Finding Your Purpose In Life After Retirement

“Finding your purpose in life after retirement”      

Just now reaching retirement time in your life?  Are you solidly entrenched in retirement? Do you Know your “purpose” in life?  Are you still finding your purpose in life after retirement?  Finding out about what makes you happy?  It is your retirement life.How to go about finding your purpose in your retirement years

Retirement means you are not usually working.  You have some unscheduled time in your days and weeks.  Actually a great deal of unscheduled time.   What is your purpose?

This question about purpose took me to Wikipedia.

I went searching for an answer.  For exactly what “purpose” is. 

Wikipedia:  “The meaning of life.  The answer to the question “What is the meaning of life?  Pertains to the significance of living.   Or existence in general.  

Many other questions also seek the meaning of life, including

  • “What should I do?”  
  • “Why are we here?”  
  • “Define my life responsibilities. 
  • “The purpose of existence?”
  • “Does life exist at all?”

“The meaning of life as we perceive it?  This is derived from our philosophical and religious contemplation.  Also includes scientific inquiries about existence, social ties, consciousness, and happiness. 

From <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meaning_of_life>

Evidently, this is a bottomless pit to search and discover.  

No wonder you sometimes have such wacky ideas of who you are.  What you should be doing.


Do you find yourself retired?  Are you thinking that you should be in the same health you were as a 40-year- old? 

You can be in better health than most retirement-aged people.  You should be paying attention to your diet. Exercising and getting enough rest. 

These basics are the same at any age. In retirement, some think they have survived this long.  They will last forever.  You won’t be slowing down any. This is just not realistic.   

Your whole lifestyle has  been altered as you get near retirement age

You are may be slowing down.  This is completely normal.  For most of you, you are glad to give up the hustle and bustle of a workplace.

If still working,  into retirement, you usually work a less demanding position.  Or a part-time job. This will allow you some of the downtimes you have earned. 

You must pay attention to how you are treating yourself during retirement.  

You must continue to walk and exercise.  Have to have a healthy diet.  Get enough sleep.  There is no substitute for these safeguards for your health. 

The hours now spent in front of the TV can add up.  These hours will not always be kind to you.  Especially, if you do not balance them with some good exercise. 

Your overall health will benefit from your awareness.  You must get the proper ratio of exercise and sedentary activities.

Drinking enough water

There is a simple healthy habit that can make all the attention to diet, exercise and rest add up.  Most of us can use some help to a better overall health picture.  So my challenge to you: is drinking enough water. 

I am not suggesting that you reduce the coffee.  Add to the total liquid with water.

The calories of a soda may not be a good thing.  Drink water.  One thing senior adults seem to lose is their thirst for water. how to have energy ifor the purpose in your life Finding your purpose in life after retirement


Are you guilty of not accepting the fact that energy is a gift?  

It is shared with you because you have a zest for life. 

If you have good health,  energy is a part of that.  You have a purpose or interest that you are pursuing.  You need energy. If you have things you want to do.  You will need energy.

Energy is what purpose pushes you with.  This desire to do things. 

It is really senseless to think you can ignore your health.  Will you have the energy for a life of purpose? 

You are not just starting your life.

Making it past the innocence and unawareness of how hard life will be.  The world you think you can conquer when you are young is now using you up.

Now you find yourself retirement age.  The youthful reserves are just not there.  

You do have some energy.  If you treat it well and take care of it, you will continue to enjoy this energy. Finding your purpose in life after retirement is important for maintaining energy. 

A purpose will make your life more:

  • Interesting
  • Exciting 
  • Fun

If you have a strong purpose, your energy stores will be greater 

You will be able to have a higher level of satisfaction with your life.  The drive to accomplish your goals is strong.  This drive can make your daily life so much more interesting.  

Do you find yourself realizing that you do not have:

  • A purpose
  • Or passion
  • No energy

Get out that pen and paper

What would you do if you had won a million dollar lottery?  

Make a list.

Make the list detailed and complete.

If having a yacht and sailing the seas is your dream, maybe a vacation to the coast.  A chartered trip.  This might help you renew your purpose. 

What about a visit to the coast?  Walks along the water with binoculars.  A study of the vessels that are there. Maybe that is more in line with budget.  

Not room in the budget for a trip? 

Go to the local library.  Get some help for finding the resources there.  Find the kinds of sailing you think interests you.  Do some research. 

Become familiar with the language of sailing. 

What do ships need during maintenance? 

What are the names of the waxes, varnishes and other products used to keep them sailing? 

Where do they go on their chartered sails? 

Who is the governing body for the ports where they dock? 

  • What would you see when you go ashore?  
  • Where do you get to put in when you reach the ports?
  • How long would you have to be at sea? 
  • How long must a ship Captain train to be able to sail a big boat for hire?

Might not be as much fun as actually Sailing the Seas

 However, this will keep you busy for weeks.  You will need to research:

  • The different parts of the trip 
  • The preparation 
  • The kinds of money needed when you go ashore  

You will have a great story of a voyage.  

You will remember this one, all for the price of some time.   All this memory has cost?   Whatever the cost of a spiral notebook for your notes.  You could add reading every novel the library has using sailing as a background for the story.

Anyone you share the information about sailing with?  They will know for certain that you have been there.   Who knows, this kind of research could lead to a blog.  Maybe a novel.  

You can find your purpose.   Your store of energy will return.  Your zest for life can return.  You will be ready to take care of your health so you can continue your purpose filled life.

