Control Your Retirement Living Days

Control Your Retirement Living DaysControl your retirement living days Plan for the do nothing days

Have you made the decision about how you can control your retirement living days? 

If you want to do nothing, do nothing by choice.

This is a major, life-changing decision.  One change that must be done to make sure you live the life you want during your retirement.

Will You remain unhappy and dissatisfied or will you make a decision?  Make a plan for this decision to be able to happen?  Get busy with the changes you need to do to make this happen? Take control of your days and life?

How many friends and family have you seen just drift through this special time in their life?  From your side of the fence did you look over at what they were doing?  Did you ever wonder how they were spending their retirement living days, months, and years? 

Did they seem to be living a life they loved and enjoyed? 

Yes, I do realize that people, at retirement, should be able to have some control of their days.  All too often, time, age, or finances, or the health of yourself or a loved one play a part in this reality. 

However, I do know that too often a retiree just drifts through life, never really being happy.   Not doing the things they could to make their life a happier and more enjoyable time.

Do you want to be happy?

Some people just seem to roll with the events that happen in their lives and never take control of life for themselves.  These retirees never give themselves the permission to be happy. 

It is OK to plan some things in retirement. So plan to be happy.   

You plan your career, your vacation, why not plan your retirement living.  To plan a few things to do that will make you happy.  Paint the kitchen red or the fence purple.  Will these simple things make you happy?  Well, maybe a red curtain over the sink, and some red dishes. Then purple flowers in the flower beds. 

But do something!  Take control of your retirement living days. 

How can you do this? 

Pick up a spiral and pencil and daydream on paper. 

Whatever technique you used for planning vacations or work projects, use that one.

A suggested method of daydreaming?  What about the cloud method?  Have a cloud for each separate dream.  Draw some borders and edges. 

With a clean sheet of paper, just a few words to remind you what each dream is about will be an easy first step.  You don’t need to plan the process of the dream at this point, just enough so you know what was intended.  Remember conclusion you had in mind for yourself with the words there. 

When you have been drifting for a while, getting back into the planning will seem a bit strange, but soon you will actually feel relief when you get the thoughts on paper.

Your dream 

Getting your ideas out of your head will allow you to see whether or not that is something you are actually interested in or if you just think you should be. Often when you just think about something, you just see the results, not the changes to get there.  

Look at the calendar.  How would you like to spend your Mondays?  Tuesdays?  Write down the ideal day.  What time of day would you do this activity?  How would you make happen what you have been dreaming about during your working days?

How do you eat an elephant

All this seem to big a project?  Fine, do as you would when eating an elephant, one bite at a time.  Plan Monday morning.  Will getting up a bit earlier, getting showered and ready for the day make you feel more ready to change something? 

That is where most start, at the very start of the day.  For some, you had rather get a cup of coffee, and head for your quiet spot, take your spiral and plan. 

Get those ideas out of your head, and on the paper.  This putting personal dreams on paper is a discipline and you do have to work at it.  You have lived so long, keeping your thoughts to yourself.  Even allowing the light of day to see them on a sheet of paper is a little difficult. 

Be prepared. 

The control you feel will be worth the efforts to figure out what will really make you happy. 

For most of you, some thought and small changes will begin to make you see the rewards of taking control of your days of retirement living. 

The pay off of feeling the control in your hands, not fate or them whoever they are.

Do you have health or money limitations?  Ok. What part of your day can you control? What moves are you making to control that part? 

You will be surprised how much of your day will be under your control as you spend some time working on your plan.  How much you will be able to reclaim of your retirement excitement dream.

What is in planning for you

You will be living a life that brings you more moments of satisfaction and purpose when you step up and take control.

Even if you are working a part of your retirement days knowing what you are working for will lighten the load and make your days happier. 

Are you continuing to work because of financial need, how long will you need to do this?  Will you soon have that debt paid, so that you can fully retire?

Your goals

Working because you don’t know what you want to do, great?  Plan so that you understand that you are working to avoid retiring.  You are working to retain your life as you know it.

Your attitude about working in retirement should be that you are working on something that is important to you. Do a little bit of planning and see if there is something you can do to make your retirement living days happier to work through.

Important enough that you are willing to delay complete retirement. 

Are you working because you have not considered anything else?  Write it down so that you are in full control of what is happening and why.  You will find your “happy” in a purposeful life. 

Control your retirement living day. Still not sure about planning?  Writing things down?  Check out this guide: A Simple Plan

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