Do You Have a Healthy Lifestyle As A Senior?

Healthy lifestyle as a senior

Retirement time find you wondering what happened to all the years in Do you have a healthy lifestyle as a seniorbetween elementary school and now?  Do you have a healthy lifestyle as a senior? This should be on all your  must-do lists.

You must make your health a priority if you are to enjoy these “Golden years of retirement.” 

How have you adjusted your lifestyle to improve your health habits? 

Are you exercising more? 

Eating more vegetables? 

Have you even considered how great your life during retirement can be when you take the steps you can to improve your daily health habits?

Are you still allowing the lazy-dazy approach to retirement to allow you to slip into habits that are not in your best interest? 

What have you done to ensure that you stay as healthy and active as you want to be during your retirement?

Your mental state at this time

The key ingredient to being happy during retirement is, of course, your mental state. 

However, it is difficult to be happy when you are not healthy. 

It is definitely a catch 22 situation.  So how about taking a minute and finding out how to make your days more “golden?”

Do you have a plan to improve your eating habits in retirement? 

You are so fortunate to be living at a time when so much is known about getting older.  Living longer, being healthier.

Does your plan include adding more vegetables to your daily diet? This is one thing we can all do that will make our retirement years happier.  With the availability of fresh vegetables in our markets, roasting and steaming is easier than ever, and healthy.

Do you have a plan to improve your daily exercise routine? 

Don’t tell me that you do not have exercise on your radar.  This is also one of the main ingredients in having a healthy and happy retirement life.  Your enjoyment of this special time will certainly increase when exercise is a part of the day.

All the freedom of work schedules can provide some wonderful time to do the fun things. 

However, when you can’t enjoy the golf game.  Can’t move about to play golf. Or whatever you have been wanting time to do during retirement?  You may find the days a bit long and not so enjoyable.

Do you even know what you want to do during retirement?

Do you knoe what would make you happy ? 

Even when you have not planned financially, or saved for retirement, you need something to look forward to. 

Do not think you have to just live your days out, afraid to plan anything for fun in retirement.  This will take the fun out of retirement.  

T V during retirement

When you find yourself sitting in front of the T V all day, every day, you are getting yourself ready for a less than a happy retirement life. 

What is too much T V?  Of course, this is an individual thing, so think about it in this way, how much exercise should you be getting?

A good rule of thumb is to make sure you are on your feet and moving about at least 3 hours every day. 

This is not enough to maintain optimal physical condition, but would make you able to clean your house.  Do laundry and prepare meals for yourself.

The longer you can stay on your feet at a time, the better off you are. 

Then you should be working towards being able to stay on your feet at least 1 hour in addition to the 3 hours that you should be walking and exercising. 

This is 4 hours out of your day that you should be busy somewhere besides in front of the T V. 

So if you sleep at least 7 hours  a night, and move about 4 hours, that will leave you with 13 hours. 

How much of this time will you spend in front of your T V? 

You will need to spend some time helping others, working in the garden. Enjoying your hobbies and doing some social interacting with others. 

13 hours a day is too much T V! 

You must be on the alert.  Keep yourself busy, doing something to keep yourself active. 

What will you choose to spend your time doing?

Please check these ideas for some ways to make your days meaningful, to you and to others.  

How to know what you spend your day doing?  

Keep a log.  

It really is a simple thing to do.  Keep a jpurnal for a few days to see how you actually spend your days.  

Record the minutes you spend in your activities.  Keep this log for at least 3 days.  

You will be surprised at how quickly you have adopted the “plop and drop” attitude during your day.  It is O K and healthy to have breaks, but my personal log revieled more time sitting than I realized.  

What will your log of the days reveal?  

This will give you a starting place for finding where you can add exercise and moving about to your day and stay more healthy.  

This is your plan.  You must control it. Make your healthy lifestyle as a senior work for you.


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