Hobbies For Retired Men, Why They Are Important!

Hobbies For Retired Men, Why They Are Important   Hobbies for retired men, why they are important

Hobbies can help a retired man make the adjustment from the working world to the retired state, more easily.  A hobby will give the retiree something to stay active with.  Something to do that is interesting for him.  

Remember, retirement is a life-changing time for a man! (or woman)  

So we need to consider hobbies for retired men, why they are important.

Hobbies and retirement would seem like a pairing that would be inevitable.  

However all too often, as retirement approaches, men find themselves without an interest. They don’t have anything that could be called a hobby.

This often leaves the retired man with little to be interested in doing.   Nothing to get excited about doing.  Not having something that is fun for then once in a while.Hobbies for retired men, why they are important

The ability to escape into something creative. 

An activity that can be enjoyed is helpful for all of us.  

Retirees need something that you enjoy doing and look forward to having time for.  

An interest that can grow. One that you can have a few hours on a regular basis that you lose yourselves doing.  

For some retirees, getting older often results in frustration.  With limitations of energy.  All this added together causes some irritation.  As well as shortness of patience with themselves and others in their life.

The stories you hear of cranky old men?  

All too often it is just someone who doesn’t have anything he likes to do.  No activity that he enjoys doing.  Just someone who hadn’t thought about hobbies for retired men, and its importance in retirement living.  

A retired man needs an activity that he enjoys doing, not because he has too, but because he really wants to.


A retired man without a hobby will find himself just plain old bored.  This isn’t how he had thought retirement would be.

Retirement time adjustment 

Retired men usually have lost the social interaction with the people from the workplace.  

They have lost the means for a paycheck.  That paycheck is the way he has measured their self-worth all these years. 


He must now face the reality of retirement.  

If that planning did not happen during your working years, you are probably dealing with the adjustment of lifestyle to the one that their social security check will provide.  

Some of these adjustments are difficult to make.  These adjustments can lead to depression.  Especially when added to the loss of self-worth that was present from the paycheck during your working years.

Time to shift

These men just find it difficult to shift gears from a more active life to one approached with more leisure.  

The desire to spend too much time enjoying the cocktail hour can become a habit.   A routine that is hard to break out of.  

Maybe the once a week stop at the neighborhood tavern becomes the only social outlet you have.  Many retired men had little social contact outside of work.  Retirement curbs that source and soon the tavern is the only place to find people.  Soon you are stopping there much too often.  

There are too many hours in front of the TV  

I know that is why you bought that honking big set, was to watch it.  

Watching can become dozing, then serious napping.  Soon 12-hour time periods, with few times of stirring from the recliner will have passed..  These things become habits when indulged in too often.

When these men are retiring they have ideas of activities they think they could be interested in. An informal wish list.

Life seldom changes unless you make a decision to change.  So are you ready to find a hobby for your retirement years?


As a member of the retirement community, with a spouse who is also retired, this fact became apparent to me as we progressed through this time in our lives.  hobbies for retired men, why they are important

My husband, Mr. B,  has worked hard throughout his working lifetime.  He did a lot of physical work.  

Prided himself on being a “working man”.  Took care of his family was active in his church.  

The activities he was interested in were active as well.  A church baseball team. Helping with kids activities.  Hunting and fishing.  Seeing that his family got to participate in as many activities as time and money allowed.  

Life goes on

And time passes.  If we are fortunate.  We get older.  Our children are on their own.  With families of their own. They are busy with many interests that go along with making their way in life. 

No real hobbies

There was not the time or money to learn to play golf. 

Hunting and fishing were important.  However, time and changes in life soon take their toll on these activities as well.

He was, as many men in the time and area we were in,  an athlete.  Physically active.  In great physical condition from the lifetime of activity and hard work.

As the years went by, the continued physical work started taking its toll.  First on his joints and stamina.  Then on his interests. He welcomed some time to watch T V.   To play some computer games.  Just slow down in general.  

The first few months, these were the activities he enjoyed.  These combined with yard work and home maintenance that kept him busy.  

