How To Have A Happy Retirement Learn Something New For Free In 2017

How to have a Happy Retirement

Learn something new For free in 2017

Free Education Opportunities Available Online?  Did you wonder if you can still learn?  Now is the time to find out how to have a happy retirement  Learn something new.  For Free in 2017.

Is there really free education opportunity available online in 2017?   Something new.  For free now, in 2017 

Am I the only one who gets excited about learning something new?  You can as well.  It is exciting.  You can use your brain.  You are retired, not retarded as the old saying goes. Learning something new when you are not pressed for adequate time.  You are retired.  You have time.  Now.How to have a happy retirement! Learn something new! for free!

Yes,  You can

Free education is one of the building blocks for this site. It is time to check out what can be found. See what is actually offered.  

This article was not planned to just be about Coursa.org and the opportunities I found there.  

There was just so much there, I ran out of space.  There will be other sites I am sure.  This review just took on a life of its’ own.

This is a review of Coursera.org. 

As an internet marketer, there is this constant education for me.  As I am growing and developing my business, I watch for learning opportunities.  I have considered so many and there are many options for you.  If you like to learn new things this will benefit you. Learning is kind of like attending a party.

How to have a happy retirement?  Learn something new.  For free in 2017.  Now, this is a real party.

The criteria important to me, in signing up for a new class?   It needs to be available on my schedule.   Of course, it needed to be 100% free. 

Much of my training and education is centered around my marketing interest. I decided that a course that was interesting, but in another field would be good for me. 

Also, I have no real interest in obtaining a degree.  This is just learning what will be helpful for me. Or that will be interesting. I want to have fun in retirement.

So the choice for me was Nutrition and Health Micronutrients Course1

Coursera.org.   (get course catalog here) is an online education service that started offering college courses online to anyone for free, about 10 years ago.

These free courses offer video lectures with interactive assignments.  These are free offers to the students.  While not usually a part of a college degree, this not a way to acquire college education credits. 

As well, a new program with Coursera.org to offer a “certificate of completion” once the course is completed for $50.00.   You will need to pass all quizzes and tests to get the completion certificate.  This is a move for the college recognized as a “quality” college. Students will be able to turn the courses into part of a degree program.  

How to have a happy retirement?  Learn something new.  For free in2017. 

I have found that learning something new is fun.  I do want to be happy and have fun in retirement.

This certificate is not available for all classes as the program is new to this concept.  Knowing that this course is just to enrich my life as a blogger who is in the retirement years of her life, the Certificate was not important. Free was important.

These courses are usually

  • 2 hours of video lessons for each class!
  • The classes usually last for 10 weeks!  
  • There is one class a week.                                               

There are: 

  • some online interactive exercises
  • quizzes
  • some student to student networked communication in some of the classes. 

Some courses also have a final exam as well.  

Reasonable Way to learn

If you are considering entering college for some credit level courses, this would be a way to get ready to do this.  Take their course for free to introduce yourself to the learning process.  

Allow you to get in the habit of study and learning again.  Then take the class for the degree program and you should be ahead of the learning game.  

If education will be your hobby during retirement, you can have a happy time here. 

Be mindful, there are many other opportunities out there.  Come back over to Texaswildfiremarketing.com  and lets’ see what else we can find to consider. To keep you busy learning. 

We are talking about your retirement years.  Happy retirement years.

Take control and make them wonderfully rewarding years.  Don’t leave cans unkicked because you thought you were too old to do that anymore.

Retired.  Not retarded.  This learning stuff is so much more fun on these cold windy days than hours of rerun T V programs.  

Subjects offered by Coursera.org are similar to many mid and small colleges.   The school is the dream of two computer science professors from Stanford, so computer science is strongly represented. 

Course catalog here. 

Students should expect a video lecture, with questions about the subject matter for the day, and the video you have just seen.  Of course, there will also be homework, and if your answers indicate a weakness in the subject, you will probably receive extra assignments to reinforce knowledge of the material. How to have a happy retirement! Learn something new! For free!

You will find forums and discussions to communicate with other students online.

This includes a network community of students to help with questions you may have.  

To sign up for a course with Coursera go to Coursera.org.

Catalog of courses shows how to have a happy retirement.  Learn something new.  For free. During 2017

A quick check of the catalog at the link given a few lines ago will give you some idea of what is available and make the sign up quicker.  One thing that I noticed is that some of the classes are available on schedule only.  They will only be available during those scheduled hours.

Other observations 

The other classes are “open classes”, allowing you to take them at any time that works for you.  This was, of course,  my choice.  One thing to note- my research did not reveal anything about how long the classes would be available after the semester ended.  So while you may be able to speed through the course, there may be time limits for how long you can have access.  Be sure and check.

When you are shopping for a class, click on the title of the course.  This will open some information about the course.   What will be covered, the hours required.  Then the instructor’s name and a brief bio.  When you find one that you want to take, the “sign up” button is next.

Coursea.org is a “Massive Open Online Course.”  These are usually referred to as “MOOC” classes.  This link will give you the list of Universities who are in this network of schools offering classes –  

Other facts

Coursera universities page. 

Visit the Coursera website to register for the free classes.

The site is well done.  Getting around on the site was super easy!  I am looking forward to squeezing this course into my busy schedule.  A happy retirement is important to me.

This site gets a 10 rating from me at this point!  Excited about learning something new?

 Here is the site I usually am on with my online marketing training and education!  Just click the link for an exciting journey!  This will remain my main interest for learning to build and market an online business.  

Coursera.com makes it easy to register  Great line up of classes.

As wanting information for my personal use was the reason for the search. The result of finding this learning opportunity seems to be a great way to help me understand how I can help my spouse and myself during our retirement time.  

This is a place I want to work with to try and understand the basic nutrition needs of our bodies as we age.  

I do know that nutrition plays an important part of overall health.  Just one more way to have happy retirement years.  

Update  Feb. 7, 2017

(I found I no longer had access.  This did not surprise me.  It has been over a year.  I will reregister when I can fit it in.  The other information is spot on.  Check it out.)

Sami signature Have a happy retirement! Learn something new! For free!


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