Is Drinking Hot Water Good For You?


Is Drinking Hot Water Good For You?  Is drinking hot water good for you?

As this question keeps reappearing in articles in magazines concerning health issues I decided to do a bit of research and see what could find out about the difference in hot and cold water drinking. 

This question of “Is drinking hot water good for you?”

What do you think?  Which side of the fence are you on?  Or will you try balancing on the edge?  

Would having a natural hot water fountain near your home make drinking hot water easier?  The hot water in natural hot water springs would seem a bit healthier. However, most of us do not have that option.  We must decide for ourselves to heat the water. 

As a personal preference,  I find I enjoy hot water some, as well as cold water the rest of the time.  Matter of fact, some days consuming both, hot and cold will happen.  

So my study of water and how it works in your body has taken me from just wondering and into seriously searching for answers. Answers about why we should drink more water.  These answers have taught me about how to care for my body as it is aging.  

As well as there has been insight for some of the things that happen as we get older.  Being somewhat of a DIY kind of person, I have done a good bit of research.  While research has changed, from the way we did go about the process to the possibilities of this knowledge age.  

The research itself takes time.  That is why I am sharing the information with you.  You are also busy and don’t really have time to research a lot.  This water information can make the difference for a healthier body.

Hot or Cold

I find it interesting as I did my research online about the “best kind for you, hot or cold.”  Unfortunately, my newly acquired knowledge does not make the “better” one for you clear.  

They both have their place in our day. It is agreed by all that drinking “enough” water is the desired goal.  Most agree with the theory of 1 oz. of water for every 3 lbs. you weigh being the minimum amount you should drink each day. 

As we need water to dissolve the food we eat, just having water present in our body is a step in the right direction.  

Being able to access a report by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj M.D. concerning some actual patients in his practice got me started.  

Enough Water

Having enough water to enable your digestive system to function is the most important thing.  “Enough” is the keyword not hot or cold.

According to his report, drinking 2 cups, or 16 oz. of water 30 minutes before a meal is the most beneficial.  Your stomach will have emptied the water in about 30 minutes.  The water is then available to your digestive system to use as needed. 

When you eat food, and the food is in your stomach your digestive process is self-primed to begin the process of getting the nutrients extracted.  Your stomach will start the food on its way to meet your body’s needs.

Digestion Process

 Actually, the chewing and swallowing of your food are where the process starts.  This is what causes the digestive reaction to automatically kick in.   At the start of this process, your stomach will cause water to dump on the contents you just ate. 

If the water is consumed 30 minutes before you eat, there will be enough water readily available for the digestion to start.  This will enable the complete digestion process to take place as we were DNA programmed. 

If you eat and do not drink water before hand, the body must use some of the stored water to start the digestion process.  The whole thing will happen, the digestion process will override some of the other needs of the body. 

The brain needs energy.  This will cause the digestion process to be more important than, say repairing cartilage in your body.  This will cause the depletion of other parts of the water storage system.   As well,  there will be a more sluggish response in other parts of your body.  As for instance is the sleepy feeling we get a few minutes after eating.

Drink water before eating

If you have consumed the recommended 2 cups of water before the meal, you will not usually have this sluggish time to deal with unless you are dehydrated overall. 

You will be more alert all day.  Consuming water will give your body the energy it needs to continue through your day, doing what you do.

Hot or cold water

Now the issue of hot or cold water being better for you.  Research does not actually support which is better. 

There have been some reports of hot water increasing your metabolism and therefore more calories used in a day. 

My search did not bring up any actual research supporting the theory.  So because of the lack of documented proof, I find this claim hard to support.  

However, with the present research that allows closer monitoring of how our bodies react, this may change.  I would love to see proof supporting the statement about the advantage of the hot water.  

Not really conclusive

I would like to be able to assure you that drinking hot water first thing in the morning would cause the body to start burning calories faster.  That this was a continuing action throughout the day. 

However, I fear that this idea got mixed with the idea that caffeine causes the heart to beat faster.  A cup of hot water first thing in the morning is an O-K thing.  It feels good in the stomach.  Adding a bit of lemon and honey also taste so good.  If you have a cup of hot water first, you could experience a more soothing first cup of coffee. 

I like 2 cups of water, first thing in the morning, as Dr. F. Batmanghelidj found in his clinical research.  These are cool water.  It takes too long to drink hot water for me.  These amounts of water will contribute to a healthier functioning body system.  The energy produced in your body with drinking enough water will also give you a morning pick up.  

Hopefully, you have found another reason to make sure that you are drinking the amount of water you need for a healthy body.  The digestive track can cause you much concern as you age.  You get tired and worn out.  The careless ways of your younger years catch up to you.  Your bad habits can cause problems you were unaware of.  

Try it.  You may decide you do not need that additional cup of coffee.  How will you take this information and make your life better?  Happier?  Healthier? This link will take you to a guide to some help for drinking more water.  Drinking hot water good for you


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