How Are You Living Your Retirement Life Right Now, Today?

How Are You Living Your Retirement Life Right Now, Today?How are you living your retirement life right now today?

How are you living your retirement life right now, today?  Is it how you had thought it would me?  Are you allowing yourself to live your retirement life to the fullest?  Or do you think you are too young or too old to have a say for this time in your life?

Or are you living your life in a limited way?  Are you still hearing that little voice in your mind?  The one that keeps saying, “Do you think money grows on trees?”  

Or that you are not smart enough to make money during retirement, so you had better be careful with what you have.  Spend what you have wisely.  

How about the one that says you are too old to change?  Or that you do not deserve to have a happy retirement time?  You are a failure. Why are you of all people trying to go on a diet, don’t you know that you will always be fat!

Are you still hearing your childhood replays?

 Just like the voice that told you as a child that you could not do the classwork. All the times you imagined that you were less than someone else. Not as smart.  You were not as handsome.  Maybe you were not as strong.  Or did you hear that you were not as able?

Do you still carry those voices in your head as a senior retired adult? Sometimes there is no other explanation for some of the things you find yourself doing.

Some of the situations you find yourself allowing to develop.  

There is so much truth in the statement that you hear about “you teach other how to treat you.”  The pattern of behavior that you allow to develop is a reflection of behavior that you allowed as a child.  

Now you know you can

How old were you when you realized you could do things?  That you could make a plan and stick to it?  Even though you may feel that so many of the projects that you saw through to the end were the result of luck, not recognizing that you were swimming with sharks.  

Do you still have that deep down feeling that you had no choice?  Re-examination usually shows you really had the power to see things through. You could have quit anytime before the finish, you just did not.

You did it 

The effort required came from your own desire to create or see things through.  You are more successful than you give yourself credit for.  

Did you see the report given on the project that involved taking several retired senior citizens aged men to live in a dormitory type of living arrangement?  For a period of time, three months I believe it was they moved from their environment and immersed themselves in another way of living.  

The facility was decorated in a 1950’s style.  Food was from the same time period.  With the absence of the technology that we deem necessary in our world today.  

T V was black and white.  One phone to be shared and hung on the wall. Real submersions into the culture of the past.   The subjects had news print and a library to read in.  The available reading material was of the 1950’s world.

However, for the 3 months, they lived a life very much as if actually living in that time period of their lives.  Whatever the age they were at that time.  

They identified with the way of life.  Some of the experiment members who were walking with canes or walkers were helped into the facility.  


When they left at the end of the test period, many were walking without a cane or walker.  Some had graduated from the walkers and, taken a cane.  

Few of the test subjects left the test site with all their complaints that were present when entering.  They were more social, enjoyed the company of others.  These senior citizens were more ready to participate in group activities such as exercise groups and board games.  

Some of the participants stated that they looked forward to living the rest of their lives with the more positive mental attitudes and a sense of purpose. Many rethinking how they would be making adjustments to retirement living plans.

Is it real 

These test results were shared to help people understand how much our minds affect our reality.  

What we perceive as truth may be based on what we see and hear.  You may feel older because of what you hear and see all day.  

What would happen to you if you were placed in an environment where you are treated 50 or 60 years younger?  

Where you are not treated like a senior citizen, your abilities improve.  How would you like to see changes in your life, but think you are too old?  To set in your ways.

Still much to learn about your mind and reality. How are you living your retirement life right now today?

This test of living conditions results proves how much you have to learn about this aging business.  There are so many paths left open to you to make your retirement the life you wanted.  How are you living your retirement life right now, today?  Is your time allowance being used well?   


Could doing something you thought you wanted to do be the answer to your boring days in retirement.  Are you like the little boy looking in the water wondering what is next?

Have you accepted the “approved activity levels” to be your standards for your retirement days?  Spend a bit of time thinking about how you want the next few years to go for you.  

Sure, there may be some changes or adjustments to make due to where you find yourself in life.  You do not have to accept others limitations for your life.

You decide what to accept

 Remember the movie from the late 80’s or so, Tough Guys?  

Starred Bert Reynolds and Kirk Douglas?  

They all felt young while reliving their lives from younger years.  While a life of crime is not recommended, a life of looking back at what you did while you were young.

What will you “adjust?”  

Maybe adjusting some of those dreams and ideas to fit your life now can make you have a happier retirement time.  You control so much of how you feel, what you can do.  

How can you adjust your life to make it more fun?  Did you dream of being rich when you were young?  Being rich and famous is what many dreams are made of.  

How can you make your dreams fit the reality of today? What would you do if you were really rich?  What can you change about your daily life that would be more like what you dreamed about as a  younger person?

How is your retirement living now?

Was your dream about having your fame and fortune?  Or was it about the process of getting your fame and fortune? 

There are many adjustments that can be made to dreams that allow you to still find a lot of satisfactions from them.  

Most seniors find their dreams needed a bit of fine tuning to be as successful in the end as hoped for.  

This same attention to detail and adjustment can serve you well during your retirement journey.  Do you have a plan for living a happy retirement?  

How are you living your retirement right now, today?How are you living your retirement life right now



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