Healthy Aging Senior Citizens

Healthy Aging Senior Citizens

Are you a member of the healthy Aging Senior Citizens movement?  A retiree looksHealthy aging senior citizens can change thier lives directly at the future with the knowledge that health care costs will rise.  It is important to change some life habits to have a better retirement.

You must stay aware of the steps necessary to maintain your health.  This will  make it possible to maintain your budget.  As well as to be able to have funds left for the fun opportunities that come your way in retirement.  Being happy in your retirement life does occasionally require some money to spend on things beyond the necessities.  


Often retirees are still paying for purchases made before retirement.  This debt can lead to stress and affect your quality of life.  

This stress is something that has to be handled.  You will have to decide if this payment that seemed so unimportant when working, is all of a sudden a monster.  Get yourself a cup of coffee and a piece of paper and figure out how to pay this off as quickly as possible.  Going into retirement with extra payments can bring sure disaster unless you have planned well.  

Increasing health care costs

Across the world, health care costs are increasing. This is a real budget Issue.   And you as a retiree have to figure out how to handle those costs.  

The most cost effective way of dealing with health care costs increases is to maintain good health. 

How do you do this? 

You start by eating healthy meals, getting enough rest.  Then there is exercising and drinking enough water.  Simple right?  If it is simple, why do so many fall short and allow retirement to be the first step to a lifestyle that means more health care is needed? 

Simple right?  If it is simple, why do so many fall short and allow retirement to be the first step to a lifestyle that means more health care is needed?  Yes, we are getting older, and there are parts of us that will wear out. 

The lifestyle of those before you clearly shows the path your bodies take when you quit being active.  You need to do as much preventative work as possible.  There will be events that happen with your health that will be unexplained, unplanned, or unpreventable. 

By making yourself aware of what you can do you are being as proactive as possible.

Improving your diet

How can you ensure that your diet is as balanced as possible?  Could you learn to cook some really healthy and tasty meals? Too many baby boomer retirees grew up eating fried foods.  These were the

Too many baby boomer retirees grew up eating fried foods.  These were the year’s  women were entering the workforce in larger numbers than ever before.  Fast food was not on every corner, as well as in between. In fact, fast food was not something you had very often, outside the home.

Fast food prepared at home

The only way we had fast food was when our mothers prepared it.  They fried food because it was quick and we loved it.  They reused the grease.  Used bacon drippings.  Crisco.  

They were tired from working and keeping house, meals were quickly done.  Quantity was more important that quality.  This is the way most of you learned to cook.  To do things quickly.

Yes, we know how good fresh uncooked veggies can be. Those that are roasted on the grill or in the oven.   However, due to time restraints, you often find yourself making creamed potatoes, butter makes them taste so good.  Or frying a quick pan of potatoes to have everything done quickly.

Yes, you all have bad habits.  Or maybe you just don’t cook?  You need to be alert to the ways you can improve your diet through healthier cooking methods.  Making sure you have healthy meals.  

This matter of sleeping

You need to be alert to making sure you get enough rest  Stay alert to the habits that disturb your sleep.  Drinking caffeinated drinks too close to bedtime.  

Falling asleep in front of the T V.  For some this results in broken sleep all night.  You must give yourself a clear path to keep healthy.  Sleeping is an important part of your healthy aging senior citizen lifestyle

Look around your sleeping area and make sure you are not allowing too much daytime to seep into your sleep time.  Just because you can function with 4 to 5 hours of sleep each night does not mean you should. 

Do some self-evaluation here,  if you are not getting 6 to 7 or more hours of sleep at night, you are not allowing your body to get to the restoration point of the sleep cycle.  You will see the signs of aging in your mirror and in your  mental actives before you should. 

This sleeping thing is every bit as important as a healthy diet when you are building a healthy lifestyle.  

Exercise is importanthealthy aging senior citizens need to exercise

The 3rd leg of this healthy aging senior citizen lifestyle and mindset is exercise.  Too often time is spent in on sedentary activities.  This is why you retired.  

However, there must be some activity in your day.  Activity beyond housekeeping and laundry.  You need to actively seek a way to add exercise to your day.  Walking 40 or more minutes a day will certainly help with the sleeping soundly.  

40 minutes or more of exercise will help make you hungry for meals.   This exercise will also help make you ready for a healthy diet.  Do not settle for the snacking that becomes the mainstay for  many retirees. 

Do not allow this to happen to you.  Stay alert to you opportunities to take the stairs.  Park some distance from where you are going.  Just a walk through the neighborhood. This is a good start for exercise to maintain a healthy life.  

How will you exercise?

Too often when retirees cultivate a more sedentary lifestyle they do not realize what they are doing.  This is what your parents did.  You saw the things that happened to their ability to get about. 

They were more tired as a general rule when they retired than you are now. 

Very little in our work requires a lot of physical output.  You may be stressed and mentally exhausted. 

Yes actually, you do work hard, just not physically anymore.  It is true that you are needing the change that retirement can bring you, but not the lazy lifestyle.  

So you must be careful to stay active and moving about.  If this is not easy for you, it may be time to consider a health club membership. Or enlist a walking partner to make sure you get out and walk on a regular basis.

So, we have a healthy diet, good rest, and regular exercise.  

Drinking enough water

The 4th leg of this healthy aging senior citizen platform is drinking water.  To maximize the opportunity to be a healthy aging senior citizen we must hydrate our bodies.  

Drinking water seems too simple, and you read the articles.  You see the programs on TV about how important this is to your body.  Do you really pay attention to this drinking water thing?  

The new craze of drinking your body weight in water every day?  I can’t imagine drinking an oz. of water for every pound I weigh, every day.  Can you? 

There is something about aging.   As one gets older and the bathroom is not handy, drinking less water seems easier to do. 

The healthier approach seems easier to maintain to me.  Drinking about 1 oz for every 2 lbs you weigh can be done.  You keep your body hydrated.  Then there is more exercise from just getting up to go to the bathroom!   

How much water?

Unfortunately,  few people retire with the everyday habit of drinking this much water.  You can learn to drink more water.  This should not be your goal the first day.  You should first find out how much water you really drink in a day. 

Some seniors refuse to try to drink more water.  

How can you help yourself?

Some allow themselves to live out their retirement years without doing these 4 things to make their bodies healthier. 

Can you be one of the healthier happier senior citizens?  Will you make a few changes to allow yourself to live a more active life?  

Consider adapting some new cooking ideas and foods into your diet. 

You can make sure you give yourself every sleep opportunity possible. 

When these things are added to drinking enough water, keeping yourself hydrated you are doing the best you can to stay healthy and keep your health care costs in check.

  Are you going to trade in a tired retirement mindset for a happy aging senior citizen lifestyle?  

This is are things you can do.

You can learn to drink more water. 

  This is one move you can make to help with those high health care costs.  How will you live your retirement?  Will you make the needed changes?healthy aging senior citizens





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