How To Happy Retirement Help Action Plan


How To Happy Retirement Help Action Plan.how to happy retirement help

Have you found your happy?  How to make your retirement a happy time.  Have you found your “how to happy retirement help?”  Don’t waste any more time.  Is retirement going your way?  Are you doing what you want to?

This “how to” will give you ideas about where to start.  

You already have the ideas about what to do.  You just need to get then into an actionable plan.  

Your Action Plan for retirement

Have you “rested” for so long that you are tired of resting? 

Finding your passion after retirement is the secret to making sure that you are happy in retirement.Expect to be happy 

You have every right to expect to be happy.  You should not accept less than you deserve.

There is a bit magic  that goes with retirement.  Most people are happy to not be working.  The first phase of retirement is called the “Honeymoon” for good reason.  Most people are relieved to not be working. 

Retirement should be a special time of your life.  Hopefully, your  motto is “Doing more of what you want to do.  Less of want you don’t want to.”  

Are you finding you are sometimes relieved to not be working?  Yet nothing on your agenda is working for you?   Hard to get excited about another afternoon of daytime T V?   

This is the rude awaking.  

You are realizing that you no longer have a passion for what is going on.  You probably do not want to go back to what you were doing.   At least not in the same capacity. 

You are just not excited about what you have been doing for fun. 

There is a happy medium somewhere.  You know it.    

There is.  That happy medium is right under your very nose.  Most of us do not realize this.  So let’s  find that “whatever it is” you are looking for.  Let’s use your how to happy retirement help.

The secret is to plan.  No, not plan your finances. 

At least not here.  There are paid professionals for that.  Hopefully, you have that taken care of. 

All too often you get to this time in your life and it is too late.  Too late to make any significant changes in the financial picture. 

You are fully retired.  Need some income to make the ends meet?  Your only recourse is to get a job. 

This can be a good thing.  If you can find a job.  If you can hold a job.

The social and financial benefits of working are very good.  

 If you have been planning retirement.  Looking forward to that time in your life. Have enough savings to take care of you.  It really may be time for retirement for you. 

You just need to know how to plan your days so that you feel good.  Be happy with how things are going.

The adjustment to retirement has good times.  Some not so good. 

You are in the river’s seat for a  happy retirement.  The possibilities are there.  You know they are.  It is just not so easy to tap into those  “possibilities.” 

The first step in figuring out how to find your happy starts with a plan.  Get that sheet of paper and a pencil. You can plan to be happy.

You can plan to make the changes.  A little at a time?  All at once?  It is your choice.

You could tackle things in a hurry, and make big changes.  We will do that when our health is affected.  When we have no choice.  Then making big changes happens.  

How to happy retirement help

Planning to find your happy.   This usually requires some trial and error. 

You really do not know what you want.  You have put others needs before yours for so long. 

You have to take the time to figure out what you want.  What will make you happy?  

How to make a plan to find your happy? 

There is a blueprint that works. 

You have to make the blueprint, or plan.  There is not the same plan for everyone.  This is the format used in a workshop for retirees at North Carolina, in Ashville.  The cost for this workshop?  $7,500.

This is a step that can’t be skipped.  So get your pencil and paper. (I use spiral notebooks for this.  You will have several pages before you are done.)  You will be using your how to happy retirement help.

Day 1  Action Plan For Retirement

On the top of the first page write (Your name)- (Plan for being happy In retirement.)

Now start listing what you would like to if you received a windfall $100,000.00.

List all the possibilities.  Do you have some ideas about the perfect activities for yourself? 

Activities that will make you happy.  

  • Do you want to travel?  Write it down. 
  • Learn to play the piano?  Write it down. 
  • Help in your community by volunteering?
  • Spend a month on an island? 
  • Or maybe you would prefer a month in Tuscany? 
  • Read all the books by your favorite author? 
  • Maybe you would like to learn to write a novel yourself. 
  • Open a small specialty shop. 
  • Take some classes through the college’s programs. 

