How To Improve Your Life After A Lot Of Stinking Thinking

How To Improve Your Life After A Lot Of Stinking ThinkingHow to improve youe life so your are as happy as a child.

Have you been searching for “How to improve your life? 

Near retirement time?  Will you ready for fun?

Are you ready to hear some real life experiences and the changes that occurred?  Pull up a chair. 

We have something to talk about here.  Your life can be a thumbs up time as well.

The Real Truth

Can you believe that someone who has had to work for many years, would be bored in retirement?  That wonderful time of not having to work anymore that is called retirement? 

This is what we all planned for.  Not working.  Endless days of being able to do what we wanted, doing nothing if that is what we wanted?  

What is the matter with me?   How can that be that I am not excited and on top of the world?  Well, this is the hard to admit and honest truth. 


I did not know about boredom.  Me this retired senior citizen who had no idea she was treading on ground that even drunks and fools avoid. 

There was this stinking thinking thing going on.  This negative stuff is becoming stronger and more entrenched in my daily life. 

Looking around at others who were retired only made it more apparent.  I am old and useless.  There is a roof over my head.  We have food on the table.  We were able to pay the monthly bills.  There was some left to do fun stuff occasionally.   

So why was I not on top of the world?  Working no longer claims my days.  I should have been happy as could be.  Truth be told, I really was Happy.

There was just this stuff in my brain that was going on that can only be called exactly what it was. 

Stinking Thinking

I thought that everyone else was divinely happy.  Having more fun than me. Moving through their retirement years on top of the world.  I thought this was what retirement was.   I thought happiness would just happen.

This wrong idea lasted until I started asking questions.  I asked one newly met retired friend what they did with their down time.  There is a big smile already to be pasted on my face when she shared the “big events” in their lives. 

Guess what?  I did not get to use that smile.  It got traded for a few minutes of listening to the things she was sharing.  She dreaded getting up in the morning.  They did not do anything for fun.  They had done all the traveling they wanted to.  Now the months were passing and they were not even getting out of the city limits!  Remember, I live in a very small town in the central part of Texas, in the hill country. 

They had to start going to see a Dr. in another town, and those trips were the extent of their “retirement travel.” 

Uh Oh  

What is going on here?  So on to the next person, I got a chance to ask about how they spent the day. 

This person assured me that as soon as her husband recovered from the last surgery he had to have done, they were going to visit a daughter down on the coast. 

At least that is out of the county where we live!  It soon became apparent that I needed to ask another question besides what I had been asking.  

I put on my thinking cap

So I refined my wise inquiry to “you  know, we are pretty new here, what do you guys do for fun?” 

The reply was “Oh, Honey, I was born and raised here.  We have lived our whole lives right here.  I did not plan to have fun after retirement.  Besides all that, I am too old” she said.  

That was a wake-up call for me.  That could explain what had happened! 

I did not plan to have fun. 

Too old to have fun

I had to rethink that a bit.  What about you? 

Did you plan to have fun?  Is it too late to plan to have fun?  

Is stinking thinking my only recourse now?  Can I learn to have fun? 

This is scary, shaky ground for me!  How could this be true that I was too old to have fun?  

Thinking back, in all honesty, I thought I remembered my parents having fun as they aged.  Maybe it was just something that they “put on”  for their families benefit.  

No more fun

What kind of wacky world is this going to be if we can’t have fun?  Enjoy our lives?    How to improve my life?  Would it just be a long blur of boring days and nights? 

Oh! No!  There had to be a better way. 

This stinking thinking had no place in my retirement. 

So how does a retired senior citizen go about learning how to improve your life? 

Nothing happened for a bit.  Finally, I decided that nothing was going to happen till I made a move.  

Move to the search

So I searched on the internet for how to build a business online.  There was lots of reading, I selected a program to enroll in and got started. 

Now there was something to tell myself every morning when I woke up.  I have something I want to do.  Even getting back to getting up at 5:30 AM. 

I am ready for the challenges of learning to do something new.  Finding out how to build an online business.  This sure beats the days of not wanting to crawl out of bed because I was too bored to get up. 

The challenge of learning something new has pushed me on to things I did not know I could learn and do.

New horizonsHow to improve your life

The people I have met online are all positive and supportive.  There is no talk of not having a plan to the day.  The talk is about not having enough hours in our days. 

There is help and encouragement when I need it.  Yes, it is possible for retired senior citizens to plan for something to do for fun.   

If you have been searching for a place to learn to build a business,  you will find the program I joined.

Not interested in building a business online?

Now for those who do not want to learn a way to earn money online,  you can find another way to help others.   Business is only successful when you are helping others.

Volunteer somewhere.  Help in your church work.  Check out the Senior Citizens groups.  Help is needed in so many ways.  Can you teach others to do a craft?  Share your skills. 

I tried a few different things before starting the online business.  However what I wanted to do was build a business.  The other activities were not that interesting for me. 

My stinking thinking is gone.  I just needed to be busy.  When I talk to my friends who are bored, I try to be as sympathetic as possible, but I can truly say I have found my passion for my retirement years.

Are you too old

Too many senior citizens think they are can not be productive.  That they have gotten too old to learn.  I did too.  

I thought I might be too old to enjoy this challenge.  However, I am not.  Realizing this fact has been one of the new joys of my life.  Discovering that I can make money online from home.

Questions?  By the millions.  Doubts?  Absolutely. 

However, time and work have proved it all works.  I think that when we quit learning we start to grow old in our own minds.  That is the first step to growing old before your time.

How to help yourself

What is your plan for the next 20 years of retirement?  Do you have one?  As a retired senior citizen, you are not too old to plan to learn.  

You do not have to learn to build a business.  But you do need to take control of the stinking thinking and make some changes.  

Do you think you have waited too long?  You haven’t.  You have the basic skills to make your life better.  

Here is a helpful guide to learning how to plan.  

Yes, I had to learn as well.  Was it easy?  Not always.  However, it can be done.    See of some of the guidelines I used will be helpful for you.

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