How Is Your Retirement Living Now

How Is Your Retirement Living Now?  

Retirement living now can involve some help from you the retiree.  Are you retirement living nowfinding the days going well? Every day.  Day in and day out?  Having more good days than bad?  

Please be advised, we are discussing your personal retirement living, not your husband’s or your wive’s. Not your brother’s or your dad’s.   Yours.

If not, why not?  Are there small tweaks you can make in your daily life that will make each one better?  One small tweak can help, you know. As you are settling into retirement, sometimes the flow of the days just seems to happen and it is a good thing.  

Some control measures

If this flow just happens, it is a good bet you have not set up the guidelines. Someone else with different priorities has guided your days. While this may work out well, few people find a schedule they really like when someone else is planning and directing.  It may work well for a while.  When the new of retirement wears off and your daily schedule has been created without input from you, chances are there are some things that kind of irritate you.  

You would prefer getting up and showering and then having breakfast.  You find yourself going to shower after breakfast.  I know, not a big thing, the goal is a shower and breakfast.  Either way, the end result is getting both done.  

If this is a compromise with someone to maintain peace in the household you must decide if peace is worth the feeling of a shower the first thing in the morning.  

Make the decisions for retirement living now

If you like a cooked breakfast and expect someone else to cook it, have you made a provision with them?  If you are cooking, the question is taken out of when.  Cook when you want too.  Being retired means a day of making little decisions through the day.  

You are the retiree.  It is up to you to work your way through the daily living that occurs each and every day.  Do you need to make lifestyle changes?  

Changes that will lead to a healthier body for you as you age?  Exercise and diet are the foundations to make the switch to a healthier retirement.  

As you reach retirement age, you will be aware of the many adjustments that must be made to assure that you have the best retirement life that is possible.  

Necessary changes

By now your finances are either secure, or you are making the adjustments to make what you have covers expenses.  Which ever life you are leading, it will be better and more fun with good health.

Too many retirees find that the aging process limits their desire and ability to exercise.  They find that they can no longer enjoy the activities they once enjoyed.  The great thing is that you can find and start exercises that you will enjoy.  Retirement living

Sitting and bemoaning the fact that you can not do something is not increasing your happiness. Finding a new exercise may open a whole new world to you.  

The world is a changing place.  Just because you never liked walking does not mean you always will feel that way.  You may find that a walk early in the morning is just the right way to get the day started.  Some find a health club their choice.  Either way is O K- just whatever is better for you so that you will get out and do it.  

Yes sleep and rest

I know, you thought sleeping and resting was an important part of retirement, and it is.  Are you aware of how important sleep is once the exercise and diet are on the right track?  Regular sleeping patterns are a part of a healthy lifestyle pattern.  

Too often recent retirees find themselves victims of an erratic sleeping pattern that does not provide the healing restful sleep necessary to good health.

While the freedom of retirement allows you to set your own sleeping schedule, this is something to be thoughtful about.  If you normally awaken at 5:30 AM, you will probably not be able to sleep in the next morning.  The end result is that if you have a late night, that sleep is probably not made up easily, as it might have been in the past.  

In the past you were often just tired period, so a morning to sleep late would be well used. However, few retired adults report really resting with an irregular schedule for sleeping.

So add the diet and exercise to your retirement chore list, along with making sure you get good restful sleep.  

Before retirement, getting back on schedule with your getting up and going to bed hours was easy enough as you had a work schedule.  In retirement, this automatic control is not there.  


Your body does not adjust to the lack of sleep as easily if you do not have some interest to push you.  During working years, you want that paycheck. So you do the work to earn it.  Get up and get moving, doing the usual scheduled activities.  

When you are retired, you must provide your own schedule.  The one freedom about retirement that has been barely mentioned is the ability to set your own schedule.  If your days are not as much fun as you want them to be, what can you adjust to bring the joy you were looking for?

A stool 

Like the legs on a stool, there must be a balance.  Your diet is leg one.  Then your exercise is leg two.  Enough sleep and rest is leg three.  Leg number four?  


That is what you exercise the discipline for.  This is the interest that motivates you to get up and get started.  Your motivation is the leg of the stool that makes all the others work well.  The one that takes you from a wobbly stool to a sturdy one.

What is yours? 

The interest and drive to do something.  What is yours?  What do you want bad enough to get up early in the mornings and get started on?  Is it a strong enough motivator to get you really moving with a song in your heart?  If not, it may be time to rethink your retirement interest and challenges.

Does this make you happy?  Think about it.  If you are not happy, retirement can be not so great.  Who wants a boring retirement?  You do want and need a happy retirement.  

Some win, some lose

You may have to make some changes for yourself to make sure you spend your retirement time being as happy as possible.  Be prepared for some success and some failures when in this phase of your retirement.  

One of the best things of being retired?  You can change your mind.  You will find examples of this everywhere.  Do you know someone who decided that traveling was the way to a golden retirement?  

Sold all their possessions and moved into an RV, permanently!  

A drastic move? Yes, it was perfect for some.  For others, this was not a successful transition.   Make sure that you truly think through your decisions if they are such complete changes.  The lives of other affected?  Consult with those that this affects.

Often there are ways to try out some ideas before getting too deeply in.  You have the wisdom of years now, and if this is your dream, do it.  For most, there are other ways to find their interest and cause.  

The one thing that you can do?  You can change when that is not fun anymore. You are not stuck with that decision for ever.

What did you choose

 How many interests did you explore before you decided on the path you choose?  Having a blog.  Learning about running an online business.  This was my “closet” interest that finally saw the light of day.  

After I tried many other things, and now have a room full of sewing and craft supplies. If you have tried to find an interest with mediocre results, I would like to recommend my solution.  You will find all the details here.  

Does making money online sound fun to you?  I had to change my diet to think better and learn easier.  There is a learning phase to making money online, at least there was for me.  

I had to exercise to have the energy I wanted to work on the site after my other chores.  

Then there was the sleep. Falling asleep at the computer is not what I wanted to do.  Interest and cause?  Unbelievable the drive this has unleashed.  Will retirement living nowyou give yourself a chance to check this out? 


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