“How To For Happy Retirement” Study

How to for happy retirement study

Reviewing some “Happiness Statistics” revealed some surprising information. There are some surprising figures that go with “Happiness.”  How to for happy retirement study result. This can help you change your retirement life.  

Your retirement does not have to be a long boring road.  Maybe you do not have to have tons of money. There can still be a happy retirement for you.

The how to for happiness study did give some new perspective.  

how to for a happy retirement study

The income level for the “Happiest” people was “only”  about $ 97,000.00 a year, during their peak earning years.

The article was written for those not yet retired.  So the view is different than those of us who have retired already.

What does this statistic say to you?   If you accept it as a reasonable statement of the truth?  

Are you living  below the “Magic Happiness” cut off spot?

The same source stated that  a peak income of “only $77,000.00 a year income you are the most unhappy.”  

So,  hum, well. Now we know.

You had no idea you did not have a high enough income level.  Once again the survey takers skipped the majority of people in this part of the world.  The income levels are not high enough to support those figures.  

Obviously, the researchers did an incomplete study.  

They did not find the newer enlightened retiree. The ones who know that you can plan to be happy.  You do not have to stay unhappy.

One statement in the article that you can agree with?   

That is retirement means doing more of what you want to do.  Less of what you do not want to do.  

Simple as that.

You also have to agree that some financial security is a good thing.  Having your monthly social security check is important.  As are your savings and retirement plan.  Yes, this how to for retirement study can make a difference.

Staying aware of how you are spending.  Your money needs to last for your retirement years.  This ranks as important as well.  

A lifetime of feeling as though there might not be enough money.  Enough for the necessities.  This makes one aware of how they spend in retirement.  So as long as you do not get carried away, all should be well.

Did you find yourself in the lap of luxury while you were working?  (Me either) So being responsible even though retired should not surprise you.  Nor should it make you feel that you are unhappy in retirement.

I am happy and look forward to mornings.  With several things I love to do, there is no time to be  bored. My days are not long enough.

However, there is one complaint.  

Our house still requires cleaning.  One of the things I am spending a small bit of my retirement time doing? The housework.  

I did not get to retire from housework.  Mr. B does help.  He just does not take responsibility for our house.  (I do not take responsibility for the yard work.)

House cleaning is one of my least favorite activities.   I measure the cleaning hours carefully.  Want to make sure they are offset by fun hours.

Having household help would make that better. 

However, I would miss the time spent cleaning.  That is when I appreciate our comfortable home. 

The way the sun shines in at different times of the day.  Dusting the items that are meaningful to me.  The fresh smell as you walk through after cleaning.  

Knowing that I can keep us neat and orderly.

Cleaning up after yourself is one way to monitor your aging. This helps to know if you are getting  absent-minded. Or careless. Sloppy and too messy.

These are all early warning signs of Alzheimers.   A housekeeper might not warn me when I get messy brushing my teeth.  When I end up with the mirror over the lavatory being splashed needlessly.  

Someday,  I will not be able to clean.  My standards have already changed during retirement.  Then, I will welcome whatever help we can find.  

This is how I control the things I do not enjoy.  

  • Make sure there are fun times as well.  
  • Spend an hour a day doing something I do not like to have 23 hours to do what I want to.  
  • I can handle 1 hour a day.  
  • Feel in control.  
  • May clean in 15-minute sprees.  That is O K.  
  • When I make the plan for less fun stuff makes me accountable.
  • It will not take long to complete, or at least the part for today.        

Time to do more of what you want to do.    Less of what you do not want to do.  

The financial means to do this is important as well.  

Were you ‘born for travel?”  

For you, having the ability to travel is important. 

Your income does not do not allow luxury travel?  Finding the method that you can afford is important.  The options for traveling?  They keep reinventing themselves all the time. 

There are travel services that can help you find different kinds of travel experiences. 

  • There are bus trips
  • Train trips
  • Driving trip
  • Trips by air 
  • Cruises
  • Hiking
  • Canoeing
  • Biking
  • R-Ving with or without travel clubs.
  • Working in return for your accommodations in parks and resorts.  

Combinations of all of them also are popular. 

The travel bug has bitten many.  If this is you, you owe it to yourself to allow some time and money to travel. You will be surprised how much you can enjoy travel on a small budget.  You may have to change your bucket list some.  Customize it for you and your financial abilities.

You are living in a great time.  Now that you are able to decide how to use this time in your life .

Variety of activities will probably make you happier.How to for happy retirement study

Studies have found that you need 3 to 4 activities that you enjoy.  What are your activities? 

Maybe having time in your plan for volunteering?  Or Gardening?  Golf?  Tennis?  Fishing?  Taking classes?  Woodworking?  Learning to paint? 

Yes, you are in a magical time.  You can learn to do things. Things that you did not have time for when you were working.

The colleges around you offer classes.  There are also online sources for learning about the world.  From your own home.    

You have the ability to plan your life like never before.  

Can you change your life 

You do not have to be bored and unhappy in retirement.  

Find time to be happy.  Do things that allow you to enjoy retirement.

Another interesting finding in this report?   When people have income from more sources they are happier.  Am not sure what that has to do with it.

More happy than those who have the same amount of income, but all one source. That was unexpected for me.

This made me think about the different interests that we have. 

Maybe this explains the fun I have while working on my business that I built online.  It really makes me happy. Just to spend a few hours a day working with the marketing business I have built.  

I have planned some fun for retirement for myself.

Now, I do not require $97,000.00 a year to be happy. 

I do require a plan for keeping happy in my retirement years. 

A plan that allows some balance in life for me.  Do you have your plan? 

You can take control of your world.  How to for happy retirement study can guide your plan.

There may not be as much control as those who have more money for retirement. 

However, you can control the things that you have control over. 

So many just allow the retirement years to fall into a habit.  You allow others to plan for you. 

That spouse who insists on playing golf with all the free time and money.  

Everyone pulling for your attention.

The parent who may need your help more each year. 

The daughter who always needs help with her 4 kids.  They are your grandkids.  You do want to spend time How to for retirement studywith them.  You are glad to help out on occasion.  

It can become a complete domination of your time. Your financial resources.    

You have to figure out what you want to do. 

Make a plan for a schedule and get on with what makes you happy. 

No one can do it for you. 

When you make a move. One to do more of what you want to do. Less of what you do not want to do.  You will find that soon your days are more fun. 

Looking forward to the mornings. 

You will enjoy your retirement more.   

Basically, it is how you spend your time.  More than how much money you have to spend.  How to for happy retirement study can help guide you.

Have you always been modest in your spending habits?

Eating out in restaurants.  Ones where the menu does not have the cost of the meal listed?  This is not fun for you.  You can appreciate a good hamburger.  

Stay within your comfort level.  Do you know what you can afford?

You do have to plan.  Allow yourself the hamburger.  Without breaking the bank. 

Happiness is there for those at all income levels. 

You are in control. In Control of how you allow your financial means to affect your happiness level.  After basic needs are met, it is all gravy anyhow.  

Stay in control of how you spend your retirement time and money.  Planning for the special events is possible.  

Are you going to waste your retirement years?  Waste them wanting things that you can not afford?  

You can choose to stay in control.  Use this how to for happy retirement study to help you plan.

Find activities that you enjoy.  Activities that make your retirement years more fun.  How to for happy retirement study

Activities that make you feel that your days are fun.

Now, that you are in control of your days, a question?  Is making money from home in your plan?  Check out this option for yourself.

You can have a happy retirement.  You can make it happen for yourself.


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