How To Find Computer Training For Older Adults

How To Find The Computer Training For Older Adults  What You Need For Living In This Technology age  

Do you have your payments all set up online?  Are you ready for this age of technology we find ourselves in? Do your technology skills need a bit of a boost?  So how to find computer training for older adults sound like something you should look at? 

Have you considered doing this?   Joining the computer age?   

Do you have online access to savings and bank accounts?  Do you use it?

Your credit card accounts?  How to ind computer training for older adults

We know that is the way things are moving

That access, like so many of our present-day conveniences,  make life so much simpler.  

A quick review of these accounts every few days, and you are done. 

The reason so many of you retired without computer skills? 

Simply due to your appearance in the universal time span.  

You’re not stupid, or unable to learn. You just didn’t have to learn how.  

So many of you worked where little or no computer knowledge was necessary. You just missed a big chunk of the natural computer learning curve.   

Your first opportunity was learning how to use the computerized pumps at the gas station.  

You only learned when you had no choice. 

Times were changing  

My parents were afraid to get to the modern cities where there were no attendants to help with gas. They were too embarrassed to let us know.  

Think about how handicapped one would be who had no idea how to “swipe” their cards.  Enter their pins or zip codes.  I was so sorry I had not paid attention to this little fact for them. 

We all learn what is necessary for where we are in life

So some of you found yourselves having to adapt to the computer.  While others stepped away from anything at all that needed computer type of interaction.

While developing a plan to learn how to make money from home online, several different options came up in the search.

The fact that this needed to be built on some sort of computer education foundation was evident.  

So wondering if free lessons were available online, the search was on.  

Many searches later, it was apparent that you could learn to do anything that you wanted to do online. Repair the sink?  Build a trellis?  Record music, pictures?  The directions are there.  So were basic computer lessons. 

It was also evident that these courses were all just like the business we previously owned and taught what you needed to know.  Just for that business or the specific thing.  

There are courses out there that teach you lots of things about computers. Few follow up with a practical use of this information and training.  So unless you know what you want the information or training for, you will have trouble using what you are taught. 

Questions remained.  

There was not much of a way to use the information that was taught.  

It was like learning to sew on a button with no reference to what to sew it too.  If you didn’t sew that button on pretty quickly, you would forget how to do it.  That is how it is with computer training.  You can learn how, but if you don’t use it soon, it is forgotten.  

There needed to be a way to see it through.  Make sure it was used correctly.  That the lessons are really learned, applied and remembered. 


The free sites all seemed to cover such basic instruction.   Trying to figure out which ones I needed to pursue.  Then how to apply it once I learned.  I ended up being like just running in circles.  

There will be reviews posted soon, of some of the sites found.  There will be both free and tuition-based for your consideration.

What do you want to do with the computer education and training?  You may only want to learn a few isolated tasks.  

So, as I had already decided that an online based business was my goal, my direction was easier for moving forward with the search.  

Yes, that is when Wealthy Affiliate entered my life! 

The complete and thoroughness of this learning platform became apparent.  

The rest was easy.  

The consolidation of so many with knowledge of computers!  Who know about online business!   They know how to market online! This was a complete education and application in one spot. Now there was no more looking. Finally, I could get busy.  

The other sites have gone unused for me, however, that doesn’t mean they are not for you and what you want to do with computers.  

Life in this computer-driven technology age

A few years before she passed away at the age of 95 my Mom called, so perplexed and in tears.How to find computer training for older adults

She had been trying to work her way through a phone maze.   Trying to schedule the utilities for the move to retirement living quarters.  

Her frustrated summary of the whole afternoon was, Do Not Get Old And Not Know How To Use The Computer.

This is a lesson that went to my heart and the determination to not let that happen grew.

The way you respond to the pre-recorded requests, to the complex ways of building businesses.  

Using online access you are faced with technology on every side.  

The Wealthy Affiliate experience

The first Free week and Reduced Fee for the first month of training are so worth your time.  However, if building an online business isn’t what you want, you will be wasting your time.  This program is for that.  They teach you what you need to know and guide you to apply the teaching.  

The time thing has always been a restriction for me.  My computer knowledge base was so task oriented.  To apply what I already knew in other areas didn’t come easy. 

The business of being afraid of what could happen is always there.  What would happen should I do something incorrectly?   

If I stop, this very month, paying for my Premium membership,  Loose access to all the features within the platform? My time and money are so well spent.  My comfort in handling our personal business is so much better.  

However, with a business that is producing and growing, fat chance  Quitting just won’t happen.

Personal Growth

The other thing that meant so much to me as the journey started is being able to access the lessons, descriptions, and concepts which were available  24 / 7.  It can to be reread, reused and actually absorbed as I need to.  

If the pace of the teaching video was too fast?  All it took was hitting the pause button and listening again.  Each time more of the information sunk in.  

The printed text that accompanied the video finally made sense.  I could watch again with all the pieces in place. I was starting to know that the lesson presented had been learned. 

Moving to my website I was able to put the information to use and see the practical side in the site growth. Yes, this way of learning works for me.  

I did not have to invest thousands

Or even hundreds of dollars to go to school somewhere.  There they would only offer me access to the information for a few months. Then would be moving on.   Some only offered access to the classes for certain hours in the day, even in online classes.

When I started the Wealthy Affiliate program I could learn any time.   This could be learned at my pace and in my home.

Any day, anytime.  When I could spend time learning.  

Now I have a plan.  

How to find computer training for older adults. A way to use the education.

Are you are wondering how you are going to spend your retirement years?  I do hope that you have found something that makes your days enjoyable for you. 

Something that makes your days enjoyable for you.

How will you use your training

If you don’t need to work during your retirement, to earn money to live, congratulations.  You’ve planned better for retirement that I did.  Maybe just learning your way around the internet marketing world would be fun for you. 

If you do need to work, build an online business just to have the challenge.  You could have the interest to help give you something to do during the times you need to sit and rest.   Retirees seem to need more downtime.  You can also do more of that nowadays.  

The challenge of learning something new, Networking with others when the weather discourages getting out and about.  How to find computer training for older adults

I love the social aspect of this business.  Hearing how 2 women in Scotland build and work with their online business, prepare to be away from the computer when grandchildren visit!  

How a guy in Australia plans for a few days sailing, checking while on the boat to make sure all is running well with his online business.  

A Canadian couple planning a weekend away, with only a quick check in on their online business at the resort, then back to fun and sightseeing.  

Makes my days in the Texas Hill Country seem more exciting. Being able to take the computer when we go on a trip, where ever, keep an eye on things, but know it will run on auto and be fine.

Making money while we are enjoying time away.  

So much more fun than the brick and mortar businesses we have had in the past!   If we weren’t there at work, no money was made.

Hope you have a great week.  I know I will.  This retirement living is a wonderful place to be.  Sharing information,  Some question answering.  Some people to check on.  All with a good cup of coffee in my hand.  Feet propped on the foot stool.  

Retirement should have been the first 60 years of my life.  However sure enjoying this last however many years remain.How to find computer training for older adults

What are you doing to improve your retirement time?  It is up to you to make the changes that will make the time better.

Is Wealthy Affiliate the place for you to learn about a business for retirement?  Click here for your computer education






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