscles
  • Reduces risk of Osteoporosis
  • Strengthens legs
  • Improves balance
  • Burns fat

So, hopefully, this tale about another aspect of retirement that snuck up on me. Blindsided me completely, for a brief period of time.  Maybe it will encourage you to make some moves.  So get those wrinkles out of the retirement plan that came unexpectedly for you in your life.

Here is a link to an article about the lack of financial planning for retirement.  It is a difficult time for us, but as retirees, if we work together, we can do this. And do it well.  

So the journey continues into this time I was so unprepared for.  How about you?  Have you figured out a few answers? 

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