How To Be Happy In Retirement

How to be happy in retirement? 

You do have a choice, you know.  You can choose to mope about, never doing anything.  Just existing.  Be miserable and unhappy.   Or you can choose to be happy.  Here is a simple how to be happy in retirement right here.  

Your short allotment of retirement years is going by.  What does happy mean to you?How to be happy in retirement

Are you going to waste them being unhappy? 

Did you enter your retirement years without a plan?

Planning may be a new thing to you. 

It can be done.  Will you take control of your life?

You can plan your way to happy. 

Happy is a word that can sometimes be hard to define. 

What is your definition of “happy?”  

Click this link for a definition, as well as the many different ways this word is used. http://www.dumblittleman.com/about     

Absolutely no wonder.   We each have our own definition of the word happy.        

The feeling of contentment or of joy is a good way to describe that feeling being happy is.  I would change the wording to be contentment and joy. 

This is what happy means.   And this is how to be happy in retirement.  Then add contentment and joy.

Now how do you apply this to your retirement years?   Are you retired as you are reading this statement?  is your life making you full of joy?  Would you describe yourself as content? 

Having either feeling is wonderful.  How about both at the same time? 

Does that not make each day more fulfilling?  

Do you know how to get the happy feeling?  You can plan to be happy.  

I know, it sounds like a pipe dream.  This idea of planning to be happy. 

When you do not plan, you allow yourself to live with no chance of moving to the happy stage.  Part of the reason you do not move to the happy stage is because you did not know you could.  

Listen up here.  This is important.  You can start your way to how to be happy in retirement now.

You can plan to be happy.  

Can you take baby steps to that magic place?  The magic place that is retirement.  

You may be starting your plan late.  Even already be retired. 

maybe you did not know that you needed to make this plan.     

This retirement has probably made you into a different person now.  Different from what you were before retirement. 

You have had some adjustments to make. 

Some were easier than others.  You had to make adjustments.  

Get your pencil and paper. It is planning time. 

I would make the plan for you, would be quicker than helping you to do it. 

However, then it would be my plan and not yours. 

You need to work with your plan.  Write across the top of the sheet of paper your name and the words Happy Plan. 

Then think about the first part of your day.  The first 2 hours you were awake and up.  What happened that you did not like? 

Were you happy about the hour you woke and got up out of bed?  What could you do to change the way things went.  Do you need to get up earlier?  Sleep later?  What would make you happier? 

Were you happy with breakfast?  With the coffee?  Do you need to make changes here?  

On to the next 2 hours.  What did you like or not like about them?  

So your morning was perfect.  Made you happy and content?  That is such a great thing.  Move on to the next 2 hours. 

What was good, what could you change? 

Continue analyzing your day. 

Think about what happened that was good.  What happened that was bad. 

You have the pencil and paper, what could you change about your morning?  Your afternoon, evening? 

What one little thing could you change?  Write it down!  How would you feel if this little event did not happen every morning?  Does this little thing require stopping the world and getting off? 

Or can something so simple as preparing ahead the night before help make the day better?  It could be something simple, like getting the coffee pot ready to switch on the next morning.  I had rather know at night if I need to run get coffee, than in the mornings when I am wanting coffee. 

Would getting out for your walk while it is still cool (yes I live in Central-West Texas and it is hot) make that part of your exercise program better. 

You can plan to do that.  Do it with intention, not accidently. 

Make it a habit.  Would that make you feel better about your retirement days?  See how easy it is to learn how to be happy in retirement?

Would this little change make you happier? 

Why not find out? 

Make little changes to your routine to make you able to have some control.  Some control over how the day goes.  Do you feel guilty because you did not get out and walk?  Did not get out and exercise?  

Can being in control of your morning make you able to finish these little goals?  Those goals that you have for yourself?  They may not seem important to others but are to you. 

You have stepped up and taken control of some of the parts of your life that were not working.  You are beginning to exercise that muscle of self-motivation.  That muscle is a hard one to get to moving. 

