Do You Have The Mind Set To Work From Home Online?

Do you have the mind set to work from home online?

One of the first things that you should consider when thinking about Making Money From Home Online is MIND SET.  Do you have the mind set to work from home online?  

Are you one who doesn’t shine in a large office with lots of activity going on around you?  

There are those who don’t do well in a home office, working alone. 

This change is often abrupt.  Often this is quite a surprise.  Have you determined what direction you want your work at from home career to take? 

There are some personalities who are just better in a closely supervised situation. 

Do you have the mind set to work from home?

For some, it is a lack of people contact  

For all the disagreeable people you meet in the office place, there are usually some great ones. This gives the daily experience some balance.  

When working at home, the day may pass with no one appearing on your doorstep.


Do you have a schedule, a time clock?  These things help regulate the day, with a JOB.  

When you become your own boss? All of a sudden you are in control of these factors.  

The competition that arises when working in a group setting?  The kind that makes the challenge more fun gives you a reason to work harder, smarter or longer.   

When you are working from home, you are on your own.  Do you have the mind set to work from home online?

There is nothing to trigger you on.  The goals and deadlines must be met, regardless.

That friendly tug of war with being first in line for praise and recognition is no longer a part of your workday.  

You may think that these little things are unimportant.  And for some, they are not important.  This lack of competition will make no difference.    

Which one are you?  Did you know that you can change your mindset about working at home?


Are you ready to make the decisions for the direction your business will take? 

I was not comfortable, handing over my credit card information to have thousands charged to it for a “turn-key” business that was promoted to be done for me.  

According to the hype, I should make thousands through the year if everything goes well.  

I just had this suspicion that if it was that good, they probably wouldn’t be selling it, they would be running it.  I had seen too many offers similar to this.  

You may be ready for a sizable investment.  

One to make your online business ideas a reality.  

You will find information here on this site for you as well.

I do think there are ideas and plans and software that can be purchased that would take some of the work out of the process, make the job easier. 

At this point, I did not have a clue and could be sold the most outdated software there is.  

What to do when you don’t know the difference?   So I decided to check out a bit more.  I was understanding the question of “do you have the mind set to work from home online?” The other steps of having an online business were interesting.


  • Thought I had one.  It was a bit more explicit than the standard “Get rich quick idea, but not a lot.
  • Did not think things through. 
  • Was not committed in my decision.  
  • Had to spend sometimes floundering. 
  • Wasted more time after I got in a good educational program  
  • Slower making progress than I should have been.  
  • A great training program, with the exact information I needed.  
  • I had no plan.


My inbox continued to be stuffed with the updated versions of what I had been drooling over for 10 years.

  • Instant success  
  • New cars  
  • Large new homes 
  • So much out there
  • I would need no training  
  • Get out your credit card, only $1199  $3999

Those offers assured me of success.  However, I still hesitated, unsure of how to proceed.


These claims belong in the Dream World and have no place in a real, everyday world.  

Reality check.  

This is an important step in the process.  

I did not realize how important until further along, on my path to becoming an online marketer.  


  • Is it just something that is exciting and fun to think about?
  • Like winning the lottery?  
  • Are you willing to work and continue working to get there?

Do you have the mindset to work from home online?

You know you can do this.   

Of course, you can do it.

It is not difficult.  It does require some discipline.  

Oh my, what fun to have a following of readers.

I had 10 years of researching this idea of having an online business. Looking for a way to make money from home.  

I would have to learn how. My computer skills were weak.   One would think I knew all this stuff.  But, I did know.  Did I make the most basic of plans?

Take the time to make a real plan?  No, I did not.  There was not any time spent thinking things through.  As a result, there were wasted days, weeks, months, and years.

MY PLAN Has changed as I learned how to help others 

For me, right now, a written version of that plan is necessary to keep me on track.

When starting the education part, I was willy-nilly all over the place.  

Then it became apparent.  There was a need for a plan.  One that was written down.  

There is so much you are learning.  It soon becomes overwhelming.

If you have some computer skills and training, you will be a step ahead. Ahead in understanding and for completing the lesson assignments to get your online business underway. 

IF YOU DO NO MORE than email and google a bit, you can do this  

You just may do things twice over to get proficient in the skills needed.  

Then, I WAS having FUN with the learning, checking out all the information available, reading for FUN.  Enjoying the social part of the networked community a bit too much.

Do you have the mind set to work from home online?

When I realized this, I had been less than efficient for 4 weeks.

Was not very far along with what I needed to get done.

However the second time through the training:

  • I had learned enough that things began to make sense. 
  • Then, I began to remember things and realize the steps to complete to get my website built.  
  • Nex, I realized that education is multi-layered.  
  • You have to have groundwork, to be able to learn new stuff, I’d not yet learned the first layer.
  • So I just kept plugging away, and on the  2nd time through, some more stuck.  
  • Now there began to be a foundation to build my education on.  
  • I ALSO REMEMBERED WHY I was doing all this-

My Business Plan was in front of me and made it easier to refocus on what I needed to do. 

You will have your own way to work through the program.  It WILL happen.

Also, you can learn toYou will Make Money Working From Home Online too.

When I learned that I could do this online work, I was so excited.  

My retirement days were no longer boring and uneventful.  Putting my brain back to work was one of the best things that happened to me since I retired.  

My  PLAN became stronger, I began to have some discipline.  

The education part of my program began to be something besides gibberish. The words and phrases were finally having some meaning to me.  I no longer felt the vocabulary alone was an enemy, not my friend.  

This was sinking in.  This was a skill I could learn.

YOU WILL GROW as well, and be able to schedule yourself to be successful, with the correct MINDSET.

Wealthy Affiliate Open Education University is the program that worked for me.  

Do you have had a dream of an online stream of income?  Want your own career online?

Have money deposited into your checking account every month? 

Having money that you have created from your own business online?  

Do you have the mindset to work from home online?

Check it out.  

  • Will this work for you?  Do you have the mind set to work from home online/
  • It is free to sign up and check out.  
  • This is not a get rich quick scam.  
  • The real way to learn about this fascinating world of online marketing. 

Click this link to get your online business education started right now.  Check it out and see what you think.  The first week is free, and you will have a week to check it out before you are asked for payment.  No Credit Card information needed till the end of the trial week.  How about you, do you have a mind set for success?




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