Create A Blog For Free Learn How Now

Create A Blog For Free  Learn How Now

So you think this blogging stuff sounds like fun.  Are you ready to create a blog for free?  Learn how now?

You think you are ready to:

  • Learn how it is done
  • You are ready to share your thoughts and ideas 
  • You want in on the fun  

Ok, here we go with the basics.

First things firstcreate a blog for free lean how now

#1  Why do you want to create a blog online for free? 

You need to decide what you want from a blog. 

There are different reasons people start to blog.

Blogging is really good for you.  

There is something cleansing about putting your thoughts on paper.  

So that you can see them. This can clear your head.  

Move out all that stuff that has you running in circles.  

Using a blog format is easy.  The writing is done like y

The writing is done like you are writing to a friend.

  • You will learn what you really love to share with others
  • You will learn that it is O K  to ask for help
  • You will learn that you do not know everything you want to know
  • You will be learning all the time
  • putting into practice what you learn

You will learn to communicate  

You learn to get your ideas out of your head.  Onto the computer screen.  

You learn to share with others. Explain the causes that are important to you.  As well as why they are important.  

You can, by blogging get your voice heard.  You can make a difference.

You will learn to write better.  Practice is the key. 

Blogging will get you in the habit of writing.  The more you write.  The better your writing becomes.

Do you want to blog to help learn to write?   Write a book? 

The old-fashioned publishing houses are having competition from self-publishers.  

Bloggers write.  Create a following.  

When your book is ready, there is an audience.  

If you have created an interest, they are more willing to buy it.  

The authors build on their relationships with readers using  the blog.  

Complete the first book.  Announce to your followers.  Offer then a chance to buy it.  

Write the 2nd book.  The cycle repeats itself.  (check this article about the lady we know in a nearby town)

You may want to make money by selling products or information.  

You follow the same plan.  You choose the topic you are going to write about.  

If you need some more information?  You research online.  

Write your blog.  As you understand what people are interested in, you can offer information.  

You just have to start somewhere.

Give them useful information that makes their lives better.  

Information that you would share with a best friend about a healthier lifestyle.  

  • Getting more exercise.  
  • Make better diet choices. 

Or write about

  • Where to shop.  
  • Write about the new shop in town.  
  • How to do something.
  • The latest books out.  
  • The many services available at your library.  
  • The health issue you are dealing with.  
  • The challenges in your day.  

People share with a cup of coffee every day.  They will read your blog, once they know you are there. 

You can create a blog for free.  Learn how now.

As your writing gets better, your following will increase. 

You will learn what they want to hear about.  

You will learn to share information that helps them in their daily life.  

Produce helpful information that makes their life better.  Your reader numbers will increase.  

You can write about new products and services.

You can earn commissions on purchases made.  There are many areas for a blogger with a following to make money.

If you are leading them in the right direction. 

  • Giving good information.
  • Making lives better.  
  • Suggesting quality products.  

This is what makes integrity important. You can destroy your follower’s trust, in a heartbeat.  

Especially if you don’t have their best interests in mind at all times.  

Success does not happen overnight.  It takes time.  

Your base of followers grows slowly.

You must be patient and persistent  The work is not hard, in fact, it is fun.  However, it must be done.

So, what do you want your blog to do?  How are you going to use it?  

What information do you want to share with the world?  You can create a blog for free.

Learn to create a blog for free.  

Yes, you can do this.

As in all things free, there are limitations.  No surprise, huh?

Just so we are clear with the information here:

I am presenting information to help you learn how to creare a blog for free.

It is time to  get your paper and pen. Decide why you are writing. 

Write it down.  Lay the paper so you can see what you have answered.

There should be 1 answer on the paper.

Now we need to decide where the best blogging location  for you is.

# 2    Here again, there are many free choices.

There are Blogging only platforms.

  • Word  80 million active users of Word Press.  There are many pluses to going with the “more popular.”

     They usually are more popular because they are easy to use. 

They also host your site. (give it a place to access the internet to send and receive messages)

  • Is also a blogging only site.  Easy to set up as well.  Free hostingStart your free blog. Create a blog for free
  • A very social site.  Is also blogging platform, with free hosting.

Write it down.  

There is some confusing information out there.  

It is easy to lose sight of what you have already decided. 

You now have 2 important bits of information! 

The reasons you are blogging, the what and why.

Now where has been added.

At this point, there should be 3 answers on your answer sheet.  

You have written them down, haven’t you?  

# 3    A hosting plan!  A free one or self-hosting? (one you pay a fee for)

All 3 of the platforms above offer free sites and free hosting.  This is what you are looking for, right?  FREE

Well, just a moment, let’s think about this.

You will not own your domain with a free host.  You will have less control over your URL. 

Then there are a few limits to what you can do with your free blog:  

  • You will not have a pretty URL!
  • You can’t fully monetize your blog.
  • You will not be able to share all the videos and images you might want to.
  • You will not own your own blog.  

It is hosted on the web in a location that belongs to someone else.   They can delete it if they choose. 

Please be assured.   They can and do exercise this ability from time to time.

You will lose all your hard work. iThe work you did putting together blogs for your site.  

When you start spending hours

  • Researching your topics.    
  • Then all the writing.  
  • Editing to get them ready to publish. (Not something these 3 platforms will help you with)  

You want to protect them.

So a reasonable approach to this blogging idea:

if you are not seriously considering this as a money making kind of venture:

  • A free site can let you practice
  • Get a chance to check blogging out  

You may decide

  • That this is not as much fun as you thought.  
  • Or it may really be interesting and exciting.  
  • It may become your next addiction.

