How Do You Plan To Have An Active Retirement?

 How do you plan to have an active retirement?  How do you plan to have an active retirement

Do active and retirement even belong in the same sentence? I did not consider that I needed to ask myself “how do you plan to have an active retirement!”  

Isn’t that what retirement is?  No longer working!  Well, working and active are kind of interchangeable here!  At least for me, they are!  How do you feel about this time?

As there were questions still in my mind!  Questions roaming about in my head about this situation!  A quick reference to “Wikipedia” to see what was there!  There was some help with  an answer to this question for my mind.

So–according to Wikipedia, Retirement:  That point in time when a worker stops employment, (work) altogether!

Well, that explains what I thought retirement was, stopping work!  However, as I continued researching living as a happy and healthy retired individual here in the U S!  Maybe we should give this more thought!

There was more to it than just stopping work!   I realized that retired individuals are more susceptible to depression than at any other age!  This period of adjustment when you retire, that is a dangerous time!How do you plan to have an active retirement

The ceasing of work years brings some enjoyment to a person’s life!  However, the changes in their mental, social status!  Not to mention the financial situation all converge!  At one time!  

You are growing older, and your body is no longer as healthy and strong as it has been for a very long time!

This leaves you most venerable!  Often life’s progressions will make us aware that we are leaving a stage of our lives!  We are entering another time and change is difficult!  We sometimes have mixed feelings about the new world we find ourselves in!

The “Working stage”

The time which regulated and supported your lives and your loved ones!  This most important major part of your life! 

You  are entering another stage!  One where you are thought of as less important!  Out of the decision making that consumed so much of our working hours.

  • No longer bringing in a paycheck.
  • No longer “have ” to do things.
  • Time for what you want to do.
  • When you want to do it!  


Those things that do not matter!  Are not that important!  No one will know if you don’t do them!  All this realization of our new stage of life!  That now is a part of your retirement life!

Your self-esteem can take a beating!  All the while you are coming to the realization that you now are in  control!

Your hours, days, months and years!

You can make them great!  Or you can let them be boring and long! How do you plan to have an active retirement?

How are you planning to spend your retirement?

The planning concept is taking hold now!  The understanding of the importance of planning!

All too often there is not enough planning into the financial side of your retirement, making it necessary to make abrupt changes in lifestyle to be able to live within the means you now have in retirement!

This also causes a change in your feelings of self-worth and well-being.

Remember one is really venerable at this time!

You have to take control and make some actual plans that will get you going in the right direction.

Now is the time to really bond with your spouse, if you are fortunate enough to have one.  

To make a plan that will make both of you have a better retirement.  Talking and communicating about this all too important part of your life is an absolute necessity!  Hear what your spouse is saying!

If you are a single retiree, you have to be your own sounding board in trying to plan a life that you want to live after retirement.

You need to be aware of the trap of just drifting through your days!

 The trap of just falling into the habit of not doing anything! Letting your life control you!  Instead of the other way around.

Grab that pen and paper and make a plan that you can see.  Writing things down can make a plan easier to understand.  

Lay the list down and revisit it tomorrow.How do you plan to have an active retirement

Things will begin to clear up for you.  

A conversation with a trusted friend can open your eyes and understanding to help with this plan.  

How much better it is to actually live your life during retirement!   Comfortable with the knowledge that you lived your life your way as much as possible!

Far too many of us  have been so absorbed by work!  We have not given enough thought to the years to follow our working time of life.  

Did you know that Georgia O’Keeffe painted, drew and sketched, and created sculptors till she was 96!  However, it is clear that I am not cut from her mold!  Could you stay this kind of active?

And yes I know, George Burns acted and performed comedy, making people laugh many years!  

So some of you are preparing to retire!  Wondering what you will do with this time in your life!  Will you be like those numbers of artists and comedians?  Those who will continue to do what they do?

I would not think retirement if I did fun things either!

So now, who gets to decide when it is time for you to retire?

Being among the fortunate, I was able to decide when it was time to retire from what I was doing.  

I knew that reinventing myself again to be an internet marketer was my goal for this time in life!  It just took be a while to find a platform to work from!

What is your goal for your retirement?   How do you plan to stay active in your retirement?

I found that most people retire when they qualify for  a retirement pension from a company based plan, or when they can start receiving social security benefits.How do you plan to have an active retirement

There are some who are self-employed.  They are not planning to retire at the usual 62 or 66 that we usually see people make the decision to do.

