Find Happiness After Retirement? Build Your Business For These Changing Times.

Find happiness after retirement. Build your business for these changing times

Find Happiness After retirement?  Build Your Business For These Changing Times?  

Find happiness after retirement.  Will you find happiness by building a business for these changing times? 

Did you realize that retirement would be such a change? That when you retired there would an adjustment time?

Time of adjustment

I have had my share of changes through life and they probably are not over.  

Retirement did not seem too bad to consider.   Like most people, as they retire, I wanted to have fun in retirement.  

Retirement should let me learn to skateboard, shouldn’t it? Retirement is the time for fun and games.  Doing what you want to do when you wanted?  

Change is coming

You can see it, can feel it, read about it, hear about it.

Change is as inevitable as the rising sun.  Can’t stop it.  Nor can you escape it.   

Make sure that change makes you happy.  You are in control of your retirement years.  

Don’t let others make your retirement living anything less than a great time of your life. The one that you have dreamed of.  

Changing Lives

You may not have asked for a divorce that left you with fewer resources.   An illness that left you unable to do some of the fun things you had planned.  Or was your change a business downsizing?  For some, it was the passing of a spouse?

Was it an accident that made a change in your plans?  Or the housing bubble?The day you realized retirement was near?  The slowdown of oil and gas exploration and production?  Is this what made you have to rethink things?

You get the picture.

Unfortunately, most of you have trouble realizing that change happens to everyone.

Fortunately, it is not all at the same time.

When the change affects many, that is usually considered a catastrophic event, not just change.

These events will require a bit more to sort out, but the principle is the same.

So, let’s talk about how this change affects you.

Changing awareness

How do you react to these changes?

Do you try to keep aware of the changes and change with the times?

Or do you insist on things staying as they have always been?  React positively or negatively to a big change?   Take a deep breath, tuck in your shirttail and get to work?

Sometimes it may take you a bit to realize what has happened.  

That change is here.  The way you handle these changes will be the guideline for your life.  Make this change in your life, regardless what it is, work for you.

Awareness will help you ride out the changes that come to us all.  You should prepare mentally and physically as well as financially.

To prepare, you must be aware.  

Is your field of employment having reversals right now?  Are the sales down?  Fewer contracts for future business projects.  Seeing fewer clients?

What are the gauges for where you are?  They are there, we just sometimes tend to ignore them until the employees start being let go.  

Retirement age is almost as sneaky.  You do have the calendar and the numbers that make up your age.  Most of us ignore the time, especially if we have not saved, and are nor prepared. 

To find happiness after retirement?  

Who knew you needed to?  

Is it not just automatically there, this happiness?  

Does getting to stop working answer your questions about being happy?  Did you think it would for you?  

Get that social security check every month.  That would be living your dream.  

Yes, you are in for a surprise.

Retirement is not the same as being “let go” in a cost saving effort.  

However, retirement comes with surprises as well.

If you know what is happening, you can get a plan.  Have you been taking part in the company-sponsored retirement savings plan?  

Have you been thinking that if you do not think about it, it will not get here!  

Were you self-employed and never did start the retirement savings?  

Just having a few options in the wings will enable you to get through these times with some degree of sanity. allow you to meet the challenge that these changes will bring.

Retirement can be a time of growing.  You can overcome.   Or it can be a devastating time that will leave its mark on you forever.

You can not make all the right choices as you are overcoming changes.   Human nature usually does not work that way.  The bad decisions made by some are a good example.

You can arm yourself with knowledge and information.  Then sort through as best you can to make sense of the changes.   And what they mean for you and your loved ones.  Yes, retirement is not always easy.  it can be one of the greatest times in your life.  You can make it happy.  You are in charge of your retirement.

Changing Answers

With age, comes a bit of maturity, slowly for some.  

As the changes are coming in your life, changes are also coming in the world around you.

To be financially secure is a dream that most of us have, but with little real hope of that dream coming true.

As time goes by, it seems the general thinking is that it is too late for you to make the changes that will enable you to have a more secure financial future.

If you did not get a formal education and do not have a degree, your opportunities are usually more limited.

With a degree, often times after years of employment in one field it is difficult to make a change.  You usually need to go back to college.   Take whatever training is necessary for updated and specific jobs.

Options are more limited when you are older

When nearing retirement age you can think through how to proceed. You do have some options if you will claim them.

For most of us, changing how we earn a living is a bit challenging.  

Certainly not without a certain amount of risk.  So, It goes without saying that a way to have this financial security assured is important!  

Having security is on your mind!

We buy lottery tickets!  

That was about the extent of my actions for a secure financial future!

I really was not worried that I would not have food or a roof over my head.

The lack of planning when I was reaching retirement left me with few options.  I would need to work through some retirement.  

Then I could have taken some online courses to start getting ready.  Did I? No, I did not.

As life came my way, usually just reacting was the action chosen.  Instead of thinking and being proactive.  Taking some steps.  Preparing to go through these changes.

Yes, I have read a great deal about how important it is to give yourself a bit of time to adjust to change, I just was not secure enough in myself to be comfortable and let that time to pass.   So most decisions were made on the run, and some of the results were not what I would have preferred. 

More adjustments

Stupidity and impatience are not good advisers for directing your life. 

However, to pay the piper so to speak, I found myself nearing retirement age with an inadequate plan, mostly the result of some decisions I had made earlier in my life.

I knew I needed to have something I could do in retirement, that would produce an income.

