How To Be Happy In Your Golden Years Of Retirement

How To Be Happy In RetirementReady for a Happy Retirement

Do you know how to be happy in retirement? What are you doing to make sure you have a wonderful retirement?

Are you loving your retirement living years?

How are these retirement days, that will soon turn into years, treating you?

Are you excited about the days?  Feeling like each day is a special one.

Excited to get up in the mornings?  

Looking forward to the day

Are you shocked that the day has gone so fast?  

Well, that is how I spend my days, now.  Wasn’t always that way, I did have some that were a bit boring.  I wasn’t doing anything.

Now, I want to get up earlier  

Instead of snuggling down to that sleep-in, that has been earned through so many years of getting up early, getting to work while it is still dark.  That’s right.  Can you believe it?  I’m right back at it and loving the journey.  

Working when it was all I could do, to force myself to get out of bed.  I have earned the right to sleep until at least daylight if I want to.  

No, I am not teasing, getting up early is how the days start now, without the alarm.  There is so much to check out, there is no time to sleep in. Using new skills that have made life so much more fun.  

  • Do You want to renew your interest in life?  How to be happy in retirement
  • Re-energize your mental outlook?  
  • Be excited about a new day and the possibilities it holds.  

The answer is simple!  

  • Learn something new that makes lives better.  
  • Share how this helps others.
  • Join me here on Wealthy Affiliate University open education platform, and put that new skill to work.  

How to do that?  

Join me in the Wealthy University site with their Open Education plan.

You will have so many opportunities to learn how to make money online from home by helping others solve their problems.  

What a wide-open world is out there.  If you are not interested in making money online, you have enough already, how about a charity site?  Helping those who need help through awareness of the issues and education?

Raise money for your favorite charity   

Help the world see why you support this worthy cause. Why you feel this cause is important and the place it has in a better world for mankind.

An information site  

Do you want to share your hard earned information for how to survive chemotherapy?  What is your real life experience that will help others survive and move on to a happy productive life?

Have you spent the last 5 years helping your parents make decisions and live their lives while they were in the last years of their lives?  There are others who would benefit from what you have learned.  

They are just now starting their journey.  What help is out there?  What worked for you and what did not?  

Maybe you have found yourself a grandparent raising a grandchild.  

This happens all too often and grandparents need all the help and support they can find.  Do you have advice and suggestions?  

A large number of the grandchildren have some problems themselves, turning into the caregiving for grandparents, helping them through their added concerns.  What have you learned in your journey that could help others?  

Maybe you have a new hobby or interest and would like a place to work with others and perfect your new skills or interests.  Network with others who are also intersted in what you are.  Sharing ideas, answering questions, working through problems.  So many shared interests.

Learn how to build a place online to connect and share your interests.  

So many areas open to sharing your knowledge and expertise with others.  As well as your curiosity about new ideas and interests.  So many ways you can learn how to be happy in to be happy in retirement

If you do not want to build a business, come learn how to use the internet.  

Learn how to search for information.  You can learn valuable skills for evaluating and selecting online business you want to shop from or services that would make your life more interesting and better for your Golden Years.  

Learn how to safely use the internet to make your life better.  It is here, why not learn to use this new technology. Few people who aren’t in the IT tech world have the basic skills to move about the internet comfortably and safely. Learn how to do this.  

Are you bored with retirement?  

Kind of bored with the days, with what you want to do, what you are comfortable spending the money to do? 

I was too, but also a little concerned.  I wanted to be happy in retirement.

Having come to the realization kinda late in life that there needed to a plan for retirement.  Plans that should have been made much earlier.  If you aren’t going to save and have money for retirement, you should at least plan for part-time employment.  

Don’t remember that in any of the articles about retirement planning.

It wasn’t that you didn’t know this needed to be done, you just felt too broke, too tired, too in debt to do anything about the plan.  Of course, this is not true, it is How to be happy in retirementjust a lifelong habit of denial of the financial responsibilities that came with this time in life. 

That added to having a very long line of ancestors living into their 90’s brought to mind that maybe my savings wouldn’t last through my lifetime.  

The fact was evident that having some additional income would give us some breathing room.   One that had been overlooked.  At least for me.  What about you?

I needed a job  

Maybe I didn’t need the income as bad as iI needed something to do. Something that didn’t cost very much.

With all the options out there, some other facts were evident as well.  There was a lack of stamina for being on my feet very long at a time. 

So the job would need to allow part-time hours, or sitting most of an 8-hour shift.  

Then, excuse me, buit it became evident that retiring in a small town limited the options for work that were available.  

Some serious thought would have to be put into this search.  

This could be where we question the idea of retiring in a small town 

Well, maybe it wasn’t a good idea.  The things that we thought about when settling for a small hill country town in central Texas were:

  • Utilities were less
  • Taxes and insurance more reasonable  
  • Housing dollars went further.   

Still the better option for us, a small town in central Texas.

So some more questions

Thinking through how to make money while retired, naturally led me to the internet options.  Practically, it just made sense to check out the internet, which itself is a challenge for small towns.  

Do you know we can get the internet at our house, with an antenna, as long as you can see a city water tower from your home’s location?    

The demand for technology just hasn’t reached this particular little spot in this wonderful state of ours.  Now, 4 years later, it is better, just not the best. 

We are in the Texas Hill Country after all.  

Otherwise, we have even slower dial-up.  Or satellite, which was so frustrating after years of having high-speed internet.  

So you have to take a deep breath.  Realize all the reasons you have moved to the hill country.  To a small town.  And move forward.  

Yes a slower pace, but you get there. 

This search for making money online from home began many years ago

The progression of the online marketing opportunities was growing leaps and bounds.  

The offers in my email box were many.  Many hours were spent wishing and wondering.  

When finally, there was a place that would allow one to try it for free, the decision was an easy one to make.  A quick review of the program online before entering my email address gave me the confidence to at least try.

Jumped in, started learning, and have felt rejuvenated how to be happy in retirement

  • So much fun  
  • Ever so much to learn  

Always knew that taking a plunge into the unknown was exciting. This stuff has remained exciting.  

In my new study program, every time you learn something, you turn this new found knowledge into action.  For me, putting into practice as I learn is the key.

This action was taken and you find yourself one step farther along to having your own site for a successful business taking shape.  The amazing world that opens once you decide to learn something new.  This is my way to be happy in retirement.

The feeling of accomplishment is wonderful  

Having a place to connect and share this excitement  In a network of like thinking individuals.  This is an added benefit that I never dreamed of.  how to be happy in retirement 

The closest thing to this networking was an annual “convention” in the other employment I have had.  

This is a daily event that can answer questions.  Share information.  

And give suggestions to help you as you are learning and building.  

Being able to ask questions of established marketers who are supporting themselves and their families online is unbelievably empowering.  

The excitement they share with you is so encouraging.  

Hearing success stories from dedicated marketers who have been able to build a business to earn enough money that they can quit the day job.  

The retired individuals who needed to supplement retirement income.  

Real people whom you have gotten to know through the months of encouragement and assistance that has been shared.  

It is amazing how powerful all this is.  how to be happy in retirement

Can you be excited again?  

Of course, you can.  Just click the link above and check us out.  I will be watching for you.


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