However, gardens have a limited growing and producing time.  

At least in our part of the world, we do have a season.  

When the garden grows well and produces a lot, we are ready for it to be done by the end of the season.  Yes, the fresh vegetables are wonderful.  Our diets are so much better at that time.  The tree-ripened peaches.

Getting out and searching for tomato worms.  Yes, fun for lots of days.  But the watering and watching for tomato worms have to be done on a daily basis during the season.    

So when the season winds down, we are ready for a break.  

We do love and appreciate the bounty of a good harvest.  

Most years we have a shelf of frozen okra in the freezer.  Some squash, green beans.  Bell and jalapeno peppers as well when the season is done.   Home canned tomatoes on the shelf.

Yes, we love the results.  However, caring for the garden limits how much we can go in the summer.  We are ready to get away a bit, once we have a successful harvest behind us.  

Having home canned tomatoes to add to soups and stews through the winter months.  What a luxury that many don’t get to experience. They do taste better.

However, all of this comes with work.  

By the time the season is done, so are we. hobbies for retired men, why they are important 

Now is the time that a hobby would be good.  One that can be an engaging interest for the next season of the year would be so beneficial for him. 

He gets restless.   Bored with the schedule of TV,  once the weekend ball games are done.  I watch as he tries to find a channel with something he is interested in.  

The choices are many, his interests are unlimited, but often he just can’t settle in with anything.  How great it would be if he could have a hobby to get busy with.  

We appreciate hobbies for retired men.  Why they are important.  However, they do have to develop. 

We have some movies we like, some we do not. Some reruns we like, some we don’t. 

Is it time for you to have a hobby?

So- goes the saga of the retired guy and not having an interest that helps him get involved in an activity that keeps him engaged.  Enjoying and thinking.  Has his mind working.hobbies for retired men why they are important

As this is the same story I hear from my sister about my brother-in-law! From other family members and friends, about their loved ones.  Where are the hobbies for retired men?

The need for a good hobby is apparent

I know that most men have just not given themselves a chance to be interested in doing hobby kinds of activities.  They were too busy making a living.

Their Grandmothers didn’t teach them to crochet as very young children like girls were taught.  

Young boys were in encouraged to “find something outside to play” and they did.  When he was a little guy, it was not considered unreasonable to tell kids to go outside and play.  

It was considered unreasonable for boys to learn “sissy” stuff!  Like crocheting or even have much to do with cookie baking.  

That was “women’s work.”

Labels were handed out freely in that day and time.   And went a long way in helping the young people identify their “proper” spot in society. 

Many of these identities we still wear today.  Whether they are good, bad or indifferent. No wonder we need hobbies for retired men.

So back to retired men

At our house, there are stories about “when I went to run the trap lines with my Grampa.” 

“About when uncles and older brothers came, and spending time hunting, nights on the river fishing.”

“Taking the dogs and going to the river bottom varmint hunting.”  Just not quite as easy as when you are younger.

The accepted activities that were considered “male activities.”

These are activities that most any 2 men can usually find a meeting ground.  They can spend some time, getting acquainted and discussing.  

Then when our kids became adults with responsibilities of their own, there was one fishing weekend trip a year, one hunting weekend.

Then as time passes and bodies don’t move as easily as they once did, even skipping a year.

Soon, new interests have entered young people’s life, golf, attending professional sports events.

Doing things in a different way, and a way, not all retired guys were accustomed to.  hobbies for retired men, and why they are important

High school and college sports events are interesting.  As we age, getting to these events. Sitting in a stadium for a game. Let’s face it, just not as attractive.

We aren’t talking about the games where the grandkids are playing.  We do whatever to get to the soccer field. The back alley gym door for junior high grandkids.  And will for great grandkids if we have the opportunity. 

These things just combine to find you less inclined to more active involvement.  Which in turn produces the resulting lack of interest.

Retirement  changes

Watching the games on TV without all the walking, the crowds.  Have you had your seat in an arena  1/2 mile away from the restrooms?  OK, when you are in your 50’s!  But watch out in your 60’s.  