If making money is the end result you are after?  

You will want to find a hosting site.  Usually for less than $10 a month.  There are some pretty good deals.   So check them out.

*Reason I went with a platform membership.  To learn and host my blogging efforts?  

At the free level, you can host 2 sites, forever.  

Zero cost forever.  Wealthy Affiliate University information here.

With a self-hosted blog.  On your own domain name.  

  • You are the actual owner of your blog.
  • You will be able to have a name of your choice.  
  • You are able to create a blog title you choose.  
  • It is your creation.

Yes, you will want to control as much of the naming process as possible.

*All of this was news to me.  

More reason I recommend using Wealthy Affiliate University for starting a blog. 

With their training, you find out all this stuff that you need to know for free.  

The training leads you step by step. 

You are not having to search and research.

You simply follow the training as it is laid out, 1, 2, 3.  So simple.

You can sign up for their free level of membership.  This will allow you to set up your site.  Take the first level of training for FREE.

You make the choice.  You can become a paying member when, and if the time is right for you.

There are many hundreds of thousands of bloggers.  Each with their own style of blogging.  

Finding your personal style makes writing easier.  Increases your following.  

With practice, your blogging  will improve.  Your site will begin to be noticed by Google.

*(I did not want to take the time to read and research.)  

I took the short cut.  You guessed it- Wealthy Affiliate.   I had to learn somewhere.  Why not here? 

There were actual classes.  Assignments teaching me how to blog.  I could create a blog for free.

Then the network community.   Experienced online marketers.   Marketers who had been doing this for years.  

They gave suggestions about how to write better blogs. 

These are the people I want to follow, ones that have a proven track record.)

Knowing how much help I would need.  Just to make me feel confident in my skill level.  

There just did not seem to be time for the trial and error method.

However, as this is a Learn For Free post

Here are some guidelines.  Taken from the more structured classes.

When you are looking at someone’s blog online:

  • Look at how the site looks.  
  • What kind of subjects are covered? So you will need to make notes.
  • Do you agree with their opinions?
  • Are their skills apparently in line with your skills?
  • Do you want to model your blogs along these lines?

Oh my goodness, more decisions. Create a blog for free. Learn how now.

*Thank goodness for Wealthy Affiliate when I was doing all this.

I was not, and still am not a computer guru.

I am a “newbie”.  Will probably always be a “newbie” in the computer field.   

*With absolutely no skill to my name, I chose to go with a hosting program that:

  • Taught me how to blog
  • Taught me how to back up my postings
  •  How to build a site.  With no coding
  •  All the skills that were needed were in one location
  •  Offered support through online videos
  • Offered online network community support
  • Offered awesome technology support.
  • Plus the free hosting for my site    
  • All on my schedule  24 / 7

With a lack of self-confidence, it just seemed to make sense.  

Do not make this any harder than it had to be. 

I chose to join the Wealthy Affiliate program.

Now back to this hosting thing.   You do have to have a hosting service.  

This can be Free.  You need more skill than I had.  

With a free level of hosting, you have limited to no technological support. 

*Again for me, this is a foreign language. 

The peace of mind in knowing I have help to call on.

Yes, I signed up as a paying member.  I did not actually have to, to be able to learn to blog.  

 Just to remind you, I knew nothing.  Zilch.  Nada.

Make the hosting choice.   

About creating a blog online for free.  

Who has time for all this research?  Why not just get busy and learn to blog?

However, if you want to do it the hard way.   Do not want to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate.

Do not want to go with one of the 3 platforms mentioned above?

Just put “free website hosting” in your search panel.  Make your choice and sign up. 

# 4   Now for the fun part.  Designing your site.Create a blog for free

Directions should be available from where ever you select to Blog. 

Read and follow to make the site yours. has a fairly easy design base.   You will soon be able to have your site uniquely yours.

*At Wealthy Affiliate we use Word Press themes.  Host on the membership site. 

My URL is  When I need help there is help available.  

Making the site mine has been a labor of love.  

Writing the blogs for posting was a learning experience.

This is all done with the help of a very supportive community.

Another thing that helped me feel more comfortable with online transactions?  

I set  up a pay pal account.  

If you have not done this yet, I suggest doing so. 

I am from the old school.  I think we do not need to be careless.  

Not with our credit card information.  Our bank information.  

We need to take some precautions.

I was asked for a credit card number when signing up to upgrade.  

I was going from my $19 first month fee to the Premium annual fee with Wealthy Affiliate. 

I waited until the last day to go premium. ( I forgot that Paypal transactions are not immediate.)

I was asked for a credit card number.

This was the first time I had been asked to enter my credit card information.

I had been active during my free week.   Plus the special priced first month.  

With access to all levels of training and support.  

All other fees have paid have been through pay pal account.

I am not saying that I think Wealthy Affiliate is not security careful. 

I am saying it is a layer of security I chose to do.  

I choose this for Amazon purchases or any other online purchases.  

# 5  Now you start blogging. 

*Or with our Wealthy Affiliate free platform go to your keyword tool. 

Look up your keywords.  Start writing.  So simple.  

Of course, you will go through a lesson or two. Find out about keywords. How to use them.

Come on.   What are you waiting for?  Click on this   Enter your email and get going.  

Why waste days?  Weeks looking for that free stuff.   Located all over everywhere?Create a blog for free

Everything is free right here.



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