They will work until they decide that they can no longer do what they have been doing!  Or until they feel financially secure enough to retire!

This is giving some reason to what we see happening in our society.  More affluent people will usually semi-retire, working less in their late 50’s, and maybe completely stop working in their profession!  Then they may start again when something else they had rather do comes to their attention!

How do you plan to have an active retirement?

So If you prepared for retirement when you are 65 – 66 you will find that you still have many years of life!  

You will need to have something to give you a sense of well-being!   An interesting and rewarding activity that leaves you with a feeling of being productive!  

You do not want to be among those bored retirees!  

The ones that sink into depression!  Doing damage to their health by not caring for themselves.

If you have travel plans and interests that have you living from a suitcase for months on end, you are fortunate.  Maybe purchasing an RV will see you through the travel that has been your dream.  Maybe you will become best friends with the travel agents in your area!

Do you have a special desire for some volunteering project that means a lot to you?  There are so many needs out there!  You will be welcome whatever you decide to get into.

There may be time for learning to play that musical instrument!  How about  adding that carport?  Whatever you  would like to do!  Hopefully, now is the time for this interest.  Now you can ask yourself how do you plan to have an active retirement!

There are many books to read!  Music to appreciate!  There are new recipes to try!.  New trails to hike!  Roads to drive!  Whatever your interest might be, hopefully now is the time to explore some of these interests.Hod do you plan to have an active retirement?

Did you retire because of failing health?  

If so, you have a real need for a plan!  You need to make sure that no time is wasted in your retirement!  

You want to use the time  doing things that are important to you! 

You will need to make memories!  You will need to prepare for the time you can not do all you want to do!

Write down your goals and ideas to make the most of your time.  Do not just settle into “wait it out”!

There are so many opportunities for this time in your life.  This retirement time!

If you have not developed an all-absorbing interest to pursue in your retirement years, there is still time!

Get out that trusty pen and paper and start writing down some ideas of what you might like to do.

Go back, check it out, and make  a plan.How do you plan to have an active retirement

You will be surprised where this will lead you.

If you have a spouse, and you start working on a plan you should be able to find something that your both enjoy!

An activity, hobby, or interest will make both of you happier during this time in your life!  Remember to ask yourself how do you have an active retirement!

Most people find that the hobbies they pursued before retirement will expand!  

This can be what they want to spend their time being involved with.  Even if there are interests you already want to spend your time working with, you would be wise to keep the pen and paper handy!  Handy for adding to your existing interests.

When a plan is made.   Actually written down! It is easier to find a way to implement the new interest. This works like a chore list when you plan.  You may not get everything done!  However, this will allow you to use your time better! Get some of the list completed!

Do you have a plan for retirement enriching activities?  It is easier to figure out how to get from the  paper plan to a real activity.

Often just getting your ideas on paper is all it takes to make you realize you can get excited about your life! About your future!  About your retirement!  You will not need to ask how do you plan to have an active retirement!

You do not have to live the retired life your parents did!  Unless you want to do so!

It is amazing what putting your ideas on paper will do.

The freedom you give your ideas and dreams when you write them down is unbelievable!

Things that seemed impossible when in the darkness of your mind?  They will suddenly become actions that lead to the end you only dreamed of!  Try it!  You will be surprised!

The old ideas of retirement being a time of few fun activities is no longer how we see ourselves.How do you plan to have an active retirement

We are busy, we have the option of working longer in some cases.

We just do not see ourselves sitting in a rocker very long at a time!

We are busy learning our way around the technology world.  We text, spend some time on Facebook, as well as learning about the world through Googling whatever questions we have.

There are new interests to add to the dominoes, cards and board games we love.

We love being part of the activities of our children, and grandchildren.

Sometimes, we find ourselves bored, but not for long. If you find yourself having bored times, take control! You can figure out how to stop that!  This is where you ask, “how do you plan to have an active retirement?”

Your mental health is much too important to allow boredom to develop into depression!

Find an interest to make you excited about your days!

This can become a habit, being bored.  Do not let this happen in your life.  

You know by now that I found my interest in online marketing!  Then I got the knowledge to make it happen from Wealthy Affiliate.  

Show me an activity to get excited about!   You will enjoy bring able to add to your  interests list!. The internet highway has room for those who are interested in a happy retirement. Learn to make money from home online!

Learn to make money from home online!  I want to start my blog now!  No credit card required!  How do you plan to have an active retirement?


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