All these factors just combine to create a time of change for what you want to participate in. 

All this additional stuff is to explain how these once busy active men, with too few hours in the day.  Who had the energy to live through each of them?  Now find themselves more than a bit bored.

There are so many of you out there.  

I think you recognize that you need new interests.  Interested in learning some new hobbies?  You would like having something you are excited about doing during this time of retirement.  After working so hard to get to this time, enjoy it.  

You’re just stuck in the middle of What now?  And How do I do that?  

We need to find a hobby for retired men.  Why they are important, we already realize.

That is when I started looking at things using the angle that was used to find a new hobby for myself. 

If your days are not as fulfilling as you would like, take some action.  Surely you can find what might interest you. 

Take hunting for the first “case study”. 

Mr. B grew up where there were deer in abundance.  Some families depended on this protein source throughout the year.  

The Dad, uncle or older brother would come through the kitchen with a hunting rifle in hand.  The task was completed pretty quickly, thanks to generous landowners who knew that the kill would be used to feed a family.  

This was understood.  The feeling of “taking care of our family” was a heartwarming reaction to the time spent in the hunt.  


The better-paying jobs, the growth of jobs and the economy, convenient grocery stores. These have all have contributed to a different climate for procuring food for the table.   

And in the community that was home to Mr. B isn’t the norm for most in his generation. Not everyone grew up in the Texas Hill Country.

However, there were a number of similarities.  The general feeling was, “this  was men’s work.”   Not many women were involved in the activity that has now become a sport.  

A hobby.   

How can this become a hobby that doesn’t involve killing the deer?  While considering this, I looked at a rifle.  There was a scope.  

No wonder that is how movies start.   

Showing a view through a rifle scope.  The tingle in the spine when you can see so far.   So precisely and clearly what the naked eye does not reveal. 

The very fact of bringing the animal, the view, the branch, the leaf, into such complete total vision makes us appreciate God’s hand.  

Watching a deer breathe.  Twitch their ears. Nibble the leaves.  Come to attention when hearing a new sound, ready to bound away, is fascinating.

This can change the way we see the whole world. 

Having a great pair of binoculars.  And being able to use them.   This could bring a lot of the enjoyment of hunting to someone who doesn’t feel up to actually hunting anymore.

Besides, who will field dress the kill?  You probably had difficulty doing this when you were young.

It is all but impossible now that you are in your retirement years.  So all of a sudden a good set of binoculars seems a reasonable substitute for the gun used in hunting.  Hobbies for retired men ! Why they are important

Tramping through the woods

Appreciating the wildlife.

Watching the does and fawns.  All viewed up close.  So much more fun than having to squint and wonder.   Is there a set of horns on that animal’s head?  

If so how big are they?  A walk through the woods is suddenly much more interesting and will get you out of the recliner quicker.  

Surely these binoculars would make watching that skunk, the one who is digging up the yard every night more interesting to watch.  

With all the animals that roam around in our part of the country, having a pair of night vision binoculars might also a good investment.    

The walk around the park  

Walking along the river with some binoculars to identify what you are seeing.   This makes a whole new experience.   Makes the walk that seemed solitary, not so isolated when you see what all is there.  With the normal retirement age eyes, you do not see as sharply as you did earlier in life.

Have you fully appreciated life around you before this?  How had you not realized what was out there?  Have you just ever stood or sat still and watched the life around you? 

Maybe not as exciting as hunting, but ever so much more doable for those who are retirement age.  We will have to do more “case studies” to figure out what will work for our household.  But you get the idea.  Take what you once enjoyed, and check the activity out.  It might show you a new angle.

Ladies, is a birthday coming up for your spouse?  

Would you like a pair of binoculars for yourself?

Is this something you both might enjoy doing together?  Great exercise for both of you.  

What is your hobby?  Leave a comment and share your hobby interests here.  We are still adjusting and your share might be just what we are looking for, for Mr. B!

What have you found for a hobby for retirement?  We are all learning here, and finding that with help we can all have more fun in retirement.

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