How To Age Well


How to age well.  

Getting old?  Aging well?

How are you facing this time in your life?  Are you getting old?  Or have you decided you will take control and age well?  You have the choice. How to age well will help you rethink your retirement.How to age well

This is an active decision. One you can make.  You can also choose to do nothing and just get old.  

You can make your retirement years better. One step at a time.

Most agree that aging well is a more agreeable solution.  

No one wants to be “old.”  Whatever that is. 

It sounds like a finished work.  When you use the statement “I am old,”  it sounds as though you are through. Things will never get any better. 

Now aging, that is something else.  If you are aging, you are evolving. You still have time.  You can decide how to spend your aging years.  A positive mindset will help both men and women to age well.

How are you moving through these retirement years of your life?  Are you consciously making decisions that will allow you to be happy?  Decisions that may not seem important on an induvial decision basis.   However, added up can make or break your chance for happiness during retirement? 

Decisions involving your lifestyle habits  

Are you sleeping enough?  Aging men or women need 7 hours of sleep each night.  Are you allowing yourself to do this? 

Eating a healthy diet?   Aging well includes  wise eating for both women and men.

Getting enough exercise?   One of the single most important building blocks to a basic how to age well.  Exercise.  How are you doing with your exercise?

These single choices may not make much difference by themselves.  Add them together and they will make a huge difference.   Aging gracefully can be done.

How about health?

Being in good health allows you to enjoy your retirement years.  Allows you to be happy. 

So even if you did not plan very well for the financial side of your retirement, being healthy puts you in control of a number of factors. 

Your health has to be protected.  Taken care of.  When you are younger, you take your health for granted, until you become ill. 

Health can make or break your happiness in retirement.  Your health will give you the freedom to live a happy retirement. 

Or the lack of health can wreck any financial plans made.  Make it impossible to really be happy in retirement.   

Having the freedom to be active.  Enjoy your hobbies.  Travel.  Spend time with family activities.  All the things you hope for as you reach the retirement time of your lives.   

How do you take control? 

One lifestyle at a time.  It is not always easy to move beyond the neglect of a healthy diet.  This will catch up with you at some point.  You will not have the energy you once had. 

While you are still working, you are not aware of the draining effect that the food you eat has on your energy level.  That draggy feeling after a coffee break with a doughnut or sweet roll. 

When you are working, you are pushing through the wall that your body falls behind when trying to digest the fats, sugars and refined carbs in your snack. 

When you are retired, and no longer having to push past this block?  You will find it difficult to get past it.

You will find it easier to just flop in a chair and be aware of the slow-down experienced while the not so good calories are digested. This soon gets to be a habit if you do not make the active decision that this time with rundown  energy is not for you.  

If you will make the decision to have a healthy protein, a piece of fruit.  Your energy won’t be so completely depleted.  You will be ready for that golf game.  The grandkids ball game, or even the walk around the park.

Healthy diet choices give overall health.   Where is your sense of wellbeing benefits?

You do not have to completely overhaul eating habits in one big swoop. 

One big step  that looks impossible to stay in control of. 

You make the choices in tiny steps.  Decisions made daily. 

Actually sometimes hourly.  Make small decisions.

Take control of your days eating habits by planning.  You can make this small change in your diet part of your routine.  Make the plans to include having healthy choices on hand.How to age well

Then, move on the next small change.  Planning your days. Paying attention to what you want to change.  

Your life will greatly improve.  Make small changes in any part of your life that needs improvement. 

Yes, even you can go from an unhappy retirement time to a happy retirement time.  It is your life.  It is up to you.

Decide how you want to spend your retirement years. 

Do you want to get old?  Or do you want to age?

These  dietary decisions will control whether you are  to remain active through the day. 

The payoff of better snack decisions will allow you to have the energy to stay active through the day.  To pursue a hobby.  Enjoy a trip.

Do you have activities you enjoy planned? 

Why not? 

Boredom will not have room in your life if you plan. 

How would you like the day to be different? 

Are you happy with the days you have in retirement? 

Are you excited about only needing to work part time?  Do you enjoy your work hours? 

Are you working because you need the income?  Or, are you working because you enjoy what you are doing?  

Have a real plan

If you do not enjoy what you are doing, can you change your work? 

If you need the income, can you pay off debt faster?  That will allow you to fully retire? 

If you work for 2 years will the debt be paid?  Have you thought through your exit plan?  Some suggestions from The Retirement Bucket List will help.

Quite often knowing you will only need to work for a specified amount of time  will make this a more tolerable task.  

Everyone has their own level of patience with work, and you are no different. 

This is why it is important to have a plan. 

Know where you are with your finances.  What needs to change.  Think about ways to make the changes

Often retirees decide to work long enough to purchase a new vehicle. 

Or they will work long enough to pay for a special trip somewhere. 

Have your goals.  Know if you are working to just pay off debt.  This will allow your Social security income and retirement savings to cover your expenses. 

Find out how long you will be working.  Plan so that there are definitely results that you are progressing on your goals each payday.  You will soon find your special purchase paid for, or your debts paid. 

Your feeling will be more of aging, and not getting old. Taking control of your finances is a lot like taking control of your diet. 

You can do it, a little at a time. 

Think things through.  Rearrange things and find yourself no longer  rushing through life without the time to evaluate and consider.  Being in control with options allows for revising your schedule.  Now you are understanding about being retired!  Finding out how to be in control of all the parts of retirement life. 

You just have to take small steps at a time.  Get them under control.  Will you allow life to just sweep you along?  Or, will you can take control and make a plan to do things more as you would like them done. 

You can choose to age well, not get old.  A good place to start is with your diet.  Know what you eat.  You are in control.   Make sure it is what you need for a healthy body.

How to age wellHow to age well.

Making sure your retirement plan is your plan will result in a happier time.  The  things  of life that happen can be handled in your retirement years.  

Make a plan, so that when life attempts to serve up some mix you do not care for, can change it.  You can remove the things from the cooking pot you do not like to eat.

Have a plan.  Know how to plan for your future.  Know the importance of taking care of your health.

Next, you can move to your finances.  

When you have your finances in hand your life will flow better.  You can then move to your activities throughout the day.  There is a method to the madness.  Having an established order in your life will allow you to adjust to aging.

You have a plan to carry you through the different events that go with aging.  You will find yourself happier. How to age wellYou will know that you made the best life possible for your retirement years.  

Your guide in How To Age Well will give you guidelines.  What will you do?  How can you plan to make the changes?

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