Healthy Happy Senior Citizens

Are you a healthy happy senior citizen?Healthy happy senior citizens

Are you a member of the healthy happy senior citizens?

Navigating retirement?   Did you find some pretty hairy spots?  

Being retired isn’t as easy as you might have thought. Like this picture’s character, are you scratching your head? Wondering what is next? 

Then on top of that, this transition and adjustment can be different for each of you.  Everyone has different expectations for this time of life. Is it time to work on your health?  Your diet?  Should you add exercise? Get a parttime job?  Start a new hobby?  Downsize?  What?

It is only reasonable to question some of the ideas you see in articles and publications. As well as snippets of on TV.  This retirement time can result with to much time for TV watching.

Yes, you want to have the best retirement time possible for you. So, it is entirely reasonable to stop and think.   The wealth of information you now have at your fingertips about what you are hearing, seeing and reading.

Do you find yourself wondering which of the suggestions and ideas are really good for you?  Which ones will help you to become a healthy happy senior citizen?

You know you should be doing some kind of exercise, but what? 

To enjoy the benefits of living longer, the results are in.  

You have to exercise.  Otherwise, how will you enjoy aging?  How will you be prepared for a happy retired life?  

The truth is that you won’t enjoy much of anything if you are not physically strong.  Able to move about and be active in this part of your life. 

Living your retirement on the sideline?  While everyone else is living your life?  This is not the way you had planned to go through retirement, is it? 

How will you enjoy this retirement time you have earned?  

You must be reasonably fit, as well as able to participate.  Have you used an outdated mindset to guide your exercise and activity goals? 

Many of your peers in the retirement community have tried to get in better physical condition.  They want to become more physically fit and be ready to enjoy retirement. 

However,  they were using an incorrect exercise standard.  One that works for men and women who are yet in their 40’s and 50’s so the result produced didn’t meet expectations and they were often frustrated.

They would give up and quit.  Their efforts did not get them to where they thought they should be.   All that they wanted was to be healthy aging senior citizens.

Yes, some people have lived a life of physical fitness. 

Eating healthy,  Working out since the age of 15.  They are amazing examples of healthy, extremely fit individuals.  They, with the help of some very good genetics, are amazing examples of fitness.   For anyone at any age. 

Then you have those of you who know you can do better.  Who are ready to get going on a physical fitness plan. Ready to improve yourselves and have all the benefits that are the result of a healthier physical condition.

Well, you are ready for a while.  Unfortunately, when you remember how it “was” when you were 16. You could make remarkable changes in your bodies and condition in 3 months. 

You are not 16 anymore. 

Results do not happen as they did then.  You are also probably not using a realistic goal or one that is designed to help you get to the point of where you can benefit from the efforts. 

Not many of us will find that physique we had at 16.  However, there is one we know, down below all those untoned muscles and layers of unconditioned flab. We just have to find it.

Major changes will not happen in 3 months. 

What will happen in 3 months?   A new habit of doing some physical exercise that will make you feel better.  You will be able to get in better shape and then you can regroup and make a new plan to really get in shape. 

This isn’t shared to discourage you. This is to help you with your mindset. The mindset you will need find your best physical conditioning. 

Your retirement time will differ from others  

You will need to find the level of fitness that gives you the freedom to golf or hike.  Or do whatever it is that you have been wanting to spend your retirement time doing. 

What’s that you say?   

Have you retired to just do nothing?  Not to be the healthy happy senior citizen? 

Come on now.  This is such a great time, retirement. 

Don’t waste it!  Start getting your plan together to get healthier, and you will find happier will be along for the ride. 


Are you spending your retirement being bored? 

You don’t have time for that.  You have seen the predictions and you know the predictions are that some of you will be living until you are in your late 90’s.  Does that excite you?  Surely does me.  

Now, this could be a happy time for healthy aging senior citizens.  

Do you want to spend all these years not living to the fullest? 

Don’t you wonder what else you could be doing? 

Do you have ideas about what mountains you could be climbing?  What problems could you be solving?

Are there dreams you could be living?   ( find happy retirement information at this link) and  Businesses you could be managing? (Some suggestions for work at home after retirement)

Did you see your parents live into their mid and late 90’s?   I know the genetics are there to live to a ripe old age and I personally, don’t want to spend this time in the nursing home as an invalid. What about you? 

Do you have you had a persistent dream? 

Is that dream one you can act on?  Being more physically fit will give you more energy to fulfill these dreams.

Or will losing 15 lbs. make it easier?   OK, so 15 lbs. is just a drop in the bucket?   You need to prove to yourself that you can lose 10 or 15 lbs. and then you can regroup, and go for the next 10 or 15.

Things can happen differently in retirement and at a different pace.  You have lots of life left to live.  Make the decisions for a happy retirement living time.

Is it possible that walking around the block will start you in the right direction? 

You are at a different time in your life. 

You should not use the same goals and methods from when you were younger.  Some small changes can have great results for your wellbeing and your health.

You can begin the first steps to that fitness goal. 

You do not have to enroll in a structured program to start on healthy new you.  It is helpful to have a personal trainer. You do not have to live where you have easy access to a fitness gym.   There are many other ways to get started.

There are excellent exercise guides and directions available where you can access the internet and design a program for yourself.

Plan your program to include attention to nutrition as well as the actual exercises to improve your physical condition.  Begin now to search out the small changes that will make a difference.  Make these changes a part of your retirement routine.

Another benefit for healthy living senior citizens?  Your retirement time will be so much more fun due to getting healthier.  So, you think that you want to live a long healthy happy life?  You can do that.   

Start now and you can work towards the reality of being a healthy happy senior citizen.healthy happy senior citizens

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