Then with a change of direction career-wise and found myself sitting at a computer most days.Find happiness after retirement

Changing how we deal with change

The change of career that placed me before the computer so many hours a day?  This change was the catalyst that enabled me to began to be aware of what I could do, of some options I might have.

At this point, I was old enough that perusing a conventional degree, teaching, nursing, were not options.  There were physical issues that would not allow me to be on my feet many hours a day.

Naturally, I considered some of the other possibilities for a structured online degree, with maybe attending college for part of the hours, not trying to do it all online.  Remember,  this online stuff was a “change” that was in the process of occurring at that time.

 A number of different options were there, but it would take years.  Meanwhile, I would be getting older!  Nearer retirement!

Would I find happiness after retirement?

So are you reaching the age that it is time to make a decision about this online stuff I had spent so many hours reading about?  By now I am finally using google to search for information and am amazed at how much is out there.

I knew that one was for me, just which one?

Changing how you help yourselves 

Back to searching and reading and dreaming.  Is it time to build your business for these Changing Times you find yourself in? 

Do you need the training and education to do so?  Hang in there, there is a plan that fits you.

It is time for you to be serious about finances in retirement.  

You know that to be happy in retirement, you must take control.  You will have to make it happen.  Not your spouse, or your family.

How can you make an online business work for you?  How can you build an online business?  Time to stop dreaming and start doing.

Forget the mindset of easy and quick money.  Get rich quick.   You know the kind of business where you only work 2 hours a day and make $1,000 a day.

One online marketer had gained my confidence merely by hanging in there. There had been emails in my inbox from him for 10 years!Find happiness after retirement. Build your business online

So, I considered his latest offer 

Decided I was tired of wanting to try something. If it was a scam, I could get out quick!  I could sign up for $97.  This was a reoccurring monthly fee.

I was sure there would be more services I would need to buy to “really” make money online.

However, I had been interested in this work online idea for so long! I knew that I would need some training and education!  

OK, I would be willing to pay for the training and education.

I just did not feel comfortable paying for something I could not see. Examine.  Hear.  See.  Why would they not allow me access before wanting credit card information?   Access a trial area anyhow? 

There was a money back guarantee.  How was I sure it would happen?  Why not let me see what he was offering for free if only a few hours?    

How to protect one’s self online? 

I googled the name of the marketer that I was considering purchasing from to see what his online reputation was.

The very first listing was about this very guy and the offer he had been sending me.  And thousands of others I am sure.  

The person who wrote the review of the product that was being offered for sale said that the product probably was not a scam.  Then he went on to list all the pros and cons about that particular offer.

This was accurate with the information I had been receiving.  I felt that at least this was an honest review.

Then …  He compared that program to another program.  

After reading the article, I checked out the site he suggested as a better buy- so I looked over the fence and guess what I found?  Check here and you will find the same one for yourself. 

Here you will find no promises of instant wealth.Finding happiness after retirement

No instant fortune.  

You will find a guide to a sound education for online marketing. One that has been in operation for 10 years.

You will find online classes that started at ground zero. Teaching the online marketing concept.  You can follow through to a completed site, that you could access for free from now on.

Forever and hosting is free.  

You can access the basic level of classes 24/7 as long as you want to without paying anything.

Zero   Zilch

You can start your online education for free.  For the first week, you will have access to all levels of training, as well as the basics.  Why not see what happens in the 7 days.  If you want, you can leave after that time and be all the wiser for the time of learning.  

(Could be that your happiness won’t be found in learning to build an online business as mine was.Whatever your interests are, just do something.)

You can walk away and not pay anything!

If you like it and are still curious, You could pay for the next month for only $21.

The first 7 days allows access to all the tons of education that is available for you to use to build your site to pursue your ideas of marketing online.

This education and training are presented in video form with assignments for each one to make sure you understand.

You progress at your own speed.  Review the classes as often as you want. Re-read till you are comfortable with the ideas that are being taught.

You will have suggestions and ideas shared by a working community who are actively engaged in this business for themselves.  You can learn to build a business here.  

At the end of the 7 days, you can stay forever for free.

You will have access to the basic level of education as well as 2 sites to build out!  With free hosting for those sites!

You will not have access to the network community.  Nor their advice and guidance at the free level after the 7 day Free Week.  

OK, why not give it a try? 

Does it happen overnight?  

No, it does not.  You have to build a  business.  

You plan.  Think through the plan and then began to build.

This is not some weird slight of hand to trick people into sending you money.

Do I like what I am doing?  

Yes, I love it. The support network here is amazing.  

This is an international community with experienced webmasters who are making real money with online marketing.  They share suggestions to help you get your business off the ground and working for you. ( Check out this blog for an idea of how the community is )

Try it yourself for free for a week.  You will love it.  You can learn to build a website.  Learn to market online. Have streams of income to make the future secure.  

Being financially secure does not make one happy in retirement.  It does go a long way in giving the retiree the freedom to concentrate on the changes needed to ensure a happy retirement.

Learn how to make money working from home online

Don’t quit your job,  if you need one to pay your bills, thinking you will be instantly wealthy. That is a part of the scam world.  

You will work more than 2 hours a day, believe me.  

 Find happiness after retirementBuild your business in your spare time and be ready when your retirement time comes.  Find happiness after retirement. 

Learn to work from home and make money online.  If you would like more information, check out this link.  Are you are ready to get your free site going?

see this to access the open education plan.  




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