Usually, it responds to small requests better than larger ones.  At least when you start using it again. 

Remember how easy it was to get your days done when you were in your 30’s and 40’s?  You just got up and did what needed doing. 

In your 60’s you may need to encourage and help that motivation to gain strength. 

How can you help? 

By planning.  A simple plan. 

You need a pencil and paper.   Start with the little things. 

Plan to change your day.  Make it work for you. 

Is your personal space messy and piled up?  

Make the commitment to get back in the habit of staying neat and orderly. 

Retirement is a sneaky time of life.  All the good habits we once enjoyed no longer are automatic.  You have to use that motivation muscle and get it going again.  

The good part is the payoff of being in control of your day gives you rewards beyond the effort required.  Try it, you will see.

Make a plan. 

A plan for not going to bed with your place all piled up. 

Get your pencil and paper.  Look around you. 

What will it take to get everything in place?  Write it down. 

This is similar the stretching part of an intense exercise program.  You have to warm up those muscles! 

You gain control of your living space, one step at a time. 

Much like working up to an exercise program. 

Your self-control muscle will not expand and grow if not used.  It will remain inactive, no matter how much you try to use it.

You need a plan to make your life better.  It is important to start in small steps. 

Starting small allows you to grow to be able to tackle the big things. 

This is the part of planning that most people miss out on.  The little baby steps that are so important to a plan. 

You sat through workshops where you were told to “plan” your work day.  You know that is important.

No one anywhere you travel on your retirement journey says ‘plan your retirement day”.  

If they had you would have assumed they meant the actual day.  The 24 hour time period,  

No, a happy retirement involves planning every day. 

Who else will care so much if you are happy?  

Are you happy when someone else tells you how to live?  Each and every day? 

That is what will happen if you do not plan.  You have to control your time. By planning, you can do this. 

Will you plan to make yourself happy?  It is as simple as that. 

Have trouble believing that?    How do you know it won’t work?   Try this “how to be happy in retirement stuff” for yourself.


Plan to change the first part of your day.

What if it is that easy.  What if you only have to plan. Then live the plan.

Even if you have allowed some bad habits to grow.  You can control them, a little at a time. 

That is where most planning comes up short.  You plan to make to big of a change.  If you have not exercised that motivation muscle, it will not push you through the big change.  The one that will be needed to make you happy. 

So start today.  Plan to change the first part of your day that needs changing. 

Write down what you did not like about that time of the day, yesterday.  What can you do to change this? 

Will some change in your morning as simple as having the coffee ready to flip the switch first thing in the morning help?  Maybe having your bedroom neat and orderly. 

This would enable you to find something to put on that makes you feel good about yourself?  Yes, I know that you are an adult.  You are not a child who has to be told to straighten their room. 

But maybe just calling attention to the lack of order will make it easier to do something about it.  Sometimes as retirees, you forget about getting up, showering while the coffee is brewing.

You forget to get ready for the day.  Now, with a fresh shower, clothes you feel good about wearing.  Maybe you are ready for doing something for fun.

Did you do anything big to start the day off better?  No, but a combination of actions, done purposefully will make a difference. 

Continue to keep these deliberate acts of positive motion. 

It takes 30 days of daily repetitions to form a habit. 

Give yourself a chance to live life on purpose.  On purpose to make you happier.  Look at the rest of your morning. 

What else can you change, just a little?  

There are many adjustments.  Even in a perfect day.   Sometimes the first plan you make is not the correct one.  Re-evaluate and adjust.  Plan the adjustment, get on with it.  

As you are exercising that muscle of self-control.  Self-motivation.  Taking charge of your day.  Planning your day, and working your plan.  Allow yourself a bit of time to feel good about what you are doing. 

Living right now.

With intent. 

Taking steps to be happy.    Little steps.  Give yourself room to succeed. How to be happy in retirement

Celebrate your successes.   Write out your plan for tomorrow.  Stay on track. 

Give yourself permission to live a happy retirement.

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