How To Design Your Happy Retirement Living

How To Design Your Happy Retirement Living.How to Design Your Happy retirement living

Now that you are actually retired, did you know that you could design your happy retirement living days?  This time in your life can be the “Gloden Years” you dreamed of. 

Is this how you see your retirement?  Just sitting on an old tree limb doing nothing?  Waiting for death?”  Change this for yourself.

How?  By taking control and planning this phase in your life. 

Not prepared

You did not plan or save?  There is no money for extras in retirement?

Find yourself needing to work to make ends meet? So Be It. 

Get a pen and pad and figure out what you are going to do to. Do you know how to work with a plan?  Have you ever known how to plan? If you have not had experience with planning?  Put away the pen, get a pencil with an eraser. There will be changes along the way.

Do you know how much income you need to add to your retirement income to be able to live as you would like?  Write it down.

How would you live your retirement years?  This is actually how you should start your plan.  Know what you are planning for.

Get practical

This is where some of you retirees find that you are surprised.  Having lived in the land of “never enough,” you do not realize when you move into the actual time of “there is enough.”

Most people find that retirement living is an extension of their working life.   if you do not take control and make some solid plans to make things different?  Nothing will be different. 

You will still live under the “not enough ” feeling. There is never enough when you live like this. 

Not enough

Quite often you find yourself in debt at retirement time because you never did learn to live within your means. For some people, “not enough” is a reality.  There really is not enough

Retirement debt is seldom advisable.  You may feel that it was unavoidable.  This may have been a fact when you first started your debt.  Now in retirement, this same event may have another point of view.  However, you now have to deal with it on a fixed income. 

You now have to figure out how to live the rest of your life with this debt you have made.  Will finding a parttime job allow you to pay off this debt quickly?  You may be surprised if you find that you are putting all your take-home pay on a debt how quickly this will be done and out of the picture. 

Some retirees find that working parttime is better for their mental adjustment into retirement,  There are many positive things about working in a less demanding job in retirement.

If you find yourself needing to work and earn a salary at this time in your life, figure out what you could do.  Think about where you might like to work.  The hours you would prefer, and search with this in mind. 

Looking for work is always an awaking experience. This will show you where you are unrealistic in your expectations and plan.  Make your adjustments and move on with things. 

Another suggestion

Maybe a bit of revision in lifestyle is a better idea for you.  Do you find yourself spending too much of your fixed monthly income on your home and utility expenses?  Is it time to make a change? Do you need to move to a smaller home? 

You may find yourself still living in the larger home after your family is grown.  No longer needing the extra bedrooms and baths. 

Would selling ease your monthly expenses?  A word of caution here, this is one area of your life where less is more. The less you have to clean and maintain, the better.  If you decide to stay in your larger home and can’t keep up with the cleaning, the yard surrounding the house, your visits from your children will decline as well.

Often parents feel the necessity to maintain the family home beyond the time it makes sense.  Start talking to your grown children.  I think that you will find that their sentiment is less binding than you may think.  They may be glad to see you consider selling the home for a smaller one.  One that suits your life better now. 

If staying in the home to live your retirement is something you can do without hurting your quality of life, then stay if you like. Be prepared to locate help maintaining, cleaning and keeping things going.

Is reinvesting in a smaller place a better choice for you?

Now for an analysis.

Look at the actual numbers.  Do you actually have a serious gap between income and what is needed for a better and smoother retirement life?


Are you one of the retirees who does not budget? Unless you are really wealthy, this is a sure ingredient for a miserable life. 

List your expenses starting with your monthly utilities, phone and TV costs any other monthly costs, remember the food.  Then go on to the monthly payments, your annual payments for taxes, insurance. 

The simpler the better, just get the actual totals, not the figures that are floating around in your head.  Add all these costs and subtract from your income. 

The remainder is what you can spend. You now have a real figure for your income and expenses.  Now see, that was not so hard.  So what did you find out about yourself and your situation with this exercise? 

Is there a real gap in the outgo and the income?  Is the gap smaller than you thought?  Can working parttime decrease this gap.  Is there no leftover after the expenses are deducted? 

What are you going to do?

How are you going to live these years of your life? You may have to revamp your retirement dream of what will make your life happier.  The world is a big place. 

There are many opportunities for you to find your purpose in life. If you wanted to see the world but find that just won’t be possible, what about the opportunity to work on a cruise in return for passage, room, and board? 

This option is better, usually, for single retired seniors, openings for a couple are limited, however, they are there. A tour guide assistant for other travel events. 

If RV living was on your bucket list, hosting in exchange for your rent. 

Just look outside the box for an alternative to your first idea.  There are so many ways to revamp your retirement dream.  Did your granddaddy talk about all the ways to skin a cat when you were young?  That really had little meaning back then. The suggestion to think outside the box works better.

Just as with any other life phase you are in, the retirement living years can be the happiest you can imagine. 

PlanHow to Design your happy retirement living

Do you still not have a clear picture of how you want your retirement days to be?  Get out the pad of paper and a pencil.  Make a list of all the things you would like to do, now that you are retired.

Write down another list of suggestions about how to get these things started for yourself.  Formulate a plan so these things can happen.  Get your suggestions to working.

Is there something on that list that you can do today?  Start this very day?  Take control of your life now and begin to enjoy the benefit of doing something you wanted to do after you retired. Right now, today! 

You will also be surprised how much happier you are when you take control of your life, and how you live your days.

One last warning 

In this article about planning and taking control of your retirement living, it is necessary to point out a glaring issue, besides finances of course.

Make sure that the activities are ones you want to do or participate in.  Even in retirement, there is a tendency to allow others to make the choices you should make. 

Your brother-in-law may like to play golf 5 days a week. You may be happy with 2 or 3 days.  Speak up. You do not have to go every time he calls.  Make sure you are doing what you want to do. 

Seldom do others lifestyles and activities preferences match yours.  Do not let someone else tell you how to live your retirement life. 

You can admire the fact that playing golf often keeps the skills sharp without becoming a slave to playing more often than you want to. 

You can admire friends travel pictures without having to go there yourself. 

It is a lot like having friends who can drink a bottle of wine apiece at dinner and not feel the effects.  You know that after 2 glasses, you are done.  It is time to switch to water. 

We are all different with different dreams and desires and ideas of how we want to live. 

Live your retirement living days as you want.




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