How Can You Work At Home? What Is Your Idea Of Retirement?

How Can You Work At Home?  What Is Your Idea Of Retirement?How can you work at home?What is your idea for retirement

So how can you work at home?  What is your idea of retirement?

These two questions are on many recent senior citizens as the join the ranks of fellow retirees. Consider this, you know there are many ways to spent the next phase of your life.

With the awareness of the possibilities that the next phase, the one of retirement living, can bring to those fortunate enough to live until that time.  After all, not everyone is so fortunate.

The realization that as a senior citizen and a retired one at that, the world is a pretty big place can open doors in your mind.  There are many ways you can enjoy your retirement years.

For instance

You can reinvent yourself.  Get the health issues finally taken care of that have been delayed.  Start a new career. Weren’t you thinking about working? Many are.

Maybe travel is what you have been thinking about doing when you retire. Do you want to learn to play a musical instrument?  So many options for you now that you have the time. Is just hanging out with nothing to do how you had planned to spend retirement.  Guess what, you can do that! 

What have you been thinking about?  Want to learn to build an online business?  You can learn to do that. For some of us, retirement takes the pressure away and lets you have time to do this from home.  Is work at home is the answer for you?

Personal discovery

One word of caution, as much as possible, live your retirement years according to what makes you happy.  Live your plan, not one that fulfills others dreams.  Sometimes people allow others to control their lives, unknowingly.

A friend shared the shock she felt when she realized she wasn’t happy living what she thought was her dream life.

She thought that because her parents had been people of influence in their community, and lived out their retirement years doing the jobs of continued support of the influence they had acquired.  Her life should follow the path they chose.

However, she was unaware that she was sitting her life up in the same manner because she was so proud of the strong people they were and the position they had acquired in their town.  They had different personal goals and ambitions.

Not long after she assumed the position her Dad had held, she realized how unhappy she was in this role.

While she still admired and respected her parents.  They were a wonderful example of great and positive influencers.  However, this was just not what she wanted. 

She had allowed her respect and goodwill to accept a position that she didn’t want.  Made her accept a place that wasn’t for her.

After gaining 40 pounds and nearly creating a personal drinking issue besides almost causing a divorce she realized the situation, what was happening and why. 


She was a Dandelion trying to be a rose.

After years of being the dutiful daughter, it was hard to cut the ties to the goodwill attempts of pressure that the community leaders who worked with her parents used to push her into assuming her parents’roles and responsibilities. 

Her Journey

Building her life after retiring from an executive position within her father business became a journey she hadn’t expected.

Her dandelion spirit needed a chance to grow with its own plan.  The ability to make decisions for her new found free time let her explore soon different ideas for how to live her life.

Her Talents

She soon found the school system there in her county was limping and needed some experienced and knowledgeable help for moving forward in a world of changing needs and expectations.

There she found she could guide and suggest and help the leaders see the wisdom of a plan to build and grow existing programs.

The board members all been bound down with a “not enough” mentality.  With her help, they were able to see how to improve and grow the opportunities for education while remaining within the guidelines of state and federal regulations.

Adaptable skills

It was so similar to leading her father’s businesses. The fulfillment was similar and she now had time to write the novel she had in her mind for a while, as well as learn to garden, something her parents had also grown an interest in.  This gave them a common meeting ground.

This common interest allowed my friend to spend time with her parents as the grew older and into a less independent phase of their lives.

Being able to help your parents is a blessing.  As they age they often need another viewpoint, or outside approval for decisions about how they live their lives.

Being there helped her see the need for some provisions in her own life, as well as helped she and her husband plan a much happier retirement.

What do you need to do to make your retirement living life better?  Are you bored?  Have you found a good balance of interests and activities that make your days go well, your finances stay intact and make you personally happy? 

Do you just need a bit more income each month? 

The cold hard truthhow can you work at home? What is your idea for retirement?

Is this you? 

If you need more income, and you need it to keep a roof over your head, working at home to build an online business may not be for you. 

It is not an instant way to have income.  See the word build?  That is what you have to do to have an online business. 

It is a process.  However, for most of you a wonderful process.

Light depression often is often the result of being bored and having nothing to look forward to.  The mild depression can work into a full-fledged situation of deep depression.  This is harder to treat and correct. 

How do I know?

Well, I don’t know about deep depression.  I do know about light depression.  The kind that hides your happiness.

Will taking out a sheet of paper and a pencil and making a plan help ward off depression?  Maybe not, but if you are finding yourself bored and dreading each day as it comes along. If you are not enjoying your retirment living as you thought you would, why not give it a try.

Are you happy?

Often we don’t even realize how easy it is to change to happy.

Sometimes this awareness can happen with writing down what makes you happy.  Often when you write it down, this, in turn, makes you aware that you already have that and couldn’t see it!

Amazing isn’t it.  Happy was right there all along and you could not see it.

So go ahead and get out that sheet of paper.  Make your list.

What makes you happy?

Your health?  Your spouse?  Maybe your children?  Grandchildren? Those awards on the shelf?   Is it your bank balance? 

Could it be the gypsy in your soul calling you for one more trip? 

Is it finding the unexpected bloom in the garden you have so lovingly tended?   A friends wave, and smile.  A shared experience?

Come on now, what do you think makes you happy?

My confession

The first time I did this, imagine the surprise when I realized I had all the things on the list.

Mine was pretty basic.  Someone to share my life with.  Healthy kids who are self-sufficient and fun to be around.  A safe, clean home to live in that is modern enough to be convenient, old enough to have personality and character in a lesser populated area of the world.

Reasonable health. Enough money to buy what I want to at the grocery store. No debt.  Funds to travel some if I want to.   

What else now?  Oh yes, close enough to our family to see them occasionally.

And then it hit me!

Once I realized that I had all that I really wanted, I went on to explore the next layer of being happy, self-fulfillment.

I found that a clean house was not the top of my list.  Important, yes, but not to the point of cleaning every day! 

I needed something else to do to make me happy.   Something to help the feeling that life was just passing me by.

In fact

Having already worked into retirement a few years made getting another job outside the home not so attractive to me.  I did want to do something with my time besides crafts and sewing. 

So guess what?

For me, it was learning to have a presence online. 

Learning to build a business.  Leaning to share the good and bad of retirement living.  What is your missing item on your list?

If learning to build a business online is what your dream is,  click here now for the program I joined to learn.  This is the most complete guide and training you will find to help you build a business online.  I am still a proud member.

This Wealthy Affiliate learning platform and a network of people have become my second family.  There is power in the written word.  Especially when the words are written about your life.  Those words will bring you joy, guide you, give you comfort. 

Best of all these words are the way to your heart and what is actually going on in your mind.

Your mind controls your comfort level of life and allows you to be happy or unhappy.  Unlock happy, for yourself.

My life of trying to be a rose?  A failure because my DNA said Dandelion, loud and clear.  Being content to just do nothing during retirement living wasn’t quite working for me.  There were still things that I wanted to do. Too many things to learn. 

So here is the bottom line

Do you find yourself in some of my friends or my own story?  How does your retirement living story go? 

Are you happy with what is happening on a daily basis?  How can you change it to be what you really want?  Let your real DNA out and see what can happen.

You are able to change more than you think you can.  The control switch belongs to you what will you do with it? Get out your pencil and paper.  (You will notice I never suggest using a pen to write this plan.  There is so much opportunity for change, you want to be able to erase and start over when needed.)

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