There are so many possibilities.   Maybe you would just like to get your chores organized and taken care of.  You are listing all possibilities here.  Let the ideas come.  Write them down.

That is enough for today.  You deserve a break.  Lay the list aside and get on with your day.  Tomorrow you  will need to begin to figure out how to make the list from yesterday happen.   Turn your wishes into reality.

Day 2  Action Plan for Retirement

Review the list from yesterday.  Add anything that comes to mind. how to happy retirement help

Erase anything that no longer interests you. 

It is now time to prioritize your list. What will you do in your retirement?

Which Items on the list that are most important to you.   Get them organized by importance.

Feel good about this list?  Are these really your goals?  Or, are they what you think they “should be?”

Now, on the next clean sheet of paper, start listing suggestions for making these wishes come true. 

Do you want to travel?

Do you have the finances?  If so, which travel agent do you plan to call. 

Where do you want your agent to help you go?  You will need to schedule a visit with the agent. You will need to  talk about what you expect from a trip. 

If you want to hike and backpack as you did years ago, your agent needs to know this. 

If you want the agent to make all your plans they need to know this. 

So your list should have:

  • Check finances  
  • Call agent and schedule consultation.
  • Schedule trip. 
  • Pack bag. 
  • Get it on your calendar.  

What do you need to get done before you leave?  

Yes, devote a whole sheet in the spiral for this particular wish.

So the next most important item to you? 

It might be to get your chores lined out.  A list that takes you through the chores in an orderly way.

Make your plan to handle this chore.  Check the items off as completed. 

Break the task into small bits.  Give yourself the satisfaction of another check mark as you complete the steps.

Your ideas and dreams can be planned

They will not all  happen at one time.  However, you will feel better and happier.   Knowing you are working towards your goals.  

You are not just coasting through your retirement time.  Just counting days.  You are in control of your days.  This feeling of being in control will pull you forward on down the list. 

You will soon find that having a plan written on paper is 2nd nature to you. 

It becomes an automatic thing you do.  This planning.   Just as being happy will become automatic. 

You have planned it that way.  You have planned your happy

 (I love to craft.  Have a stash of supplies.  When I walk through this storage area.   The one where this is stored.  I usually can’t find a craft I want to work on. 

I find that a list.  One with the things that I have stuff for helps me decide what is next. 

To get something started, sometimes I have to sneak up on it.  I will get the needed supplies out.  Put them in a stack on the sewing desk.  Or in the rocker there by the storage area.  I can then begin the project.  

I like to keep the needed supplies all together.  In a box or basket to take to my chair.  I may plan and design a bit before I start.  The whole process may take place over several 15 minute break times.  Or several T V night times. 

But it will happen.  It is on my to-do list.  I have the supplies together.  I may have even moved it to the chair side.  The whole process has a flow.  I am retired.  I do not have to make myself sit with a project.  Until the wee hours of the morning to finish.  Like I did when I worked.  I have time) 

However, if you do not plan, nothing gets done.  (Not any crafting, and I love crafting.) You will find your ideas and fun times not happening either.  Unless you plan.

Your retirement is yours to control. 

To plan.  What will you plan to do?   What needs to be added to your day?  Find your happy?

Ready to get started?  Planning is not hard to do.  Some may be more fun to talk about than to do.  That is     O K.  Now you know. 

Having a Harley to ride sounded like a good deal.  Then you thought it through.  

Aren’t you glad you did? 

Which way did you go with the Harley Motorcycle decision?   Did you decide on the red one?  Where is your first road trip to?  When are you leaving?  How did the learning to ride lessons go? 

Or you decided to scratch that dream.  Going for the cross country trip by train?  Stopping at every place that catches your imagination?   You made your decision based on facts and knowledge. 

You did not make a “wild-haired” decision.  You visited the dealership.  You sat on a bike there.  You found out how to happy retirement helpthe cost.  You found out about lessons.

Congratulations.  This is the path to a happy retirement.  That is how your how to happy retirement help is working.

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