Can Boredom Lead To Depression In Retirement?

Can Boredom in retirement lead to depressionCan Boredom In Retirement Lead To Depression?

How can Boredom lead to depression in retirement time?  Boredom is a many-headed beast.  It can rob you of your joy. Steal your fun in retirement as quickly as anything that can happen.  Can boredom lead to depression in retirement?

How to keep your retirement fun

Are you aware of the signs? The signs of boredom?

You need to keep a watch over your life to make sure boredom is not making your “Golden Retirement Years” less than golden.

You are, after all, responsible for making your own retirement as wonderful as you can.  This time, in your life, can be full filling and give you a sense of contentment and happiness. 

However, too many of you in your retirement years tend to be bored.  Seems that nothing will keep you engaged, moving forward.  

This is a choice! 

You can make a strong start by being alert to the dangers of boredom.  Most find it easier to take action when you are aware!

You were raised in a time of outside pressures and social pressures telling you that you should be concentrating on your family and career.  

All your energies should be focused on these 2 important responsibilities in your life.

You were your proud parent’s products, made and produced in their likeness.

You were encouraged to “think for yourself” as long as it was in line with what they thought.   Your folks were raised by parents who had survived the great depression, 2 World Wars.  Their need for security for their families was true, desperate, and hard-won in such trying times.

As parents, they discussed you in great detail.  Then, of course, there came encouragement closely followed by praise for doing well.  

You thrived, wanting to please your parents and peers.  You lived your working years, and were waiting for that “Wonderful Retirement Time.”

Your parents had seen social security make such an improvement in lives all around them 

You had this “built-in” safety net, they told you.   You have heard these words all through your working years.  Oh, you will be so glad you had social security taxes taken from your paycheck, every month, when “You Retire.”

So the rest, and important part of this chant, and always will be, is to save for your future.  You seemed to wind up with an unreal expectation of how this time in your life is supposed to be.   Yes, retirement is a wonderful time for us to live in if you have prepared.

You, not knowing any different accepted the influences of your youth 

Influences from your grandparents who could remember trips across the country in wagons pulled by teams of horses.

 These same grandparents had seen the slow industrialization of our nation.  They taught their kids, your parents, the value of hard work, the disgrace of “welfare.”   Ideas that had served them well, the ones that had been instilled during their youth.

You have been fortunate to have had them clearing the way for you.  Your life is much easier, as a general rule, even if you did deal with some difficult times along the way.

How can boredom lead to depression in retirement?

As a result of arriving at retirement time in your life, you find yourselves trying to locate the life you thought you should have.

Here is the place, that even if you were wise enough to prepare financially for retirement, most did not plan for the reality of retirement.  

No work enforced schedules.  Every day is a weekend! There is not as much discipline for life, for you at this time.

You are in the “Honeymoon” phase of retirement.  Ideas bounce through your mind of all the adventures that you will have. You are retired.  This period of life is fun, but you soon tire of the lack of reality.  

You grow a bit weary trying to be entertained all the time.  

You have the need to “do” something. Actually, accomplish something.

This transition from Honeymoon to Actual Lifetime is the dangerous time for most retirees.  This is when that many-headed beast sneaks in.


Nothing in your life prepares you for this feeling of lack of direction.  If you can afford to do so, you may indulge yourself in excess, buying things you really have no need or use for. 

Taking part in activities just to be busy.  Yes, this is a difficult time.  However, you must remain alert.  Alert to this fact.  You now know that you may find the answer to “can boredom in retirement lead to depression” right here in your own life.

Where is your plan?  Can boredom in retirement lead to depression

Oh, not the financial one, but the one for “what I want to do with myself after retirement?”  If you have a spouse who is still working full-time, this is even harder to work through without a plan.  

What has worked for me

I like to work out my plans in spiral notebooks.  I’m from that time before computers, and even though I spend lots of time on the computer nowadays, I love the spiral and a pen or pencil.

Having some mind mapping, some filing, and some different ideas of how to do this firmly embedded in my “way” of doing things, I feel a sense of comfort when the spiral appears.  I could not work here if I did not have my two or three spirals, my clipboard, pencils, and pen on the desk beside me!

From the time of opening my first hair salon, the spiral notebook has been my companion. 

A way to organize my day.  The need to live with a schedule from the age of 21 has left me accepting this management system.  Without the spiral, the next nearly 40 years would have been utter chaos.

There was ample chaos along the way but would have been unmanageable without this help.  I am afraid that I have not fully used this tool, and as research is making me aware, the possibilities are limited by my ability to use.  (Sounds like the computer, does it not)

Yes, get out the method you have chosen to use to plan your life. 

Do you want your life to be boring?  Or maybe you want to learn to write professionally.  How about improving your golf game or maybe learning to cook Mexican Food?  Do you want to learn to bake cupcakes?  

Research the Bible?  Maybe learning to paint landscapes js your passion?  Is your interest in collecting antiques that could become investments?  

Some retirees decide to get another degree or learn to be a Master Gardener.  Do you want to learn to build an online business?

So many retirees start a program to make their life healthier, more active, more interesting.

You too can make your life more fun.  More enjoyable.  


You are blessed with retirement years that can be rewarding and exciting.

There will be no room for depression when your days are interesting and exciting.  

Don’t be one of the retired people who allow others to plan your life. How they want it.  

It is your life.  You can plan how you will live. There may be limitations, but you can life as fully as possible.  You are in control. You can do it. 

However, to many of You start without a plan

All too often, you abandon your attempt, and never feel that sweet feeling of accomplishment!

Yes, it is hard to learn, get in shape, whatever your goal is. 

Most worthwhile goals are difficult in some respect. If there is no plan, the difficulties are multiplied.  

You will need to review the process, make adjustments and proceed.  No need to feel that if it did not come together in one big attempt, you could not accomplish it.  That is not true.

This leads to feelings of frustration and failure.  Then, this can leave the door open in your minds for that beast, Boredom.   The boredom in retirement that leads to depression.

Help yourself have a successful retirement.  

Make some of the dreams you have reality.  Make a plan.

Yes, it is hard to stay motivated, but a plan can help you stay on track for success.  If you do not get all the way, you can review and see how far you made it, adjust and proceed.  You are not left feeling you are incapable of moving forward.  

Boredom and Depression  

When you have yourself safely away from boredom, and it’s  ever-present buddy depression, continue to plan your retirement days and life. 

Plan to stay in the positive mindset.  Yes, you can plan to stay positive.  Make sure you read positive materials. Do not allow your days to be consumed with mindless hours in front of the TV.  

Do you not think it will work for you?  How do you know?  Try it, what do you have to lose?  Do not allow boredom and depression to steal your joy.

You can also stay on the alert to help any of your friends and family who might be having trouble with this part of retirement. 

What fun is retirement if all your friends and family are depressed and not fun to spend time with?

Another thing to watch for is that you do not unknowingly sink back into this possible boredom-depression syndrome.

How can you do this?  Grab your spiral, and start a log/record.

On or about the 1st of every month, do some self-analysis.  Are things going along as planned?  Have you made some progress?

You will have ups and downs in life  

You will have changes that occur.self-evaluation is an excellent way to make sure your retirement years are really the best they can be.

This is the only chance you get.  Get it right.  (If not right, better than it might be, try it you will be surprised)sami signature can boredom lead to depression in retirement







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