Mental Well-Being

Your mental well-being is often a roller coaster ride.  After retirement, you are no longer busy with the day to day work world.  The work requirements that have guided you for so long.      

You know you have earned the right to a slower pace.  But a slower pace is sometimes hard to adjust to. 

You need to feel that you are being productive.  With interests to investigate and follow.  This will allow you to have a better feeling about yourself.   Appreciate the time of life you are in. 

Lack of motivation can allow you to just quit living the best life you can.  

You will need the motivation to push you.  To get you started. Get you up out of the chair, move about.  

Finding your purpose in life after retirement is exciting.  

It is rewarding.  How do you want to spend retirement?

The motivation for you to get up and about.  Take better care of yourself.   Eat a healthy diet, exercise.   Keep you drinking enough water.  Do not allow yourself to be bored. Boredom often leads to depression.   

This retirement time is far too exciting for that.  You have so many options.  

There is no reason to not get busy.   See what is out there.  You will be amazed when you see all the ways you can have fun in retirement.


Here is a bit of a reality check.

All too often, you find yourself being the one that members of the family call on. Do you have unreal expectations for your retirement years? Is finding your purpose after retirement a bit difficylt

There is a healthy spot for responsibility in your life. 

It can help you with your purpose.  You want to be available. Help those members of your family.  Those who may need your help now. 

Maybe it is a parent who finds themselves widowed.  And can no longer live alone.  Or just does not want to live alone.  

There may be health issues. You feel responsible for helping them. 

Make sure that you have some guidelines.  

This is important when your help is needed.  You can find yourself overwhelmed.  Especially when this involves close association 24 hours a day.   7 days a week. 

Be sure you know what you are getting yourself into with your kind heart.   

You are not a saint.  

It is easy to assume “that this is all your responsibility”  

But is it?  Do you have siblings? 

Is living at your house the only choice for this person at this time?  

Staying 4 hours a day with someone in the same house.   This is a more realistic goal.  You are good for every other Thursday for 8 hours. 

Stop and think about giving away all your freedom at this time. 

There are usually several combinations of solutions for any caregiving situation.  These need to be considered. 

How much good would you do your parent?  If you give up your health and mental well-being?  Think before you enter a situation that could be handled differently.  

You will not like yourself if you do not help in this situation.  You will surely not like yourself if you get in too deep.  

Losing all your retirement time is not beneficial for anyone.  Finding your purpose in life after retirement can be difficult.  Especially when you find yourself with too heavy a burden.

To often retired senior adults find themselves becoming trapped.  

This happens when a family member needs money.     

Your daughter, a divorced Mom lost her job.  This is a serious situation.  It is not one you can ignore.  You as a parent want to help.  But how much can you help? 

Will this allow your retirement to stay stable?  Loaning your savings, unless you have a truly comfortable retirement can lead to running out of money before you run out of life.  

This is not a good place to be.  You must put your financial security first. 

As much as you love your daughter, she probably will not be able to repay you any money you loan her.  

She has a full load.  We all know how it is with Murphy’s Law.  Whatever her income, it will take all her paycheck to meet living expenses.

She may have to move in with you for a while.  But you must keep the savings intact.  She can find another job, and get back on her feet financially.  

You have passed the time to easily find another job in your life.  You will have trouble replacing savings. 

View your responsibility requests. See which are actually ones that benefit from your taking them on. 

Give much thought before putting the finances for your retirement years in danger.


So you are retired now.  

You think that you can still take on the world.  “Bring it on,” you say. 

Stop and think, what are you willing to spend your days doing? 

Some retirees have been planning and are getting ready to hit the road and travel. 

Some have been ready to sell and move to another area.

There are many things you can spend your retirement days and years doing.

However, for most of you, you are just glad to be able to stop work. 

You do not have to remain in a job that you no longer love.   Much less even like. 

You are glad to adjust your lifestyle.  Try to make your money work out for you. 

Do you have a plan?

Some of you will be looking for a parttime work opportunity.  Rather work than not have enough money to meet your needs? 

Tired of being “ambitious” and trying to move up the career ladder?  You are in a different phase of your life.

Again, some planning will serve you well.                      

Get your trusty list going and see what your options are.  What are your goals?  Then, work through to find a satisfactory solution. 

You will be surprised what giving this process some thought can accomplish. (Here is what I chose to keep me interested, learning and still having additional income)

If you have to work to make ends meet, so be it.  

Check out what you can do.  You may be pleasantly surprised. 

There may be a small business that can use someone to open in the mornings.  You are accustomed to getting busy early.  This is a breeze for you.   

Maybe there is someone who needs some clerical help that can be done at home.  20 hours a week at $10 an hour can allow an extra $175 or so a week in take-home income. 

This may make the difference for a comfortable retirement time.  

Make your list.  See what it is you really need, and follow through with your search. 

Do it immediately.  Do not delay.

You may find yourself resenting the need to work parttime. 

Did you come into retirement time with personal debt?  Credit card debt?  Get those debts paid off.  Then you can retire without this drain on your income. 

Want to take a vacation?  Working after retirement for a special cause?  Now this will make your attitude much better towards the financial need you have.  

It is Ok to work some during retirement time. 

Delaying retirement, if possible, is usually very beneficial.  

Make a plan, know what your options are.  Get your expectations in line with what you can make happen.  

Your retirement years will be much more enjoyable.  

What is your plan?  Have you found your purpose in your life for your retirement time?  

Is having an online business the answer for you as it was for me?  Click here to check out the place I chose to learn and work in. Your retirement can be fun as well. Sami signature finding your purpose after retirement





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