Education = Brain Exercise

Education = Brain Exercise

Research has proved that education is one of the best and easiest brain Exercises For Senior Adults.  Why does science keep proving that education = brain exercise for those senior adults?  Plain and simple, like any other muscle, once you quit using the brain, you will begin to suffer brain decline.

We just have to keep learning new things.  Exercising our brains. By far the easiest of all treatments for the mind.  

Learning new things can help keep our minds fit and able.  Keep our bodies younger.  Concentrate on staying more active.  How? Continue to learn in our retirement years.education = brain exercise

We all know that exercise and using your muscles is the way to keep them in shape.  Learning something new is certainly good exercise for your brain, which is, after all, a muscle.

There are also other benefits of learning something new

Once the honeymoon time of retirement is done, what is next?  

Most of the time, after retirement, you see fewer people.  You are less socially active.  

There may be a few things you enjoy doing.  There are activities you are participating in.   Mostly you are just not interacting with as many different people.   You are becoming somewhat isolated.

Yes, retirement is like any other phase of life that you live through.  You must step up and take control.  Otherwise, you may find that this time in your life does not live up to your expectations.  

To allow your life to just drift along. Not be fun or interesting. Now that can make the retirement years lose their charm! Make you sick and old before your time.

Don’t be unaware how your life is going and just allow life to drift and pass on, just allow it to happen.  

What is your new career  

You are going to need to guide and control this career.  Just like any other career.  Do not allow retirement to be something that finds you looking forward to “dying” to get out of it.

Your social life usually changes when you enter your retirement years. You find yourselves not seeing as many people socially.  Not interacting as much.  Certainly not using your brain and mind.  Not reacting to social stimuli and not conversing as you did before retirement. 

You tend to drift into a slower mode!

Which is to be expected.  A bit of a slow down that should also be planned for. There are limits to how slow we should allow ourselves to become.  You must have a plan and not allow your brain to just drift into neutral, never to shift again.

As a retired senior citizen, you need activities that are both social and mentally stimulating to make sure your retirement years do not end up being boring.  You need a purpose in your life.  

Retirees who find themselves without anything they want to do:

  • Get sick more often
  • Are sicker when they do become ill
  • Fight depression more often than those who are more active
  • Find eating habits change and you become less healthy
  • Life is lived more like a hermit, a member of the whiners and complainers

Yes, you want to be able to slow down some, do more of what you want to do.  Less of what you do not want to do.

However, you surely do not want to allow boredom and depression into your life. This is under your control.   

If you did not plan ahead very much for retirement.  There are some adjustments that need to happen.  In your thinking, and your daily life habits. There is too much opportunity for boredom and its sidekick, depression when you do not plan some activities to enjoy and look forward to.

It is very important to make sure that pair of crooks doesn’t rob you of your happiness in retirement. 

There is help

Even the federal government has gotten on the bandwagon of education for senior adults. 

There have been a number of bills passed.  These bills make it possible for the colleges to offer free access to classes and courses for senior adults.  You can study right along with the incoming students in the classroom.

  • Have you always wanted an in-depth study of World War One? 
  • Wanted to take some language history?
  • Maby study within the social services?
  • Be able to understand why things worked out as they did?
  • Something that has caught your interest?  

This article helped me think about the different subjects that might be interesting and could give you some ideas as well!

Marketing Courses

The marketing courses are very interesting to me, along with all the basics of computer training.  If I had not been so into online marketing, computer science would have been the secondary interest.  

However being retired now, my years of living have been a stern teacher about biting off more than you can chew.  So should the time ever come that I feel I have learned all I need to about the online marketing computer science will be next?

Seniors are living longer

Some of these years spent learning new things just make sense in my life. We want to live these years in good health.  Practicing healthy lifestyle habits. Good eating habits. Exercising.

One of the reasons the federal government has gotten on the education bandwagon is the benefit of a happier and healthier older population.  The better educated you are, the better your odds of leaving a healthier life in retirement.  

Then there are the social benefits of education!  Most of the time when you become better educated, you take better care of yourself.  The end result is a longer and healthier life.  A positive for our finances.   Not having to be so concerned about health care costs. 

The longer we live, as a population, the more financially secure we normally become.  Did you realize that living long usually made you wealthier?.  Those in Monico outlive us by 10 years.  The reason?  They are more highly educated on the average.  

Did you know that we in America did not have the longest lifespan in the world?  This was surely a surprise to me. Yes, education = brain exercise.

Reason enough to continue education  

As education is one of the best brain exercises for senior citizens, what can you do to help yourself to a better life as a retired senior?  Is continuing to learn the ticket for you?  The best way to live your retirement years?

The education level of a society affects you on so many levels.

  • Education offers you mental stimulation
  • You gain social interaction
  • Education helps you prevent depression  
  • Relieves your boredom. education = brain exercise
  • Increases your self-esteem  
  • Increases your awareness of world situations  
  • Furnishes you positive information to build your life on

When this site was started I really did not know how important education was for senior adults and staying healthy. 

Do you love to learn?   

The challenge for you as a retired senior citizen is to live the best, healthiest and happiest retirement years that you can. 

Keeping your brain exercised is an important part of the whole process.

Like taking care of your health, eating well and exercising, these are under your control.  You can also decide to learn something new. 

A new hobby.  Read.  Learn a new skill.  You can also make the decision to make your retirement years happier.


Building a site online to provide you this information

This online education was of interest, and naturally my first focus for research.  However, as I have wanted to bring more information to this site, the “in classroom” options needed to be brought to your attention as well.  

You may not care about learning at home. 

You may feel the need of being in a classroom, hearing the lectures in person. Each of you has your own idea of how you want to pursue your education during your retirement years. 

Online learning.

I have been pleasantly surprised at how the networking within the online groups can make one feel that there is someone almost like my study partner.  Someone who will help with whatever question you have for your education. 

The support offered in my classes by experienced online marketers is so helpful.  

This makes the education that is available in online classes make sense. 

To get advice from someone who has been making money online for 10 to 15 years is advice that very few have access to.

You can find out for yourself how working with the Wealthy Affiliate Open University plan that can be found here. 

Check it out and see what you think. Talk about education = brain exercises.  

I do suggest that you read the article at “Let’s Talk Wealthy Affiliate University“.  This is my personal experienceEducation = brain exercise with this online learning.  

It can be yours as well.

How will you make your retirement years better?  Is learning how to build a business online in your future?









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