Decide To Be Happy With Your Retirement Living

Decide To Be Happy With Your Retirement Living

You can decide to be happy with your retirement living. You can make this decision, you know.   During retirement, you make decisions every day. There is the decision to clean house, the one about putting gas in the car, buying groceries.  Yes, they are small decisions but all added together are in the flow of your day. Yes, you can make the decision to be happy with your retirement living.Decide to be happy with your retirement living

Have you decided to be happy? See it is not that hard to decide to be happy. That is the first step.  Very similar to deciding to make other changes in your life, a decision must be made.

You have to be willing to step up and take control of your life.  Are you ready to do this?

Willing to step up and take control of your life?

Too many of you are miserable because you allow yourself to be!  You start the day with a negative mindset. With no plan to make things better.

Never is there a time that your life reflects your fame of mind (mindset) more completely than during retirement.

Are you in control of your mindset?

Do you know how to do this? 

First of all, Congratulations to you if your retirement is as happy as you had planned.  You have entered retirement living ahead of the game. 

For some, it takes a bit longer, and for them, we ask your indulgence.

If you are curious about how you got to this state of being happy with your retirement living, the following suggestions are probably a part of your everyday life habits.  Then there are those who are kinda happy with retirement, but not completely. 

There is something missing

You feel that you are missing out on something.  Not sure just what, just “something.”

This feeling of loss of control of your life?  The loss of control that retirement can bring to your life will contribute to the feeling that you are loosing out on some part of retirement living that you should be enjoying. 

So what to do? 

Take control of your life

Are you happy with your retirement living?  Grab a pad of paper and a pencil and let’s get to work on it and figure out why you are not completely happy.

What about this morning?  Do you wake with a good feeling about your day?  Do you have some things you want to do? Things that need doing, projects going?  Think about it. 

So, now to this elusive happiness thing.

What makes you happy? Decide to be happy during your retirement living

Write it down. 

What particular thing about this morning wasn’t how you wanted it to be? Was it the time of day you got up?  Was there clutter in your sleeping area that was a bit disconcerting?  You prefer an orderly start to your day.  You slept later than you intended to do?  What was the thing that made you not have a good start for your day?

Add that to your list.

No, writing things down does not change them, but the act itself can make you aware of where you can make changes in the way the day starts to ensure a great day. 

The actual act of writing down what bothered you about your morning and getting started may also make you know that you just decided to not feel good about the day.

Maybe there was not a reason you did not feel good, but you let the negative news media reports get your happy. The smallest unimportant happening can be blown into a full-scale revolt and “negative going to hell in a handbasket” kind of report if that is how someone decides to report it.

What will you decide?

You can just as easily decide to feel good about the day.  Will you decide to be happy for the day?

If you are not able to change what made you unhappy, maybe you can change the time of day and how this unpleasant thing intrudes into your life.  You deserve to be happy. 

You can take control

Unfortunately, this is usually important to you and you only.  Sharing your “unhappy” sometimes have undesired results. 

So- writing it down is a safe thing to do.  This gets the ideas out of your head and down to where you can see them.  Then you can begin to plan how to change this part of your day.

Hearing a friend talk about the complications that dealing with a colostomy bag had changed for her life, I realized, my life had no problems. 

The fact that this had to be dealt with first thing in the morning made her feel that she had become such a freak.  A person who was abnormal. The care for this new part of her life started her day.  Caused her to start the day feeling down with her life.

Changes and the effects

She lost sight of the blessings this intrusion on her life brought.  Yes her life was different.  This altering of how the before now invisible parts of the body functions made her sad, and think all sorts of negative things.  There are surely more pleasant ways to start the day. 

Then we began to write all the good things on a napkin at the sandwich shop where we were having lunch.  We started making a list of what she did not like about the care of this change in her life.  Her phone rang and there was the news that another friend whom she had met while in the hospital learning how to live with the alterations to her body.

Count your blessings

The news was not good, her doctor had decided that she could no longer handle the responsibilities of this colostomy bag and ordered her to a healthcare facility   Permanently. 

She could no longer live at home, even in her retirement center home.  She had to have 24-hour care.  Her cat would not be allowed to move with her.

So what are some positives?  For one thing, she can continue to stay in her home and be independent.  Enjoy her hobby of gardening.  Visit friends and family as before.  Live life on her terms. 

Has this life been changed? Yes, it has.  Her dreams of retirement needed an overhaul in how she would decide to be happy in retirement living.   

My friend, retirement has its’ own set of problems and as your body ages, your mindset is most important to your happiness.  So how can you help your mindset to a more positive and happier side? 

How to start

Add some fun activities to your day. If you, as my friend does have to start your day with an unpleasant but necessary task, give yourself a reward after its’ completion. 

Maybe a quiet time of reading positive thinking material.  I know, that does not sound particularly fun, but living all day with a positive mindset can be fun. 

Come on, get with the program.  What can you do to shake up how you have been starting the day?  All the years you were working and raising a family you did not have so much time make a difference in your own life.

Dream Wishes

Now it is your time. 

Think outside the box with this list of what it takes to make you happy.  Be almost childlike in expressing your dreams. 

This in itself is such a revealing thing to do.  You will be surprised.  While going through this exercise the first time since retirement I found that what I thought I wanted for retirement and what was on my list were very different. 

My “Dream Wishes” sheet had many little cloud bubbles on it with some pretty far out ideas. Some were kept and moved onto the Dream List.

Dream List 

Get your mind ready for some different thinking.  When you quit trying to live the life you thought you were supposed to live in retirement and move on to the one that is your dream you will find happiness.

Fill your life with positive thoughts and ideas.

Challenge for you:  If this has not been the best year of your life ever, then what will you do to make it better?  To make it the very best?  The happiest? The one you really do deserve. Decide to be happy with your retirement living.


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